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Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Wow she is very attractive young lady.Journalist,miss world you got it all. Good luck Amleset.

Remember, don’t listen to the diaspora sick Kinijit type people do your job.

09/24/06 @ 02:18
Comment from: kolotermari [Visitor]

She looks pretty, I hope she wins..

09/24/06 @ 02:22
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]


. . . a kiss for your success! TSUP! Goodluck!. . . .

09/24/06 @ 02:53
Comment from: WEGESHAW [Visitor]

Beautiful and young!
We wish you all the best in your future plans!!!

09/24/06 @ 03:03
Comment from: bluenile [Visitor]

What a pretty and amazing girl, go ahead and GOD help U reach your goal!

09/24/06 @ 04:49
Comment from: Ras Abebe Argayi [Visitor]
Ras Abebe Argayi

AMleset deserved to be one of the most known beatifull woman in the in the world. From a beatifull country like ethiopia , the most beatifull woman on earth .that is ethiopia beatifull daughter amlsete. well done our beatifull sister. keep it up. go a head . we are with you.

09/24/06 @ 08:44
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

oh my gash! what a beauty?

09/24/06 @ 10:35
Comment from: kazanchis [Visitor]

Country music ??!! let’s be real Amely. I’ll vote for you regardless. I liked the girl from wollega better. She was real.

09/24/06 @ 12:43
Comment from: DAVE [Visitor]

damn she is hotttttttt! beautiful Ethiopian!

09/24/06 @ 12:53
Comment from: Kumbachew [Visitor]

Amleset is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.I hope she will represent Ethiopia very well.Good luck.Like her beauty I hope she is a smart woman too.

09/24/06 @ 13:03
Comment from: gudu gana [Visitor]
gudu gana

go girl reresent our beautiful motherland and its beautiful people.show the world we are not only black we sre also beautful.

09/24/06 @ 13:26
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

Do yourself a big favour! Finish in the top 10 & subsequently you would be remunerated a date with the strikingly handsome SATENAW/Casanova.

One more decisive-factor to acquire the date though, you must not be a Tigre!

09/24/06 @ 14:17
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

gudu gana

you said ” We are not only black, we are also beautiful”

Here you ngo again. Ahhhhh!

Bro - if it is black it is beautiful period. You can’t separate both. OK ! Gebeto!

09/24/06 @ 14:18
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Hey beautiful- you r a stunning konjo. I can tell you this 100 times.

09/24/06 @ 14:21
Comment from: funga [Visitor]

Definetely she is the next MISS UNIVERSE! Good luck!

09/24/06 @ 14:26

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