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MULTICOLORED FLOWERS A film directed, written and produced by Dr. Fikre Tolossa



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MULTICOLORED FLOWERS A film directed, written and produced by Dr. Fikre Tolossa


A film directed, written and produced by Dr. Fikre Tolossa to be featured for the public at large in Oakland, California

A "coming of age" feature film with satire and comical overtones and undertones reflecting the influence of black music, fashion and culture on white, Latino and Asian youngsters, as well as the unresolved race and ethnic relationships in the United states. It also depicts that the roots of Rap music, hairdos, dances and the wearing of bandanas and doo-rags are in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

If blacks "acted white" in the past to fit in, now times are changing- "whites act" black to fit in, as demonstrated in this film.


Paris Paul,
Aynsley Fleishner,
Waldemar Maszewski,
Shama Newton,
Danielle Turner,
Fikre Tolossa

Dates: Friday, June 23, 7:30 PM, Sunday, June 25, 4:30 PM

Entrance: $10.00

Location: Meritt Hotel, 2332 Harrison Street and West Grand, Oakland, California.

Space being limited, only those who come first will be served first.

So far, the film has participated in the San Fracisco Black Film Festival and was presented to small circles in a few places to assess public reaction. The public resonace has been beyond expectation. People wish this movie a World-Wide circulation as it is very original, thought-provoking and engaging. It has been described by viewers as being educational as well as entertaining at the same time. A producer of the Dr. Phil show, an affiliate of Oprah Winfrey, thinks of it very highly and would like to bring Dr. Fikre Tolossa and his film on the show pending ertain conditions are met to which Dr. Fikre Tolossa must agree.

The film is 110 minutes long.

Dr. Fikre Tolossa is willing to feature the film in the US, Europe and elsewhere provided he gets sponsors. He could be contacted at: To leave him a message call: (707) 648 2656

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Comment from: gashant [Visitor]

yes,please-show,that our film-makers/producers are very able to do it-that’s forsure!!! WELL DOING!!! it’s already time for whity yankeez to accept finally,that we coloured people are the over majority in the whole world in general,and in u.s. in particular:"beruh tesfa le t’eq’ur godana!” GASHANT#OR LEHAGERBEYT BACK IN TOWN-FU…WOYZERO CONDOMI!!! keep cool,everybody!

06/19/06 @ 14:26


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