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Comment from: josy [Visitor]

Long live Haile Gebresilassie! you are the son of the true ethiopian.

God Bless you!

11/29/05 @ 13:46
Comment from: Valdez [Visitor]

It is not a time for such a circus.
Only a month ago Ethiopians were being slaughtered on the roads you were running.Shame on the organizers.

11/30/05 @ 02:14
Comment from: jo [Visitor]

The Great Ethiopian run 2005 in Addis Ababa was celebrated colorfully. It was shinning with Yellow T-shirts by wonderful runners. I appreciate the hard work and effort of Mohammed Alamoudi and Haile gebreselassei together with Toyota Ethiopia for their contribution on successful celebration of The Great Ethiopian Run.

Hopefully there will be more computation soon. Our country is on the way to development and success.

11/30/05 @ 09:11
Comment from: S.s [Visitor]

this message is for MR JO
what ’s up dump ass, MR, woyane,,and not to forget that you are also AGAZI animal , who was raised and grown up in the forest, like an animal,,sorry for me to use,,the word /like/ ,actually you are animal, ,probably the chibba ,or whatever that the Americans rescued in EThiopia,,any way, look..I know it is hard for you to think like a human being,because you are not..,,
probably you think that ,you are a human being,,may be you look like one,,but you don’t qualify to be a human being,,,or you are a human being,with no brain,,or ,,,brain with full of mucus..,

you know thanks to Technoloyg, they can remove the mucus in your animal brain, and make you start to think like a human being,,stupid ,ass, you are talking about Ethiopian peace,,let me tell you somethin,,,as long as you and your boss, Woyane ,lives in the face of the world,,there is no peace in Ethiopia,,
but you are on the edge of your grave,,you are gonna be buried in there soon..you think your party,,,will rule Ethiopia for long, but let me tell you..
your time is getting over,,
Victory for Ethiopian people,,
DEath for AGAZIS and Woyanes..

11/30/05 @ 13:11
Comment from: Ez [Visitor]

f**kin cheap prize money, thats how cheap meles is….even winner in the playstation Tekken tournament had won a minimum $15,000 and thats the least you would win in a computer game tournament

12/01/05 @ 04:41
Comment from: Gedion Tefera [Visitor]
Gedion Tefera

I was in the great ethiopian run last sunday.The event was colorful & most of the participants were protesting the EPRDF led Government and they asked the realse of oppositon leaders who has been jailed.I heard the people chanting that the opposition leaders are their hero & Meles is the one who betrayed his country not the opposition leadres.I have understood that the hate of the people to EPRDF has been more deepened whatever propganda has been disseminated by the Government owened medias against CUDP.

12/01/05 @ 06:22

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