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Comment from: Abbey [Visitor]

I would support prime minister Meles zenaw idea.

Blue Nile belongs to Ethiopia not Egypt.

It is time to act.

Go for it Prime minister.

02/07/05 @ 07:02
Comment from: Guest [Visitor]

Well it sounds like finally the dream is gonna come true. I 100% agree with PM Meles, actually he also has made a good point. It is obvious that Egypt has hands notonly in blocking money for water infrastructure development from the aid agencies butalso I suspect Egypt might have a hand on flaming and constantly putting Ethiopia in a war situation. It is easy to come up with the analysis that if Ethiopia is under constant war (be it civil war or with neighbours), there is no more attention on development or on nile (to be specific).So brothers and sisters now is the time to go ahead and irrigate our land with nile. Can’t wait to see the farmers farming all year round…. Saying so I would like if Ethiopia remains in peace with Egypt. Things should be solved by talking around the table. Unless Egypt fails to respect…

02/07/05 @ 11:57
Comment from: Berhanu [Visitor]

that’s good mr. Meles Zenaw it is better to fight with Egypt if it’s happens than to create national problems bettwen ethiopians.

with regards, Berhanu

02/08/05 @ 04:13
Comment from: tesema sugebo mekketo [Visitor]
tesema sugebo mekketo

This is the proper time to irrigate and avoid drought from the country.Egypt is not the veto power to frustrate Ethiopia and hinder from deelopment.

02/08/05 @ 15:19
Comment from: tesema sugebo mekketo [Visitor]
tesema sugebo mekketo


02/08/05 @ 15:24
Comment from: Tewodros [Visitor]

The opinion of the prime minister sounds good but I do not think the priemer will stand firm on his stand.To me I do believe 99.9% that he raised this issue for mare political consumption.That is to buy some vote in the upcomming election.I said so putting in mind what he done against the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the past 14 years.I do believe that the priemer has the gut and interest to stand for the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiiopians.Do not forget he still love Eritrea more than any other provice of Ethiopia including Tigray his birth place.Generally,I do not expect big dream from the close friend of our enemy(EPLF).But still let us hope for the better since 100% certainity of the future is difficult.Thaks!

02/09/05 @ 02:38
Comment from: Belayneh Bekele [Visitor]
Belayneh Bekele

Respected Mr. PM Melese Zenawi
Let God bless Your dream on Blue Nile!
The Financial ability grows in the future within and without Ethiopia will absolutely possible,of cource the govermenthave to prepare a field ready. The Blue Nile and triburaries irragations capacity, electrical station, will ultimatly produce a new modern educated farmers generation in all agricultural section, in which of course electrical and agricultural production export, within a short period drought will cover by our hands, also we pay back our help to the world.
The Ethiopian goverment continues to push UN,OAU, and neighbour countries to find a fare solution and with Ethio-Egypt side find a common realistic economical continual compensation for the natural pipe to Egypt main living soul. I hope there will be a fare business for both side if genuine leadrs from both side. This is not Pollitical issue rahter a survival matter!
Ethiopia promises to Egypt never and never pollute the Blue Nile.
If the Prime Minster uses a Bule Nile issue for next Elections, then he should have to add on sentence, If you elect EPRDF or me I will Build a dam, etc… since any ethiopians want that goal.

God bless Ethiopia!!!


02/09/05 @ 05:38
Comment from: mimi [Visitor]

I am 100% with the prime Minster it is about time we are doing some thing about it. It is really frustrating when you see Nile water been wasted in caro, and everywhere you go there are lots of development going on in the desert. Any way who said Egyptian life is more important than Ethiopian oh I forgot Briton said that.

02/09/05 @ 11:23
Comment from: Abraham [Visitor]

Prime minster Meles Zenaw a true Ethiopian i
am 100% with him,
Good Bless

02/09/05 @ 12:29
Comment from: Zewdie [Visitor]

If there is a scale of measurment above ONE HUNDRED I prefer that to 100%. No matter how economically poor the country is, we have definitely a right to stand for it! To cut a long story short, we all have to cooperate and start to perform all needed Projectes….feed ourseves! A dream is going to be true. God bless Ethiopia and her Nations. Thanks
Mr. PM Melese Zenawi

02/09/05 @ 17:26
Comment from: the-ethiopian [Visitor]

I am not trying to question Meles’s ethiopianism or not. But it seems coquecidential that he bought up this topic of interest to the ethiopian people, around this time close to election. This seems to be a smart stragety to help him in an indirect way to advocate for his election coming soon………
First and for most create better and peaceful situation between your neighbors. Fix or mediate the internal problems with the country….

02/09/05 @ 17:38
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]

I have been out of the country for almost two months now (Ethiopia) so I found it hard to believe such serious comments have come out of the PM or his government. Because they have slept on this issue for the last 14 years and it was almost sure they aren’t going to do any thing about it in the future either.
And again if he is really serious about what he is saying I think he has to go for it .
Because I truly believe that there is nothing impossible not even………

02/09/05 @ 18:58
Comment from: abba biyyaa [Visitor]
abba biyyaa

Meles tries to deceive every body in order to execute his short term missions, and this time the election. He doesn’t need to run for a candidacy, simply because no one can hinder him from declaring him self the king of kings.

Had he been serious enough, the Oromo question vital to any agenda on the contemporary political scene in Ethiopia. Thus, interaction with the OLF would have been to the best interest of lasting peace in the region.

02/09/05 @ 19:40
Comment from: philipos [Visitor]

I Will vote for you for the rest of my life if you and your goverment plan and do irrigation for our motherland we all ethiopian we don’t want lesson starvation any more better fight with them

02/09/05 @ 19:55
Comment from: abba biyyaa [Visitor]
abba biyyaa

Meles is talking about the Nile, some thing beyond his reach. Another time a baren no man’s land, Badme had become the necleus the ethiopian political agenda, both domestic and international. Who cares about Badme or tigray it self.

Let Tigres talk about the source of the hydro electric power of Finchaa’a that emantes from the heart of Oromiya and is the life line of “prosperous” Tigray, with its heavy industries.

Oromia shall be free.

Long live OLF!

02/09/05 @ 20:17

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