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Comment from: Free [Visitor]

I bet the woyane ‘agafaris’ will start the ‘asheshe gedame’ for this as well.

No one denies that Meles’s regime has done a pretty decent job to promot elementary education(excluding the quality) even in the remote rural areas, however the over all life standard of Ethiopians has not changed a bit or has worsen in the past sixteen years! we just need to look at how many people are food aid dependants every single year, how many citizens languish even by preventable diseases, the number of homelessness & orphanage and በ ዕንቅርት ላይ ጀሮ ደግፍ እንዲሉ ሰው በላ አጋዚዎች who shoots straight at the head targeting indiscriminately, be it a mother or a baby have made it life unbearable for Ethiopians. So i aint buying this worldBank’s BS, the life of Ethiopians hasnt changed for good and even the future doesnt look promising while the self-appointed and conglatory enemies of the nation are working very hard to disintegrate our country.

10/31/06 @ 01:26
Comment from: safu [Visitor]

it is a time they staerted to spin the numbers and show improved school enrolment and gender balance. The so called millenium development goal a doomed concept and has done nothing to all Ethiopians. what the millenium goal has achieved was thousands of fake reports and conferences that have no value to peoples live. The program has helped to settle thousands of ethiopians in alien to them land destroying environment and community existance both to settlers and recepient people. I hope we are going to see next reports coming from this to say they have helped families and their children. they have shifted problems from one area to another nothing more. This I call it the dilution effect. They are diluting the problem but not solving it. They have no gut to help Africans and will never do!!. They will chary pick things and make people believe and that is known. I would like to know by name and geographical location in Ethiopia if anyone has realy benefited from this show.


10/31/06 @ 01:32
Comment from: abera demeksa [Visitor]
abera demeksa

You might also add: “the country with the least productve working-age population” is Ethiopia, because most of them have an incurable fear of work.

But all is not bleak: “The country with the most highly motorized tongues and arm-chair critics of anything and everything” is Ethiopia.

“The country with the most educated fools” is Ethiopia.

And on,and on, and on….

It is no wonder, therefore, that Ethiopia is not as developed as it could be.

If trash-talk could generate capital, Ethiopians would be sitting on the hidhest per capita income in Africa,if not in the world!

Deplorable Diasporites: aren’t you proud your “mission is accomplished"?, that your country is so poor?

10/31/06 @ 02:49
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]

I see great improvent and it’s an encouraging sign. Now, the problem is to keep the develoment going and growing. The most essential commodity is lasting peace in the region. In light of the current internal and regional political developments, can these achievements be maintained? Can the politicians and work for peace, justice and reconciliation rather than struggling for power? Can the ethnicists and chauvinists agree to abandon their struggle for political power and mobilize their consttuencies and the poor people of Ethiopia to work? The only way I know to come out of poverty is hard work, not harsh words the self-appointed politicians engage themselves in.

It is my sincere hope that the islamists “leave Ethiopia alone” as per their prophet Mohammed’s decree and likewise, the Ethiopian leaders leave Somalia alone. Ethiopia should seal its porous borders against islamic terrorists rather single-handedly fight international suicidal and fanatic terrorism.

I think it is about time the Eritreans join hearts with their mother land, Ethiopia, and work for lasting peace rather than further escalating their own alienation. The new generation should start thinking global. We need magnanimous leaders in Africa. Ethiopia has been the hub of African magnanimity and should continue to be so.

Peace, Peace, Peace…

10/31/06 @ 02:58
Comment from: agereazene [Visitor]

I am not clear how this indicators are taken in Ethiopia, I hope this is not copied from the EPRDF misleading reports.

10/31/06 @ 07:52
Comment from: OK [Visitor]

World Criminal Band! Right, the highly paid World Bank technocrats who live in the affluent areas are going to be concerned about the faith of poor Ethiopians?
Shame on those WB technocrats, shame on all those who believe in their mission!

10/31/06 @ 08:38
Comment from: Toga [Visitor]

Weyew Gude! That is new scientific analysis to me. What a “nice indicator” of development being hundred of us in a classroom. You must be a candidate for Noble price in Economics.

10/31/06 @ 09:11
Comment from: Selememaster [Visitor]

You said “No one denies that Meles’s regime has done a pretty decent job to promot elementary education(excluding the quality) even in the remote rural areas”

And on the other hand you said “the self-appointed and conglatory enemies of the nation are working very hard to disintegrate our country.” Aren’t these two statements contrary? You will be the judge.

10/31/06 @ 10:46
Comment from: Free [Visitor]

“Deplorable Diasporites: aren’t you proud your “mission is accomplished"?, that your country is so poor?"…Abera Demeksa

የ እምየን ወደ አብየ

Mr.Demeksa, next time i expect you to say for the past fifteen or so years, Ethiopia has been under the governance of the Diaspora. I know that blaming is a very typical character of the Woyanes, just like incriminating the opposition leaders for treason and genocide while the mafia group itself is solely responsible for shooting innocents right at the head and inflicting ethnic & religious division amongst Ethiopians, or calling the Somalis terrorists while your government itself is the main obstacle for the peace of Somalia,(One of the stupidest kind of meddling in other country’s business, what the hell are you doing in Baidoa? either you excute your mission asap or you get the fack out of others country, we have no the resource to support the good for nothing so called Somalia government in such expensive way!). Now you tell me if all of these madness is happening due to the diaspora’s irresponsible actions. Ethiopia’s water resource is a life giver for the region and yet her people are dying of thirst, and in this category we are the worst in Africa(IN AFRICA!!!), My Goodness! Sewuye, the diaspora has started its active envolvment in Ethiopia’s politics, and the braves who dares to leave everything to contribute their part have been locked in prison. Please tell me now how one can become productive while the country is running by Educated people hater and chopper machine woyanes? A group that is determined to cling on power whatever the cost is and never has taken full responsibility and accountability for their own failures. Are you going to blame that your brain is under an absolute siege of the devil hence that should be held accountable for all evil deeds that have been perpetrated on the good people of Ethiopia?

10/31/06 @ 11:13
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