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Comment from: Fano [Visitor]

The report is not that much imoprtant for both ethiopian or american people.
there is noting new different this report can tell other than repeating the 15 years suffering of ethiopian peoples in the hands the legal criminals who enjoy western’s support.

03/10/06 @ 10:59
Comment from: Crime according to whom! [Visitor]
Crime according to whom!

A crime becomes “a crime” when the international community decides to call it crime! example: in 1985-1986 Saddam Hussein Gased the Kurds!!..it wasn’t a crime back then cause no one said any thing!! but it is now! cause Saddam is useless now!! The Western world know perfectely that Meles is the Vampire who needs to feed himself of blood…they know all the atrocities commited again the ethiopian people since 1991…and yet Meles is “the young African progressive leader"!!…freedom is not free!! advise to ethiopians is to face the devil with the sword of truth & God…and fight the good fight for our beloved people. Do not expect your freedom from European nor American…they fought theirs fight..we’ll have to fight ours. Meles will have to go by any means necessary! at all cost. No country can stand to another! and with our God’s help our people will once again be victorious…Saddam doesn’t deserve to be killed but fried like KFC!! he is the most crual human being…in fact he is the devil himself!! not only to wat he did to his own country but also to ethiopia!! Saddam = Meles and Meles = Saddam…both should’ve been in jail not only Saddam.

03/10/06 @ 11:52
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]

I am just glad that the international community finally decided o call it what was.Yes, crimes have been committed. The time has come to bring all things out. Meles is a killer and his thugs should come to justice!

03/10/06 @ 15:14
Comment from: Honest [Visitor]

This is what they mean when they say “Calling a spade, a spade”


03/10/06 @ 16:03
Comment from: bekagne [Visitor]

This report means nothing unless it is acted upon. I am completely baffled by what is going on. How come, then, the US State Department continues to adamantly support this oppressive and clearly undemocratic regime in light of the atrocities reported by its own staff?


03/11/06 @ 08:15
Comment from: downunder [Visitor]

There is only one of violating individual rights: by the use of physical force. There are two potential violators of man’s rights: the criminals and the government.

Criminals are a small minority in any age or country. The harm they have done to mankind is infinitesimal when compared to the horrors – the bloodshed, the wars, the persecutions, the confiscations, the famines, the enslavements, the wholesale destructions – perpetrated by mankind’s governments. Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims. When unlimited and unrestricted by individual rights, a government is man’s deadliest enemy.

03/11/06 @ 09:20
Comment from: downunder [Visitor]

The TPLF/EPRDF racist-mafia-dictatorship must free all political prisoners!

Our people are being kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned, and killed for just practicing the rights stated in the Ethiopian Constitution in Article 30.1 (Everyone has the right to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peaceably and unarmed, and to petition.)

03/11/06 @ 09:23
Comment from: Helina [Visitor]

I think USA she is on the way to change her idia right now.In American poletical situation ,they knows what’s goin on in Ethiopia.What ever they decide or not we Ethiopians are the solution.That’s why our hero’s they just fighting these tinnege killer gorela leader ethnic group right now.What ever it’s bitter Ethiopian sacrifice gone be sweet at last.By the way….i am gone say these every site to Ethiopians…go to Ethiopian commentator,Dejen radio click on March/1/06…you will be amazed…we are geting so close…! DOWN TINNEG KILLERS…!'’WOLADITE AMLAK YALECHIW AIKER'’

03/12/06 @ 08:28
Comment from: downunder [Visitor]

It is interesting to note that supporters of TPLF do not have any thing to comment on this issue.

What can they comment? It is the TPLF/EPRDF racist-mafia-dictatorship that kidnaps unarmed civilians, tortures them, imprison them and even murder them.

Let us try everything in our power to bring down this thug regime.

03/17/06 @ 17:30

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