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Fikre Tolosa Poems



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Fikre Tolosa Poems

Dear Readers:

Although I have many, many Amharic poems composed over the past thirty-nine years, and even though I started writing poetry at age 12, I have been hesitating to make them available to the public at large in this manner for copyright reasons and out of "too much care" for them. After so much deliberation, however, I have decided to release at least some of those which I feel are current, instead of keeping them in the dark, inside my closets. The poem attached entitled, "Teshloklakiwoch", is one of them. In this connection, I should note that a number of my poems have been translated into Russian, English and German. As a matter of fact, I have two books of verse in the German language. The poems included in the two books have been recited and broadcasted over German radio stations in German by German actors, besides being coverted into musical by a German composer who liked them a lot, in 1981. A few of them have appeared in anthologies with world reknown poets and Noble laureates such as Pablo Neruda and others. The one I am presenting here is new. My English poems( a thick book consisting of about 200 poems) are under publication. My longest poem in Amharic, "Yichi Nat Ye Ne Medir", that has been transmitted over Radio Deutchwelle (German Amharic Radio) for the past 20 years continuously because of popular demand, saw the light of the day recently. I have to circulate it yet widely. I invite you to take a look at the present one.


Fikre Tolossa




Comment from: Free [Visitor]


Very insightful poems!

“Gorebet sitama lene bileh sima!”

Meles Vs Those who have lost their life in the civil war (and the Cheerleaders)


The DIASPORA Vs The people of Ethiopia(and the leaders in prison)

Should we not advocate the struggle for freedom?

08/27/06 @ 15:06
Comment from: Ogaden [Visitor]

I have never seen before a person over-praising himself like this man does! For sure, he must have bound a lot of PAGES only to come here and waste our time by saying:

” My English poems (a THICK book consisting of about 200 poems)…………. My German poems (a FAT book)……….. My Russian poems (an OVERWEIGHT book)………… My XYZ poems (a GIANT book) … …blah……blah. ”

Mr. Tolosa, what counts is not the balance’s reading but the CONTENTS!

By the way, is he a pure Oromo? Nowadays, it has become a fashion to say I am a mixture (one tablespoon Amhara and one teaspoon Oromo blend together). Whereas in the past some people used to be pure descendents of King Solomon!!! How come we are not seeing anymore those pure species?

Let us hear from Mr. Fikre and let him avoid writing a HUGE BOOK when replying.

Oh GOD! Ethiopia is the only country in the whole world where people’s ethnicity changes with the SEASON!!!

08/27/06 @ 16:53
Comment from: kimbibit [Visitor]

do you have any idea who Fikre Tolosa is? Why don’t you do some research before you open your rusty mouth about a thing you don’t know? You should thank your creator for giving you a chance to read a line from this genius man’s work. Shame on you. You are an idiot even for an idiot.

08/27/06 @ 20:41
Comment from: [Member]

Dear Ogaden,

I agree that modesty is a vertue, so I would understand if you are turned off by Fikre’s self advertisement. However, I would like to point to you that you were not really commenting on his poem, as your discourse was rather a hunt for his ethnic resume`.

Dr. Fikre Tolosa has actually earned his bragging right.Before anyone else in learning institutions inside or outside of Ethiopia ever attempted to do it, it was him who did his thesis on the history of Amharic literature, from Tobia to Kadmas Bashager to Adefris; from Yawrewoch Komedia to Enat Alem Tenu; and countless others(and it was heavy both on the balance and content). I vividly remember the library at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Sidist Kilo that had the only copy of his thesis which I based most of my under graduate work upon, in the late eighties. This is without mentioning by far one of the greatest comedic works he authored “Yeresa Satin Shachu’na YeMeqabir Qofariw Tarik", to mention just one. And in the 90s, his regular articles on Ethiopia in the print editions of Ethiopian Review are worth mentioning.

Well, Ogaden, what have you really contributed to society lately?

08/28/06 @ 04:09
Comment from: Tullu [Visitor]

I am sorry for you that you donnot know much about Dr.Fikre Tolosa.
Please read his publications. As far as I know, he is a true Ethiopian. I do agree on the comment written by ” Kimbibit".

08/28/06 @ 06:40
Comment from: Lena [Visitor]

No sarcasm intended but half the time I was reading the ‘insightful’ poem I had a feeling Tolosa seemed to grudge a few lucky blokes who escaped unscatched from the revolutionary bedlam.
He banded a hell lot of people and called them unscruplous freeriders.
Just curious, though, who is the one composing ‘inflammatory poems’ from the safety and comfort of a German beerhall?Sipping contentedly ‘the brunnette mistress’(incidentally that is what FN says of beer to the German) and working himself in to a poetic rage just to get in the mood for creativity?
Sir,I understand all the itching and scratching Dame Poetry subjects one to but we all keep such as this safe in our cabinet drawers.
It has been some time since I laughed as I did after reading “Free’s”
‘Hmmmmmm….insightful’ I just felt I knew the person intimately,I could figure him in my mind’s canvass pouring over the lines and unable to make sense of it and concluding,"such must be poetry,not to make sense and all”
Pretty senstive guy.
Thak you ‘free’ for making me laugh thus.I owe you one.

08/28/06 @ 09:48
Comment from: Free [Visitor]

“Just curious, though, who is the one composing ‘inflammatory poems’ from the safety and comfort of a German beerhall?Sipping contentedly ‘the brunnette mistress’(incidentally that is what FN says of beer to the German) and working himself in to a poetic rage just to get in the mood for creativity?"………..Lena

Lena, it seems that u havent paid that much attention when u read the poems. Fikire has used the pronoun ‘WE’/EGNA as a subject of the pomes hence he has included himself amongst the opportunists he has criticized. Therefore, what u have wrote above is a kind of lame!

PS, i feel blessed that i made u laugh from the heart!


08/28/06 @ 14:09
Comment from: Ogaden [Visitor]

Dear Yemata,

Thanx for the modest comment, which is different than Mr. Tolosa’s macho message.

May be this man knows his language very well, however, for sure, he doesn’t know MODESTY!! Let him add to his collections some MODESTY. Look, there are people who are fluent in different languages, such as Oromiffa, Sidama, Guraghe, Walayta, Gambella, Hadiya, Tigre, Tigrigna, Afar….etc. All these people know their mother languages perfectly, however, due to the past ruthless Neftegna regimes they are now reduced to INVISIBLE. Mr. Fikre who has been unjustly privileged over all those TALENTS should not boast. He should rather write a poem in which he is indicating how unjustly he was PRIVILEDGED.

One more thing, since he wrote only about the Amharic language history, as you mentioned, he should claim expertise only in AMHARIC and not in Ethiopia. When he mentions Ethiopia, all the >80 nationalities come into mind. His works are partial and he should behave accordingly. ……..i.e. MODESTLY.

I really don’t know this person, however, I am sensing that he belongs to the bygone Ethiopia. He should calibrate and TUNE himself to the present Ethiopia, which is VERY…VERY…VERY different. If he doesn’t change, in no time all those HEAVY BOOKS will be read only in AMHARA REGION.

08/28/06 @ 15:58
Comment from: Ogaden [Visitor]

kimbibit Wrote

do you have any idea who Fikre Tolosa is?

Mr. Kimbibit, the only thing I can see from his message is that HE IS A BIG TIME BOASTER.

08/28/06 @ 16:08
Comment from: Free [Visitor]


I see a woyane breed whose inferiority complex blinded him. My friend, the whole world is celebrating Shakespear’s poems and dramas, Da Vinci’s paintings, Einstein’s scientific descoveries……they are considered to be a gift from those exceptional individuals to the human kind of this world regardless of race, culture, language….Their works are among the ultimate treasures of our world. As such, we Ethiopians consider our poets, authors, artists…as a treasure. Instead of blabbing your nonsense politics, you should come up with something meaningful and thoughtful. Beside, there is nothing wrong with Fikire advertising himself as he has mentioned his accomplishments. What is wrong with that?(for instance, i got a bit of idea who Fikire is as a result, unfortunatelly u have prefered to criticize him for it. You should be positive my friend!) We will be happy to see a Somali Ethiopians’ and other individuals’ from any ethnic background works. It will be an addition of thinkers to Ethiopia!!
And my friend such kinds of works are not a result of previlages as u think. Nothing can stop u from expressing yourself, searching your passion and live it as you wish. They are very rare and we should due their deseving respect.


08/28/06 @ 17:24
Comment from: kimbibit [Visitor]

I wonder if you understand the exact meaning of boasting. More or less BOASTING refers to exaggerating ones self value and prominence. It could even be interpreted as some one misrepresenting himself. If an Engineer tells you he is as such, he wouldn’t be considered boasting. As a matter of fact, this intellectual is extremely modest. He has not even used his titles Such as Dr, or Proffessor, or PHD, which he could have desrvedly used. Because he is. He let you address him with Mr. But that is not enough for you. You diss him for mentioning his newest contributions so that those of us who enjoy them have a ccess to them.
You keep on mentioning Amharic. As much as all ethnic languages are valued and encouraged to be practiced, Amharic is equally regarded by many. What makes Amharic uniquely the more so important is that non-Amharic people like myself use them as a first language. Writing, speaking or working in Amharic is not a crime. Besides, if you want others to respect your culture and language, please do the same. And one more point, stay in your league before disrespecting intelligent people. Shame on you.

08/28/06 @ 18:34
Comment from: Gennet [Visitor]

Hi all,

I am sorry, but I had to laugh, when I saw the citation of Ogaden, from the Poets introduction notes:

” My English poems (a THICK book consisting of about 200 poems)…………. My German poems (a FAT book)……….. My Russian poems (an OVERWEIGHT book)………… My XYZ poems (a GIANT book) … …blah……blah. ”

I mean, one has to do the marketing strategy in a professional way, meaning: let others praise you but you stay humble.

08/30/06 @ 10:37


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