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Ethiopian Hands in Making Airbus



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Ethiopian Hands in Making Airbus

Ethiopian Hands in Making Airbus

The Reporter (Addis Ababa)
January 28, 2006
Posted to the web January 30, 2006

By Keleyesus Bekele

Gebeyaw Embiale is an Ethiopian mechanical engineer, one of the engineers who designed different parts and components of aircraft for the European giant Airbus.

Gebeyaw was born and bred in Chagni, a small rural town in west Gojam, in the Amhara Regional State. He attended elementary and secondary schools in Chagni. In 1984, Gebeyaw left his hometown and joined the Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute. After three years, he earned his diploma in Agro-Mechanics. Since Gebeyaw graduated with a Very Great Distinction, the institute offered him a job. Without any hesitation he grabbed the opportunity and he began to teach in the institute. After two years, Gebeyaw got a scholarship and left for Germany. There he joined the renowned Humbolde University in Berlin, where Albert Einstein and other scientists used to work.

Gebeyaw studied mechanical engineering for five years and earned his Master's degree from Humbolde University. After graduation he moved to Stuttgart and started working for CEDIS mechanical Engineering Bureau. The company designs automotive parts for carmakers. "The company designs car body, cooling systems and engine parts. It supplies its products to the manufacturers of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Opel and other cars," says Gebeyaw. "I was one of the engineers who design automotive parts in CEDIS. I have a good knowledge of computer-aided designing programs (AD)," he said.

Though Gebeyaw enjoyed his job, he wanted to try another one. After serving Cedis for two years he moved to Humburg. "I went to Humburg, where the main airbus manufacturing plant [in Germany] is found because I wanted to design aircraft parts," Gebeyaw said.

In 2001 Gebeyaw joined another German company called 3D Contech. "3D Contech designs different parts and components for Airbus aircraft. The company is known for designing reliable products. Because of its commendable reputation, Airbus awards it several contracts," Gebeyaw says.

At present 3D Contech is designing components for Airbus 380, the largest twin-engine jetliner in the world that became airborne in January 2005. The A380, which has two decks (upper and lower deck), has 550 seats. "Since 2001 I have been engaged in designing different components for Airbus 380 aircraft. I work on components in the upper deck and lower deck, Gebeyaw says. According to Gebeyaw, he and another engineer from the UK, designed the luggage compartment of the A380. "Carl Robinson [the British engineer] and I first designed the cargo compartment called section 30," he says.

Airbus is an integrated company owned by four European countries (France, England, Germany and Spain). Headquartered in Toulouse, Airbus has manufacturing plants in different cities in Europe. Airbus Deutschland is undertaking a major share of A380 Production across its plants in Bremen, Dresden, Finken Werder, Laupherm, Nordenham Vgrel and Humburg. Airbus Deutschland invested 650 million euros (740 million dollars) for the production of A380. The German division has responsibility for the manufacture and assembly of the forward and fuselage components, the wings trailing edge flaps, cabin furnishing and painting. The final assembly line is found in Toulouse, the hometown of Airbus. The total cost of the A380 production program was 10.7 billion dollars. The price of A 380 aircraft is about 250 million dollars.

Rolls-Royce manufactures and supplies engines to the A380 aircraft. The giant aircraft made its debut flight in January 2005. The aircraft attracted more than 200 orders from international airlines. And the Singapore Airlines is the first airline to acquire A380 aircraft. Air France, Lufthansa, Arab Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic made early orders for the new aircraft.

Ethiopian is contemplating to buy Airbus aircraft. The management of Ethiopian is considering the Airbus aircraft. The 60-year-old national flag carrier operates Boeing aircraft. "We want to diversify our fleet. And we are holding talks with officials of Airbus," says Girma Wake, Ethiopian CEO. Girma said the management was evaluating Airbus' offers. "We are under-taking a study that will enable us to diversify our fleet," Girma adds.

Gebeyaw believes that Ethiopian will have comparative advantages if it acquires the A380 aircraft. "The aircraft is cheap when compared to other aircraft. It is fuel-efficient and it carries over 550 passengers," says Gebeyaw. The aircraft is made up of a light material called glare (glass fiber reinforced aluminium). Studies indicate that glare offers 15-30 percent weight savings over aluminium. "Glare is a new innovation aboard the A380. It is a light composite material used to build the body of A380. Since the weight of the aircraft is light it consumes less fuel," says Gebeyaw. "If Ethiopian acquires the A380 aircraft it would be able to transport a large number of passengers with less fuel and thinks this is a good advantage for the airline," he added.

Gebeyaw is now working with employees of Airbus in Humburg. Recently, other six Ethiopian engineers joined his team.


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Comment from: melt [Visitor]


Thank you for sharing the impressive background of a fellow Ethiopian. Why was it necessary for you to mention ‘Amhara’? Every Ethiopian knows Gojam, as a province and you should have left it at that. No ethnicity, please!

01/30/06 @ 12:46
Comment from: Ato Gebreselassie [Visitor]
Ato Gebreselassie


01/30/06 @ 12:58
Comment from: Dagmawi [Visitor]

That is great!!!
Thank you Keleyesus!!!

Please do not narrow down this marvelous gentlemen to a certain locality he is a proud of Ethiopia, Africa and even the whole world. Is this the impact of the evil work of meles? may be.

01/30/06 @ 14:27
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

WOW GEBEYAW, This is the place I grew up too. By the way we call it Chagni or Chicago. Becasue it is a cool place and a lot of brany people existed. This place has produced a lot of bright Ethiopian like Gebeyaw Engineers, Doctors, lawyers and you name it. It is a suprising and a magic place.

I know Gebeyaw personally, he is a great and a hard working fellow. I all the time think that he deservs to be in this position. I am really proud of him.

Thanks with regard

01/30/06 @ 14:44
Comment from: animaw [Visitor]

Chicago? ‘Wedet keff keff’?

01/30/06 @ 15:33
Comment from: Abs [Visitor]

Wondata Yager lig!

01/30/06 @ 16:18
Comment from: Teme [Visitor]

Thank you for your introduction to one of our own bright Ethiopian…There are a lot of Educated Ethiopians Living in foriegn Lands doing extra ordinary things for the rest of the world,I am realy proud of them…Will there be peace to our Mother Land,so all these people can go back to the Mother Land and contribute what they can,replacing the foot steps of Engineer Kitaw ??? I will Leave this to God and to the wise Ethiopians,it doesn’t matter how you can help,but what you(we) can .Thank you,God be with Ethiopia and with all Ethiopians.

01/30/06 @ 16:36
Comment from: Nichebsina [Visitor]

Thank you for let us know such an amazing achievemnt and potential Ethiopian asset. Such story helps us to know that Ethiopians are smart people and could bring a great change should peace and democracy is maintained in the country.
Thak you again1!

01/30/06 @ 17:11
Comment from: belay [Visitor]

bravo Gebyaw wegen ante ewkethen yemtasyachew spain sehon tekuer menem yemiawek aymeslachewm bante korahu

01/30/06 @ 18:01
Comment from: Helina [Visitor]

By the way ,Eng.Kitaw Ejigu before he passed out,he prepared to do forty(40) projects for Ethiopia but we lost him ‘’un lucky countery'’.There is lots of eduacated Ethiopians all over the worled.For instans Eng.Gebeyaw is one of theme.The big problem is these peoples to do some thing for there countery,they need free and peacefull good working manegment .Certainly we are not luky to have these.Some day these smart minded people Ethiopia she is gone use them.stay healthy.God bless you all!!!

01/30/06 @ 18:43
Comment from: Helina [Visitor]

The brave and rispected Ethiopians.I remember Enginer Kitaw Ejigu, before he passed out,he prepared forty (40) projects for Ethiopia …'’un lucky countery'’.Our countery she has lots of educated people all over the world.For instance En.Gebeyaw is one of them.These educated people they need good leader shipe,manegment,free and peasefull enviroment in the countery.Unlucklly we don’t have those now.But…it will came soon.Bless you all!!!

01/30/06 @ 19:12
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

people who live in a free world can do anything.most ethiopians are umm…..
“a free mind is powerful.”
Ron Habbard,founder of church of scintology.

01/30/06 @ 20:04
Comment from: Jimma [Visitor]

I red this story (Gebeyaw Embiale)more than a year ago here in California. (The Bay Area Homepage Megazine; Ethiopian Business Ad & Entertainment Magazine). It was very interesting and amazing story.

01/30/06 @ 23:43
Comment from: debalke [Visitor]

It is nice to hear this kind of achivments of our country guy and I thank you for presenting the story too. … please keep on bringing good for a change… God bless ethiopia.

01/31/06 @ 01:10
Comment from: hermela [Visitor]

Most people all over the world think that we are poor because we are not hardworking people. But the truth is that we have been enslaved by the present and the past rulers of the country. Ethiopians have never been thinking and living freely. Today when the rest of the world is enjoying freedom to work and live comfortably, we are still under full control of the state.we all should fight for freedom , domocracy and development.

01/31/06 @ 05:15

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