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Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

My Dearest Socrates, Dema, Cheffe, Anbesaw, Alula Yemesker,Tazabe, Zena, Zombie and Wozeiro SC Condjo (The group of Stupid Cronies of Lebaking)

Let me say with these guys that “Let the WORLD knows more, the right pictures of your great LabaKing woyane".

If have no further comments, let these abovementioned cronies of LebaKing give more space in this column how they give endless explaination to our countrymen.

07/20/06 @ 02:36
Comment from: Socrates [Visitor]

Blind diaspora,

Stop your futile excercise. with a big threat of Taliban like govt. in Somalia, there is no way America will quarel with Ethiopia.

Anyways, you can keep on wasting your money!!! Long barking. One yr has passed, you are barking, we are building roads!!

07/20/06 @ 06:31
Comment from: Hayal [Visitor]

Diaspora, don’t worry!Truth is on your side!
You do not need to hire lobbyists to to get what you want!
Meles the Tota is a monster,a dictator, we hate him!
These socalled lobbyists are a bunch of greedy unethical people withe either no principles or morals!
Let him throw his stolen money all over the place! He will never silence us or buy our surrender!
The only way for him is out!

07/20/06 @ 06:46
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]

Why can’t Meles just step down and the people vote on another leader. The only countries letting people stay in power over 15 years is dictatorships and Third -World Nations. Our governmental policies are all jacked up. Someone remind Meles that the democratic process includes leaders stepping aside so that the country can move on. Even Mandela had that much sense.

07/20/06 @ 12:38
Comment from: Bex [Visitor]

Meles & Co. may buy time by this stunt. His eventual demise is inevitable.

07/20/06 @ 13:48
Comment from: gudu gana [Visitor]
gudu gana

listen when are you guys stop looking answers for your problem from washington .it is so embarrasing .please your friends in dc dont have any respect to you .they just look at you as cry babies who dont have any idea why they are cring for.please have a respect for your self.if you love your country go and fight there .the reason epdrf is so successful is because it fights in its own country with its own people.

07/20/06 @ 18:35
Comment from: Zomby [Visitor]

Thanks For the Woyanes:

During the time of the emperor or even during the more “progressive” Mengistu’s regime, it was unthinkable to talk an open parliamentary debate and discussion. Free press was out of question and the right to oppose way way way out of line. It may be times have changed a lot, or we are catching up with the global momentum, or somebody in the mountains and deserts of the Ethiopian topography shed blood for such a moment(God Bless Your Souls).

However, it is undeniable, that there are regimes close to our borders or in the Asian continent or in the American hemisphere, all the above mentioned rights and privileges are scarce. So are we expecting the heavens in this earth overnight (for CUD may be in about a year) or we just do not want to be thankful. All that is due to the son’s and daughters of the freedom fighters who led the aspiration of the broader masses right to the center of our Capital.

For most, in the Capitals of the Western countries, there is one thing you need to accept. It is very different to commit yourself to the freedom, equity, and prosperity of the Ethiopian public at large than to utter empty bluffs, gibberish ideas to just satisfy your own ego (because you lost the black now you are on the gray with no end in sight for your looser life-). Go to the real for front bring your ideas, alternatives and plans to the table, thanks for the Woyanes you can do that absolutely freely (Caution-All under the limit of our Constitution)

Birmingham, UK

07/20/06 @ 20:06
Comment from: Yaha [Visitor]

Please find other educated language.
Don’t be low class your self.

07/20/06 @ 21:07
Comment from: gudu gana [Visitor]
gudu gana

thank you zomby .tell this useless utopians that democracy is not as easy as getting drunk and write whatever nonsence you can imagine or laughing all the way to the bank in a good parking day.

07/20/06 @ 21:44
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

Blind Socrates,

You said:” Anyways, you can keep on wasting your money!!! Long barking. One yr has passed, you are barking, we are building roads!!”

My answer to you Blind Socrates; And where you took money to build this roads? dont ever say this is from government moneys, these moneys are came from huge loan given those vultures financer. These huge amount of money are calculated with “INTEREST” which is being paid by every Ethiopians including YOU!!! blind asshole!!!, including your sons and daughters and families, did you know that? even the new born babies they will pay these INTEREST.

I now you are boastfully saying we built roads? Yes! You guys built that roads, and I agreed that these projects are overpriced and a lot of Alibabas cutting troat kickbacks from the money of every Ethiopians by your members and cronies!!!

Your LEBAKING is really desperate to show his people and other countries that his leba & tyrant regime are building a lot of projects but a lot of alibabas and kickbacks (WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY) and while the every ETHIOPIANS are going down to RAVINE or WELL of DEATH!!!

Blind Socrates; Dont say that any people want Change & Reform are diaspora. Diaspora means dispersion of a people from their original homeland. And because of people same like YOU “blind asshole", the original Ethiopians are pushed out and became DIASPORA.

For me its better to call diaspora rather that NAZI and TYRANT blind ASSHOLE!!!

07/21/06 @ 01:05
Comment from: Zomby [Visitor]

The unholy marriage:

I want to say from the start, what’s up with the honeymoon for AFD. It is has been historically seen parties of similar objective at least with some compromise could come to organize themselves for good intentions or for the worst. But CUD & OLF (there is something wrong with this picture)
Well, the point is if the OLF’s clear objective is as it was stated during the transitional period of the 1991, why going all the way to the arms while it could settle its agenda from the constitutional rights of the people for self determination with the consent of all the proud peoples of Oromia. Coming to the “ANDENET” “ETHIOPIAWINET” fanatics the CUD, if it is their true aspiration to respect people’s right for Self determination, why wouldn’t you even join with the EPRDF (I am confused here, that was what we have been telling you). Willingly or out of the necessity, CUD has acknowledge for such rights (thanks for the EPRDF, important lesson) and joined to the unholy marriage (Good Luck).
Now to the lighter side of my story this marriage looks the marriage between the Desperate Housewives (CUDs) and the Brokeman Mountain (OLF), My message for CUD- Like Sands of the Hour Glass, So are the Days of Our Lives. Watch your Back, it is back riding.

Birmingham, UK

07/21/06 @ 19:23
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]

Stop loosing your cools?

Those on the EPRDF side seem to know how to use decent words and still make their points. I’m not surprised that they in power. My advice for any opposition supporter is to show some intelligence and coherence in his/her arguments, specially, in the counter points. A merry personal attack and name calling makes you look like hopeless and weak. Heed my advice and stop revealing too much.
I hear you gudu gana!

07/21/06 @ 23:20
Comment from: Zomby [Visitor]

Thinking out of the BOOTH:

There was an article by a famous neuron physiologist in (SCIENCE, Vol 67, 19..) which he indicated that your either learning ability or rational thinking directly correlates with the amount of oxygen you get from natural ventilation. This was just a detour for where I am going with this (I am about to suggest the booth does not give you enough oxygen so breath fresh and think outside of the freakin booth-just for CUDs consumption).

There is too much out cry there in DC, where most of the “Patriotic” Diaspora is represented well in force, that is good and dandy. I do not have any problem with your know it all attitude and your look like the political gurus of every country and every nation. What bothers me is you are from Ethiopia ( I just said Ethiopia got it !) where poverty level is at its peak and rampant, and your fellow brother or sister is under distress for the daily bread. OK do not be agitated I am just telling you the truth (and it hurts, I know I know), if anything the Western countries are doing or helping you want to stop that (that is a shame and very vicious) you are ridiculous.

There is no doubt that Ethiopia is making a turn around and a significant progress (there is no turning back, history is being made as we speak). Either contribute positively in any meaningful way or just shut up and toil your a** of wherever you are (I know where you are).

Sorry I forget the BOOTH thing. I just want to ask you to think of your country, your neighbor back home, your schools, your Kebeles, that is thinking outside of the BOOOOOOTH or as we call it the BOX. Think globally and act locally. Support a child, support an elder or a patient, then you are a citizen of the world and very importantly ETHIOPIAN. That is way out of the BOOTH!

But With your Green Yellow RED bla bla bla flag roaming around the Departments of State and so on does not cut it at all, actually you look miserable.

For FANATIC CUDs: You really look a loser to me. I do not even like the way you talk and walk. You try to worship your so called leaders be smart fellas. And be careful that ride you took with the OLF that is horseback riding that is not RED LINE METRO riding OK.

I will see you next week from the Lovely Virginia Beach, enjoy people


07/21/06 @ 23:38
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

Re: Yaha,

“MY APOLOGIZE". . . . I will try and appreciated.

07/22/06 @ 00:31
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

You said,“…Ethiopia ( I just said Ethiopia got it !) where poverty level is at its peak and rampant…”

And you also said, “There is no doubt that Ethiopia is making a turn around and a significant progress (there is no turning back, history is being made as we speak).”

I am scratching my head. Aren’t you contradicting yourself? I will leave the question and the answer for you. You truly are the living dead!

07/22/06 @ 00:34

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