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Comment from: Ethiopian-united [Visitor]

Thank you Nazret.com, you are true Ethiopian by educating us what is going on in Ethiopia and about Ethiopia around the globe. You have been fair and balance. Keep the good job!

I strongly expect all Ethiopians around the globe, dead or alive, educated or uneducated, emotional or unemptional, without any division of religion, tribalism, young, old, men, women, and unconditionally support the Ethiopian army.

My dear Ethiopian friends, our struggle for democracy and justice will continue while we provide our full support for the present Ethiopian government. The situation is getting more complex and sophsticated than you have known or expect. It is very dangers for the existance of Ethiopia. Thank God we have managed to gain the support of the entire civilized world.

This is neither a religion war nor invation of Somaili. It is a prox-war once again with dispersed Eritrean leaders. A war not just to weaking the TPLF region but its to destroy the entire country called Ethiopia.

07/26/06 @ 12:04
Comment from: Kono [Visitor]

I suppose dictatorship has no boundary ahh. After mowing down school children in the streets of Addis they now crossed into Somalia to quench their trust of killing people for no apparent reason. Woyane is becoming a bully of the horn. Why is an Ethiopian blood be spilled in a dry land of Somalia. If they have crossed our boundary it is understandable and everybody has to defend the land. But these peoples are in Mogadishu more 250 miles away from Ethiopia’s boundary. What is wrong with Woyne Gangs ? Can’t they live without war? I know I will hear from their cadres all kind of lame excuses such as fundamentalist leaders. Why is it Ethiopia business what kind of religion they follow. I pray to god to dislodge Woyane from Ethiopia people’s back and the horn.

07/26/06 @ 12:05
Comment from: kolotemari [Visitor]

A plane loaded with weapons from Eritrea, this thing is getting better and better by the day. What does that stupid Isayas want now. i guess he is looking for more ass whopping. If we start war with eritrea, Meles should go and take care of it until Misswa, once and for all. And I guess UN is supporting the ethiopian presence in Somali, so we can invade eritrea and still get the blessing from the UN. Anyways What is Meles waiting for, its going to be hard to fight 10million somalis, once everyone is equiped with an AK47. He should destroy the terminal and their infrastructure, thats the same thing the Israelis are doing to Lebanon. And Eritrea should be on a leash, If they keep supporting the somalis, i say we should get in and settle it once and for all. I’m sure the media is portraying Somali and eritrea as terrorist countries, it would be no problem for those blood sucking US and Europeans to get involved.

07/26/06 @ 12:47
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]

Forget that mad-dog leader in Asmara. He is used to igniting war here and there. But, we should never give Weyane and its cadres a place to relax. They are desperately looking for an excuse to get followers as though there is a big threat to Ethiopia from Somalia. Nobody can forget the daylight massacre of innocent civilians in Addis. When the situation is in their favour they kill people in hundreds and when they are cornered they plea for help. Go and fight in Somalia if you can. We don’t want our poor brothers to spill their blood unnecessarily.There would be no justification if Weyane attacks Somalia inside Somalian territory. Enough is enough. Spare our people from yet another war!

07/26/06 @ 13:17
Comment from: Hawaryat [Visitor]

Can anyone tell us how many times we fought Somalia? Jihad against Ethiopia has nothing to do with EPRDF or TPLF if you want to. They want us to stay poor and quite. No development around The Nile or Gibe or any Ethiopian highland. And this will continue as far us they think they will win which they never did. Ethiopia has to overcome poverty and backwardness. Otherwise; everyone will to dare. Let us not play poletics in this case but back our children on the fron and the government. Ethiopia will move foreward against all ods. Aren’t we better economically and with the infrastructure a decade ago? Let us not loose what we gained but march against the evil eyed issayas and jihadists. They better know they are playing with fire.

07/26/06 @ 13:35
Comment from: hodamuo [Visitor]

This means TPLF gave weapons to Eriteria when they invade yemen so now Eriteria gave it to somalia .
it’s kind of circulation

07/26/06 @ 13:46
Comment from: Jordan [Visitor]

I am longing and counting days till our Lions Ethiopian Army get in deep into Mogadishu and dismantle the terrorists once and for all so that we cool Ethiopians settled in Mogadishu just to relax in their beach if they have any.

Take care.

07/26/06 @ 13:46
Comment from: KAGNEW [Visitor]

This deliver of ammunition should have been halted and the cargo plane should have been put out of service (Damn with all that ammunition it could have only taken one shot!!!)
Ethiopia’s real Fighters would have made sure this Weapon cargo trip to be a one way trip. They would have ended its trip on the red sea or it would have not left Mogadishu at all. But our current Fighter pilots (Ex ZOO23 shooting TEGEDADAY Hagos) is trying to figure out how to start the rusted MIG28 from Debre-Zeit, while the Mentally insane Issayas drops off what the DEDEB HADGI DERG left behind in Eritrea (Bahre-NEGASH).
GOBEZ- Somalian supremacy is on the rise, Enemies of Ethiopia are menacing and ruling the Ethiopian People to destruction and at the same time they are arming each other with weapons which the Ethiopian people paid for (Thank you MENGISTU- ANTE TEBAB HODAM SEW BELA!!!).
GOBEZ / GOBEZIT, If you call your self an Ethiopian and believe in it, Stop quarreling with your own broths and sisters, MEQENETTIKEN ATBIQ, get rid of your real enemies and take control of your nation in time before all these known, Swore enemies of your MOTHER/FATHER LAND engulf you… It is not time to take anything light heartedly any more. IT CAN NOT GET ANY SERIOUS THAN THIS.
It took us a very short period of time to break the back bon of Siad Bbare’s Aggressor army and show them the way from AWASH back to MOGADISHU in the past. They are going to try harder this time, and they are going to have the help of KEWSU ISSAYAS and the ARABS and who knows when things shift around we do not know where the US will stand.
SO, we do not have a choice but to get ready for the Changed world and its Challenges. We need to come together and take control of our nation quickly then stand firm and land a fatal strong blow on our enemies. The other choice is to go on fighting each other, seat weak and unprepared.


07/26/06 @ 14:04
Comment from: DELLAW [Visitor]

to Jordan,

you got it buddy. you got to be ahead of the game. it is on now, and we should take no for an asnwer.


07/26/06 @ 14:15
Comment from: kolotemari [Visitor]

What the HELL, Meles Should go and BOMB that airport, and any infrastructure they might use…And people, even if you hate Meles, those weapons are going to be used against Ethiopians, so keep your antimeles rhetoric for yourselves just for now.

07/26/06 @ 14:55
Comment from: meyisaw [Visitor]

Eritrea has been a terriorist country for decades,I remember watching the Eritrea guerilla fighters on CNN who were sent all the way to Iraq inorder to give hand for the infamous Sadam to fight the coalation forces during the first desert storm war, though Ethiopia had good reputaion and the ear of the whole world ,unfortunately her government is still under the leadership of a half Eritrean man.Neverthless I am always very proud of the ethiopian troops.if the Eritreans had not been coward and bukatiam,they would have faced the brave Ethiopian troops who are reportedly in Somalia already ,instead of droping armements for teriorists and run away.

[Meyisaw, charlie, please pick one nick name and stick to it. Read the Terms and Conditions. Thanks moderator]

07/26/06 @ 15:23
Comment from: Abakorran [Visitor]

I am not sure those who are writting here supporting the corrupted and murderer gvt of Weyanes are not mads my country had been protecting itself from foriegn supremacy …and this is our long history …today Weyanes Adir bay Bandas and uneducated illiterats are full controlled by the Western gvts like an art of MODERN SLAVERY and their followers who are living of Ethiopians blood are trying to propagate a dirty story here .
I am advising and telling to all Ethiopians ….Somalians are not coming to our country (the beggar Weyanes and their doners ) are the agony of Ethiopia and they are invading one´s country as an Ethiopian it is a great shame for me to say Ethiopia invade another country..the poorest country on this earth and the worest raciest regieme .What ever is written here against Somalia and Ertrea is the idea of Weyanes or their supporters therefore there must no single Ethiopian loose his life for those rebel groups Weyanes.
At last I want to tell to true Ethiopians do not talk about Somalia ( I am not Somali ) . Somalia has its own problem as we have our disease Weyanes let them solve their problem themself like we are doing it with Arbegnoch Ginbar.
Mot leweyanewochna Le afkariwochu!

07/26/06 @ 15:36
Comment from: addis [Visitor]

This is going to all who support MELES you think we(Ethiopian) want a war with Eritrea? NO
Do you think we need to go out of Ethiopia for a war to protect anyone? NO
These is done by Woyane leaders, a man who puts the opposition party to jail for winning an election say a lot about him not going down without a fight we will fight Meles and bury him alive one day to the support us at that time don’t think about changing the way you think you going down with him, if you support him!!! Why don’t you go back to Ethiopia and work for him.

Haile selassie the lion of Judah

The soul of Haile selassie live among the true Ethiopians who love there country, and willing to die for the green
Lion symbol flag

07/26/06 @ 16:00
Comment from: kolotemari [Visitor]

Abakorran…do u think once the somalin fundamentalist take power they will leave us alone?… They are already claiming Ogaden. That kind of mentality, should not be tolerated in the region, the last thing we need right now, is religious tension, Christains and Muslims have lived together peacefully for a verylong time, and that is not going to be destroyed by this stupid Somalis. Even if you hate Meles, Somali is a time bomb waiting to explode with or without Meles. So we should take care of it before it takes root…Meles can suck up to the US as much as he wants, but you should be glad that this time he is not willing to sell us to Somali.

07/26/06 @ 16:08
Comment from: tony [Visitor]

Although I despise the woyana government, what is happening in the region is worrying to all of us regardless. what Eritrea is trying to do is going to have a long lasting effect on our country.

I can’t believe Ethiopia is the only country in the region with a functioning Airforce, and yet allow the delivery of arms to its enemy via air. These cargo planes should be warned not to enter Somalian air space without a permission from addis. If they don’t abide by it, they should be shot down effectively. Just putting out the bulletin of warning would deter the aircraft owners(most probably chartered from somewhere) from indulging in such risky business. Even those suspecious aricraft leaving Eritrean airspace should be harrassed and checked out. The problem is woyana is only good at arresting and torturing Ethiopians. They don’t do anything right. I think they should bomb the airport as well. If issayas does not stop it, bomb his airport as well. I can’t believe he is sending long range guns that could be used against us in the future.

07/26/06 @ 16:37

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