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Comment from: Elias [Visitor]

Ethiomedia remains my uptodate source of information on events happening in Ethiopia. It’s a great site and I fully support its editorial stance about the political situations in our country.
Hardly any day went by in the last five months without me visiting it for the latest news and views.

Interestingly enough , I have learnt recently from a former colleague that Abraha Belay was one of the most well read writers on the Ethiopian Herald of yester years.

Well done Mr Belay…Carry on with your excellent professionalism.

11/15/05 @ 16:07
Comment from: Haben [Visitor]

It’s fitting Abreha Belay was editor of the Ethiopian Herald during Dergue and now associating with Dergue remenants like Hailu Shawel.

11/15/05 @ 21:55
Comment from: abbay [Visitor]

We are all really proud of the great work Mr Belay is putting into the ethiomedia website. It has become a big source of news and ideas for discussion for those who have been away from home for some time, and for our brethern at home. No matter how much the ruling party tries to suppress the truth using its orwellian methods, outlets like yours serve as the “village watering holes” for the exchange of news, ideas and issues. I am impressed by the depth of the issues discussed in the ethiomedia forum and the breadth of the sources of the items that appear in the site, and fully support its editorial stance as well.

11/16/05 @ 07:08
Comment from: Birhin [Visitor]

I realy appriciate your edition.I am getting all informations about Ethiopia, especially the current situation.Please keep on telling as what is happening by the EPRDF regime.

11/16/05 @ 07:55
Comment from: jinka [Visitor]

ethiomedia is the only website for me to know about the situations of my country just like German and voa radio amharic programms it is not like Walta,etv,ethio radio( yewoyane ywore Gotera etc)

11/16/05 @ 17:20
Comment from: tesema [Visitor]

ethiomedia is one of the best Ethiopian websites who has been exposing the tyranny Meles regim.

11/16/05 @ 18:03
Comment from: Yakob Shobisso [Visitor]
Yakob Shobisso

Abraha Belay is an embarassement for Tigreans. We southerners do think all Northerners have internal Neftegna feeling though TPLF tried to fool us in the name of self determination, which we actually desperately need. However, Abraha Belay is a clear indication that Tigreans are never for self determination of oppressed nations. Thus, dear southerners struggle for your rights before Abraha Belay’s idea comes to power

11/16/05 @ 19:05
Comment from: mimi [Visitor]

it is ironic a tigrayan to side with CUD!! However, we shouldn’t rely on Mr. belay as he could betray us one day! Tigrayn heart is twisted like double helix DNA structure.. I heard Eritreans have a hairpin road named after Tigrayan/agame heart!!
So lets not rely on this guy we should boslter CUD’s website instead of relying on Tigrayan website!! Look deki-alula, it was anti-meles just recently now like the saying…goes sew wede zemedu aheya lamedu!!now deki-alula is the main propoganda mouth for meles zenawi..so it wont be long before ethio-media follows suit!!!

11/16/05 @ 20:45
Comment from: news [Visitor]

Abreha Belay is not Tigrayan. He is 100% Eritrean with no Ethiopian blood whatsoever. It is no wonder he is working day and night to depose Ethiopian government.

11/16/05 @ 21:06
Comment from: Minyil [Visitor]

Abraha is not Eritrean. With no doubt, Abraha is Ethiopian. His works may be liked or disliked depending on how a specific reader understands it or how the specific reader wants to understand it. Comments may also depend on who the one who comments believes and or pretends to believe.

11/16/05 @ 22:30
Comment from: mimi [Visitor]

he is 100% agame…he was just mad at weyanes because they wouldn’t give him some position..that is why he fled the country!! so Mr. belay is an apportunists…every body in seattle see him with suspicious eyes…but for now every one is happy because he is dissing weyanes..but in the long run he is weyane..like ethiopiafirst–ben of ethiopia first pretends he is genuine ethiopian but he is a weyane in sheep skin…he nominated arkebe as man of the year…when he travels to ethiopia he had access to ethiopian government officials..even during the badme war they took him as far as the front lines so he can help them with their propoganda..imagine a true amhara wouldn’t do that…so ethiopiafirst, aiga, dekialula are all tigrayn websites!!
we need to becarful specially of this guy called ben of ethiopiafirst . he is a very cunning person.pretending he is ethiopian , but behind the screen he is working to legitimize the weyane government…look how much time he spent accomodating the traitor ledetu and Moshe semu? the reason is he was instructed by weyanes to give those two weyane Kitrognoch an apportunity to spread their anti-cud propoganda!! and he did…so dear ethiopian lets becarful. there many wolves in sheep skin in our rank and file. Those fifth columinists must be eliminated! del lekenjet! enashenfalen!!

11/17/05 @ 01:37
Comment from: Honest [Visitor]

“The Enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Mr. Belay is indeed used to work for the ethiopian herald till 1998. When the woyanes start fighting with shaebia this person lost his job for being his parents are Eritrea origin; eventhough born in the Tigray province: an awraja called Ray Azebo. Since his termination from the herald he build a vengace toward the woyanes and we see all his work in his web-site,Ethiomedia.The only way this guy will satisfay is either Shaebia wins over Ethiopia or the whole country country gets dismantle. He do not have any Ethiopian heart. The CUD thing is Just current and he is just adding fuel to the fire.

11/17/05 @ 02:30
Comment from: Taye [Visitor]

I am very much surprised to read the above comments that are given by suspecting Belay as an ally of Woyane. We all are combating Woyane in every possible way and to do so information plays a vital role. Any body who visit the Ethiomedia website can witness how this site is serving us in getting up to date info by exposing what the tyrant Meles & Co is doing to our people. Most of us hate ethnic politics which is the best means for Woyane’s divide and rule strategy and yet we say Blay is from the Tigray ethnic group so we shouldn’t trust him. Is that not contradicting with our selves? So, where is our difference from those narrowed tyrants?

11/17/05 @ 04:08
Comment from: Ethiopia Yeabsira [Visitor]
Ethiopia Yeabsira

I thank and congratulate Abraha Belai for what he is doing, providing anyone interested in Ethiopia a good opportunity to share and discuss issues of interest. I feel sorry for those of you trapped in EPRDF’s ethnic based hate propoganda. Who cares Abraha is Ethiopian, Eritrean or Mongolian for that matter?

11/17/05 @ 06:42
Comment from: desta [Visitor]

it is good to hear from some of you that facts are not important.as far as they contribute to the stated goal-over throwing the incombent goverment.
i have bad news for those of you who think all these fussing won’t do any thing to do any harm against eprdf.
abera or who is wont damage the system in so far as there is peace in ethiopia.the daisporas can continue to enjoy ,if they like either Asmerino.com or ethiomediaor…er or…

11/17/05 @ 08:28

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