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Zemene: Ethiopian girl gets help for life threatening condition

Zemene: Ethiopian girl gets help for life threatening condition


A new award-winning documentary tells the story of a 10-year-old Ethiopian girl living in a remote village with a curvature of the spine so severe that it is life threatening, but an American spine specialist happens to notice her as she walked by a coffee shop.

The documentary is called "Zemene." It's the work of filmmakers Melissa Donovan of Z Prod Films and Dr. Rick Hodes, Medical Director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

In the video, Donovan and Rick tell us about the journey to create this film and how many children there are like her.

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Ethiopia: A luta continua The Struggle Continues

Ethiopia: A luta continua The Struggle Continues

Ethiopia shall overcome

By Yilma Bekele

In May of 2005 the noble idea of bringing change by peaceful means died a violent death in Ethiopia. The Tigrai People Front declared in no uncertain terms power sharing is not part of the equation. They have proved it three times since then. What part of that do we have a problem accepting?

The TPLF party does not just whisper. They shout so loud that the whole body shakes from the vibration caused by the violent, vile and wild savage scream.
That did not stop well-meaning and brave Ethiopians from trying to convince the mafia crowed to reconsider their ugly ways. Like a clock work the Tigrai Liberation
Front in power strikes back in a savage manner. Every time it is something old, something new and something different. The intent is to scare, punish and humiliate. Ato Meles used to get a report on the condition of his prisoners including their diet. He mentioned it during one of his press conferences regarding the weight of Andenet’s Chairperson he has in prison. That is how sick the deprived mafia group are like.

The Tigrai Front has been busy this election season. First they created a clone of Andenet and banned the real Andenet. Andenet members joined Semayawi or Blue party in mass and continued their political activities. They refused to go home quiet.

The Tigrai liberation Front has a new answer to this dilemma. They denied the candidacy of Chairman Yelkal Getahune of Semayawi Party in his district. How did they do that? They created a lottery system to fill the allotted number of candidates for the seat. Of course his name was not drawn. A very simple solution backed by the courts, security apparatus and their very own custom made and drawn to fit Constitution.

Both Andenet and Semayawi Party are legally registered political parties and everything they do is above board and designed to win the hearts and minds of the Ethiopian people so they can vote them in to office. You cannot be more legal than that. Their conviction to take it to the limit despite the daily violence and constant threat to the individuals and their families is a testament to the conviction and strength of their character.

The Tigrai Liberation Front to no one’s surprise is finding itself boxed in. It is referred to as catch 22. It is the paradoxical situation our Woyane friends are caught in. They have to repress violently to stay in power but the violence creates more determined enemies necessitating more violence on their part that breeds focused and cunning enemies. Time is against the Front. Violence and repression is the only trick they got in their survival bag and it is not a lasting tool to stay in power. Ask Mengistu, ask Mubarak, ask Assad, they will tell you.

The question is what are the victims doing about this injustice? Right now we are witnessing different responses from those affected by this virus. There is Semayawi and Andenet parties that have been trying to play by the rules but are faced with a brick wall with barbed wire. They are constantly resetting their response. There is Ginbot7 which has merged with Patriotic front that has resolved to do what is necessary to achieve freedom and smash the wall. The combined forces of the two is harbinger of things to come. The battle can be fought on many fronts as the number of combatants’ increases.

We also have Medrek trying to climb two trees because they have two legs. They have been attempting to do that the last four years and the fact that it is not possible has not discouraged them. They have become Tigrai fronts loyal opposition allowed to give the show some needed color. Some of Medreks leaders have been at this job of serving the Front since 2005. Remember they are the ones spared of Kaliti after Ato Meles’s riot. God knows how they dare face the Ethiopian people but due to our culture and history constantly being degraded the concept of shame has disappeared from our vocabulary.

The Tigrai Liberation Front is not alone in this quest to dominate and perpetuate their form of ethnic based democracy. Twenty years have given them plenty of time to experiment with all sorts of formula to perfect their impossible dream of building an independent Tigrai, create a dynasty to leave something behind for their children or if all fails to leave a legacy of disintegrating Ethiopia branded as a failed state.

The Western enablers couldn’t care less if Tigrai Liberation Front survives or not. Their concern is having a stable but friendly Ethiopia and they would work with whoever emerges from this mess. Right now the notorious organization is the only one that is delivering the promise of stable and puppet on a leash Ethiopia.
More than the Western enablers it is the Ethiopians themselves that are scrambling over each other’s dead body to stand behind the ethnic regime. Inside the country those organized under the banner of EPDRF are the main foot soldiers of the Front. They furnish the human resource to make such criminality possible.

The Liberation Front masquerading as a government is not going to go away. On the other hand the longer it stays in power the harder it would be to recover from the disaster that is surely to follow its demise. If is not the question it is when we should worry about. The ethnic issue relentlessly fertilized by the Front is the most dangerous to handle.

Right now the situation in Ethiopia is quiet but smoldering. The Tigrai front is using all its resources to convince the captive population the sun would not rise in Ethiopia without them in power. The country is awash with both carrot and stick. The sacred ‘Dedebit’ has been put on display to show the sacrifice and heroism of the Woyane warriors. Such notable bloogers as Daniel Berhane have been taken on a friendly tour accompanied with ambulances to tell us about the historic site. We are instructed to be thankful.

The equality of kilils organized on ethnic basis and referred to as ‘Nation nationalities’ is of course a major accomplishment by our benefactor the Tigrai liberation Front and the poor grateful citizens are brought out for display. As usual something unexpected happened. An audio of the pep talk given was made available to the rest of us.

The speaker was Abay Tsehaye a founding member of TPLF (ሕዝባዊ ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ) and a non-elected official with power. Abay is one of those Woyane that wield considerable power always from the back ground. He is Chairman of Commercial bank of Ethiopia, Minster of Federal affairs and board member of EFFORT among others. This notorious terrorist is the one that planed the destruction of Waldeba Monastery to grow sugar. His domain includes the Police force and Administration of Addis Abeba.

The leaked audio is a perfect example of what is wrong with Ethiopia and Ethiopians. This non-elected official was heard lecturing the Oromo puppets serving him to hurry up with the taking of land or else face the wrath of the Front. His language was harsh his tone was dismissive, and his threat left nothing to the imagination. When you consider OPDO the Oromo ethnic party to be equal to TPLF on paper this audio shows how disgraceful this unequal relationship has always been. Don’t worry the Amhara, Gambella, or Sidama puppets do not fare any better.

Semayawi and Andenet parties are evaluating their next move. Under the dire circumstances they are finding themselves in they are still doing all they could to live free or die trying. They might not achieve their goal but all of us are in awe of their conviction and we all go to bed praying for our God to give them strength. No one can say they died of a coward’s death. No one can say they sold their country and honor for power and money. No matter what happens today we all know that by standing up for what is right they have already won.

Patriotic Front and Ginbot7 have been preparing their forces. It takes time and patience to confront such a criminal regime that uses all resources to fight the last battle. Today we feel empowered to think there is a group that is ready to speak with Woyane in the language they know and understand. Some of us are very impatient. It is understandable. But it is always better to be cautious and prudent when facing such an enemy that feels cornered. They can afford to sacrifice hundreds of combatants for every one of our brave solders. Remember the war the waged with Eritrea. We lost over eighty thousand while Eritrea sacrificed just twenty thousand. That is how Woyane operates.

It would really help if the large force of the Diaspora could join this battle for liberation. It would be considered a game changer. It would lesson our sacrifice. Unfortunately Ethiopia’s children are not as they used to be. Their culture has been watered down so much they have turned into nomads. We have become ghosts of our past. Today we are supplied the best Teff while our people are starving, we receive ready-made Enset while it is a luxury item at home, the Berbere and Mitmita the Shuro and the raw coffee is the envy of every merchant in Ethiopia. Come to any city USA and you can see the stores overflowing with stolen products from our people.

The Diaspora makes Woyane possible. The Diaspora has become the outside Medrek. They both complain about the injustice of Woyane but both sit under the feet of Tigrai Liberation Front waiting for crumbs to fall. Abbay Tsehaye, Debre Tsion, Bereket Simon, Sebhat Nega all laugh at us and the Western enablers shake their head when they see such degradation and willing acceptance of servitude.

Here in the USA we celebrated the struggle of our African people for justice and equality that was waged fifty years back. I am sure plenty of Ethiopians stood tall and proud by the accomplishments of our African Diaspora led by martin Luther King and others. I ask you a question my dear reader what do you think the outcome would have been if MLK was preaching to Ethiopians? Do you think the Montgomery bus boycott would have succeeded? Do you think the march from Selma to Montgomery would be celebrated today?

The answer to both would be no. All you have to do is look at Ethiopian (Woyane) Airlines and see what boycott is all about. You just need to visit Ethiopian restaurants and see the meaning of boycott written all over the menu. Pure Injera, tasty Kocho from Sidama and Ethiopian Beer is our answer to boycott. Go ahead climb two trees because you have two legs like Medrek is doing, please continue condemning Woyane with a loud voice for all to hear but do not forget to build your condominium on stolen land. Rage all you want against ethnic politics but do not forget to shed crocodile tears for the disintegration of our mother land.

Today all our newspapers and web sites are full of the daily injustice committed by the enemy. Every news item you read is a reminder that we are powerless, leaderless and sinking fast as people and country. You see that and naturally conclude the might Woyane is bigger than life. Most Ethiopians let alone at home even in the Diaspora are scared stiff when thinking about Woyane. The fear they created has frozen our thinking and sapped our energy and made us feeble.
It is up to each one of us to get out of this defeatist mind set. Our news media should strive to empower us. There are so many good things our people are accomplishing to help each other under dire circumstances and that is what we should talk about. Pretty soon we will celebrate our own victories but shouldn’t we start preparing our mind to tackle the heavy work that is awaiting us when we smash the evil empire. That is how we help Semayawi and Andenet. That is how we encourage Patriotic Front Ginbot7 to hasten their preparations. We know we are going to win. Good always triumphs over evil and it is no different this time around. A Luta continua-the struggle continues.

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Ethiopia: ESAT Tikuret Interview with Berhanu Nega - Video

Ethiopia: ESAT Tikuret Interview with Berhanu Nega - Video

Ethiopian Satellite Television Tikuret program interview with Berhanu Nega, chairman of Ginbot 7.

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The Poison within a Video, "U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State"

The Poison within a Video, "U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State"

By Tecola Hagos

An incredibly inciting video “U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State” has been making its rounds in the last two weeks in Ethiopian Websites. I suspect most of the Webmasters and Editors who posted that Video in their respective Websites did not seem to have considered the deeper mission of the video of poison rolled up in a benign looking exterior concern for all the Ethiopians harmed by the current Ethiopian Government of “Tigreans.” The video is deceptively composed to give it the appearance of an official United States Government pronouncement and presentation claiming that Ethiopia is a failed state. One must be in another Universe to think of Ethiopia as a Failed State. In reality it is the work of a certain Miller Hansen. Despite my prompt enquiry no one seems to know such a person. The name itself is Chimera made up of two surnames very unusual name for a person from this part of the World.

Because of the deception involved in such video, I am addressing my note to my Fellow Ethiopians at this distressing time and period of great turmoil and confusion in our Community. I did watch the Video twice very carefully. I did not see much of any constructive purpose in a video purely aimed to saw seeds of hate against an ethnic group in Ethiopia that is as much a victim of other ethnic groups of ethnic cleansing and brutal suppression by the current brutal Government of Ethiopia. The video with pirated official seals of the US Government that one can use in such deceptive manner, does not at all establish any degree of credence as an official act of the Government of the United States. The video has the appearance that it is some documentary that is an official US Government Production. This is no different than the type of ethnic cleansing propaganda used in Rwanda against the Tutsi.

I believe, this video is the work of the enemies of Ethiopia not just the regime in power. I am as concerned as the next Ethiopian when I hear about or see in videos Ethiopians being murdered, tortured, and abused. But I am also aware of the fact that Groups and individuals could use such horrible videos for their own destructive purpose campaigning against the very survival of the whole of Ethiopia. It is obvious to me that the video is meant to destabilize and further fracture Ethiopia and widen the fissures created by the ill-conceived ethnic based federalist state structure. Even if we are not wise enough or courageous enough to challenge the current tyrannical and treasonous leaders in power in Ethiopia, at the very least we should be wise enough to know our appalling limitations and allow nature to take its own toll, as was the case with Meles Zenawi’s death. We should not fall for such type of cheap and sensational piece that seeds hate and violence among ourselves. Mind you, the video piece was produced by a White foreigner obviously seeking fame and fortune as a hired gun and camouflaging his true identity. The political, religious, and economic problems of Ethiopia are far more complex than the graphic incidents of atrocities presented in the video.

Take note also of the type of solutions offered in the video, it is all aimed to hinder any form of economic help and progress of the Ethiopian people. For sure, we can see that a well-armed regime will not just collapse, but ordinary Ethiopians are the ones that will further suffer the most if economic sanctions and pressure is drastically put on Ethiopia. Do not listen to such trash and hired hands whose goals are not to save Ethiopia or Ethiopians but to destroy us through fracturing us. Meles and now his legacy and his group do not care one iota about Tigreans or any other people of Ethiopia, nor care about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. Their interest is simply power and money for themselves as any mercenary type group. Let us be wise and know our enemies for what they are, they come dressed in all forms of political and religious camouflage.

I am a patriotic man, a proud Ethiopian, descended from great heroes who bleed and died for Ethiopia throughout our long history including recent ones, such as the five-year patriotic resistance against the Italian occupiers, against the savagery of Mengistu’s terroristic regime et cetera. There is no way I will fall for such cheap propaganda piece like the video in question. I have no love for the current Ethiopian leaders in power, they are no different than mercenaries, but then in order to free Ethiopia and all of us from the clutches of such leaders, I will not throw away the baby with the bathwater. We must find our own solution without having to destroy our great nation in the process.

Thus, I advocated tact, wisdom, even sleaze in working from within to be able to create popular support within the citizens of Ethiopia right there in Ethiopia in handling a powerful and unscrupulous foe. My writings carry such messages of advocacy tact and strategy, for a long time now. This did not earn me friends from either the Diaspora politicians or the Officials of the Ethiopian Government. But being such a disagreeable person, I hold both groups to see in my writings their own distorted reflections in the reality of Ethiopia.

We must not lose sight of the big picture even when we are focusing on the many wrongs the current Ethiopian Government is committing against the individual rights of Ethiopians and against the unity and solidity of Ethiopia itself. We must never lose sight of the Sovereignty and independent survival of Ethiopia. Nothing is as important as our survival as a nation and a people. The wrongs and inequities of particular governments would be remedied and pass into history in time, but if a nation disintegrates, it might never be put together or would take centuries to put it back together. None of the individuals in power now would I trust to represent the interest of Ethiopians nor to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. On the other hand, we can only live in our individual and communal reality. If we have poor leadership, we have to deal with that reality as best we can.

Some months back I wrote a lengthy article on the art of compromise in order to advance our political and economic vision for an Ethiopia of our future, I do not accept the idea that human beings are helpless in the face of what may be considered as inevitable or predetermined ends. I believe we can always change what might seem to be a horrible inevitable end. At any rate, the future is shielded from us, all we can do is take educated guess what the future might hold for us and do the best we could to live a virtuous life. Ultimately, we each live an individualized life and not a life to be lived by a committee. Thus the need to think individually and responsibly in the best interest of our singular country, Ethiopia. Long Live Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: Woman gets seven years in prison for the death of her husband

Ethiopia: Woman gets seven years in prison for the death of her husband

A judge on Friday, Feb. 20, sentenced Amreya Shefa to seven years and two months in prison for the death of her husband, Habibi Tesema.

The sentencing came nearly a month after Shefa was convicted of first-degree manslaughter, stemming from the Dec. 1, 2013, stabbing of Tesema, 48, in the married couple’s Richfield home. The prosecution had sought a second-degree murder conviction, but Judge Elizabeth Cutter handed down a ruling for manslaughter instead, accepting the defense’s “heat of passion” argument, which was based on Shefa’s allegations that Tesema sexually abused her.

Before the judge read the sentence, friends and family of Tesema had the opportunity to make victim impact statements to the judge, as they described the victim’s life and the fallout from his death.

His younger sister, Zeytuna Elies, said she is still haunted by her brother’s violent death, the result of a stab wound to the heart from a kitchen knife.

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