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Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

ኣረ፡ የወገን፡ ያለህ፣ ኣረ፡ የኣበሻ፡ ያለህ፡ ኣረ፡ የኢትዮጵያዉያን፡ ያለህ፡

የትግሬ፡ ባንዳዎች፡ ቀስ፡ በቀስ፡ ገለዉ፡ ሊጨርሱን፡ ነዉና፡ ኣንድ፡ በኣንድ፡ ከማለቃችን፡ በፊት፡ እኛም፡ እየገደልናቸዉ፡ እንሙት፡ እባካችሁ።

04/20/06 @ 13:30
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that these bombings are strictly political. I refuse to blame Muslim extremists because when they strike they strike with fatal vengence and these bombings are not producing the type of devastation extremists are known for. I definitely do not believe it is the opposition groups because Meles has too many eyes and ears watching wherever we go.If he knew any opposition with explosives, he would have arrested them by now. Eritreans definitely could not have done this, unless they beloNg to EPRDF ARMY.
Everyone that has at least an elementary education…let’s face facts.Meles and his regime are using these systematic bombings to create chaos among different groups and at the same time….bolster sympathy from the West by parading ETHIOPIA as a country that is being raped within by opposition terrorists. Nice try Meles, but your human rights policies suck and there is nothing you can do to make people see it as otherwise.

04/20/06 @ 14:03
Comment from: Gurmu [Visitor]

To All EPRDF dogs

Now you can rejoice. Your dream has come to pass. The country is on the verge of chaos. An imminent civil unrest is looming becuase of your arrogance and ignorance. No one doubts, though, in the final analysis, you are the losers and we are comforted by it. May God bring you to your senses!

04/20/06 @ 14:05
Comment from: Ejgu [Visitor]

Head it goes agian, this is Woyanes, one of conspiracy to interupt peacfull Ethiopian.

This people are planing to destroy this country, Whats going on, what the world is saying this, WOYANE IS SAHBIA, SHABIA is anti-Ethopians, both are the same. Who trys to kill and destroy Ethiopia

04/20/06 @ 15:02
Comment from: yasteseryal [Visitor]

I’m in Addis and there was a city-wide inspection since yesterday night. FP officers, having blocked roads, were going over into every single car, checking body and checking for an ID Card. The same drama continued today. But today’s target were only pedestrians. From what I have learned, the reason why the gov’t is making this drama, is to show that there is an insurgence for the three US Senators who came to Addis recently, to talk with Meles. And of course, today’s blasts were also part of the government’s drama so that the West to believe and to side with the gov’t. It’s just an elementary thing to know!! Poor Mele!!

04/20/06 @ 16:58
Comment from: Samanya [Visitor]

The TPLF’s ugly face by the name of Bereket Simon said it all when he remarked that they were ready to kill many and make Rwanda look like a child’s play. That speaks for itself.

04/20/06 @ 17:12
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

All this is about is trying to convince the US they are fighting terrorism in the horn of Africa. In the process they are willing to kill and massacre their own people. The sad part is this fire they started will be out or control before they know it and will destroy them and could destroy our country irreparably. They will do any thing to stay in power. They are willing to start a religious war to get military support from the US. My fellow Ethiopians, there is a prediction in Fetehanegest (if I am not mistaken) that some day there will be religious conflict in Ethiopia instigated by someone. That some one is this Kehade parasite Melese with no doubt.

04/20/06 @ 17:30
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

All EPRDF supporters you must like what you see know your beloved government is doing know. The country was quiet with no trouble until 3 months ago. If Eritrea wants to do it they could have done it during the war with Ethiopia. If the Muslims want they could have done it a long time ago. For this groups the timing do not make sense. The only one the timing is perfect is for EPRDF.

If you want your country to be destroyed and disintegrated then continue supporting this kehadi gov because you are not Ethiopians. We Ethiopians will do what ever it takes to save our country like our forefathers did.

04/20/06 @ 17:41
Comment from: Helina [Visitor]

I fill so ‘’SAD'’!!! Last time i said some thing .Let me make it stronger .Where ever they blow up the city or countery side…they are ‘’CANCER'’…Until it reach’s to remove the cancer ,it can spoil part of it .Before it gets wide…it should be cut it off .
The same thing ,there is no the so called ethnic leaders showed up in the hall world like the son of Zenawi .Until he removed or jailed ,he’s gone spoil the countery like we hear to day .Open your eyes my honest ‘’TIGRAY'’ people !!! I know ,it takes time to remove the ‘’CANCER'’ .


04/20/06 @ 18:46
Comment from: Serabezu [Visitor]

It is typical… One says Embuaaaa, the next guy will say definitely Embuaaa. You guys disgust me. You are not even a little smart to be creative enough to put your points across. Innocent people died!! Some gutless Nincompoop thinks it is worth to kill innocents here and there to make this gov’t look unstable. And the best you guys come up with is the government itself? Is this one of the great strategy by the politically savvy members of the diaspora?

04/20/06 @ 20:08
Comment from: Serabezu [Visitor]

Embuaaa. You guys disgust me, you are not even a little smart to be creative enough to put your points across. People died!! Some gutless Nincompoop thinks it is worth to kill innocents here and there to make this gov’t look unstable. And the best you guys come up with is the government itself? Is this one of the great strategy by the politically savy members of the diaspora?

04/20/06 @ 20:10
Comment from: Kura [Visitor]

The bombing is by Ethiopian
government using it as an excuse to keep the opposition leaders in preson that’s all !!!

04/20/06 @ 23:01
Comment from: fano [Visitor]

Before they try to kill people on the street using their power, when the world community avoid them off totally, they start killing in clandestine form; what kind of bandit government is?
One time they blame on OLF and another time on Eretria government. dear Ethiopians let us suspect and be alert that the attempt is only a deception pretending to be enemies each other just only to put Ethiopia into serious and complicated problem by give away the power to each other ,working together or find ways to hide criminals from justice.

04/21/06 @ 00:44
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