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Comment from: Somali [Visitor]

I wonder what they are doing in Somalia. Ethiopian families have left men who would have raised their children. Do you think Meles will take care of their children.
Ethiopia get out of Somalia. If Somalis kill each other or get rid of their government it is their business. Who is Ethiopia to hold another dictator hated by his people in power?
Get out of Somalia. This so called soldiers who cannot control the floods in their countries are raping women and infecting them with their diseases.

11/20/06 @ 01:05
Comment from: HAYAL [Visitor]

Meles you heartless man! You are sending our brothers to that hell on Earth Somalia!
You stupid crazy power mad dictator, get our boys back, we need them here, their families need them here!
Let these mad Somalis sink in their own holes, we are too big a nation to worry about them, they are so divided amongst themselves why do we care!
Don’t send our brothers to die for a people who hate them!
By the way the person who sent the message saying these soldiers were raping their women(somali women) and infecting them with their diseases, another stupid !
Aren’t these women victims of infibulation, so I don’t see how …And by the way our beautiful soldiers do not need to use rape.Stupid! Go and kill your clansmen!
All this comes because this stupid Meles is bringing humiliation to our country by going to that desert!He should come to his senses and be forgiven by his country men and women! He should repent and say publicly sorry to the CUD!He shouldn’t never forget he is Habesha and stop looking to the West!At a single notice they could dump, oh ! I think they already did!

11/20/06 @ 01:42
Comment from: Somali [Visitor]


Everybody is running to Somalia because of its resources. Leave us alone and you will see what we can be. Also give us our land upto Harar and Shawa back!!!!
If you behave you are our Neighbor and can come and work. Oromos, afars are not included. they are our brothers whom we share the same lineage and heritage. Oromo and Somali are dialects of the great Cushitic language and they resemble each other alot. Jambeles are also part of the somali clans. The only thing as to why their feature looks different is their mother was from that part near sudan. Jambele was one of the six sons of Hawiye clan.
Little bit of History: Hawiye is buried at the outskirts of Harar.
There is a mountain called Hawiya if you know that area. That means Somalis and Oromos were the original inhabitants of Abasynia.
amharas should follow the Falashas and look for their roots.

11/20/06 @ 02:16
Comment from: Abebe Boke [Visitor]
Abebe  Boke

We need video or picture supported news. We don’t need simple blog with no evidence.

11/20/06 @ 03:45
Comment from: ashe [Visitor]

First of all, let God bless the soul of those who passed away for nothing in unexpected place. I wondere whey Ethiopia is interfiring in the pupet and islamic govornment of somalia’s isue. let us see is there peace in Ethiopia? First’ Melese should maintaing the peace of Ethiopa before sending troops to the neighbouring country. He is scared of the stong govornment which is going to be established in Somalia, and trying to repeat the fruitless war which happened for nothing and took the lives of hundreds of thousands. Please the troops of Ethiopia who are working under this regime could you ask why you are fighting before you start fighting and lose your life.

11/20/06 @ 04:32
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

HAYAL why are you care, I thought the soldiers are woyane. Although, they can attacked our army som how but just wait the shiritam Somalis are going to cry. This is going to be a matter of time.

To tell you the truth no one could really tell us when it come for war. We know how more than any one else how to fight. forget those animal Somali, they can’t even control their own land than attacking our army.

11/20/06 @ 04:50
Comment from: Harry [Visitor]

I think Meles is not aware what is going on in the world, you can not impose “your” predatory government in Somali. Abdilahi Yusuf does not have 3% of the Somali population

11/20/06 @ 05:41
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]

haha… those people… both Meles and really wises. they dont fight on their land Tigray. they wount distroy it. but Somalie.. haha lol. stupid Somale.

11/20/06 @ 05:42
Comment from: [Member]

Since somalia is Ethiopia’s neighbour, it is Ethiopias business to protect a friendlier government.

somali, what are the 11 arab countries and hizbollah doing in somalia? Are they the somali peoples choice? I don’t think so. The islamists in somalia are so radical they even banned world cup, women are not allowed to swim and men are not allowed to wear shorts and T-shirts.

Abdulahi Yusuf is recognized by United Nations, with his invivation Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Yemen went to somalia.

11/20/06 @ 06:06
Comment from: ogadenia [Visitor]

see what happens to ethiopians when they try to invade our country. Melez is a puppet, a hungary puppet more like. the man should be concentrating in his own back yard and try to feed his hungary people. This nation is the most aid dependant nation…..They cant even sort out the floods that hit their country but they rather get into a fight with somalia… remember what happend back in 77 when we was few miles from addis.. Theres no russians or cuban mercenaries to help you this time hungary tigrians. and america is over stretched military…..SO THIS time WE WILL DEFINITELY REACH ADDIS….SOMALIS everywhere are united

11/20/06 @ 06:36
Comment from: gebriye [Visitor]

Can’t really understand why ‘Hayal’ is so mad about’Somali’above.It’s sad to hear a concerned Somalian worrying about his ‘raped women’ in the face of thousands of poor and helpless Somalians dying in flocks because of ‘chat-crazed’ hooligans with guns who can’t even form a government after more than a decade and a half!!This fact doesn’t worry him at all!!!Isn’t that sad?

11/20/06 @ 07:05
Comment from: Think Smart [Visitor]
Think Smart

Hai, Mr. Meles you are smart enough to know these. please don’t send any more troops to that hell of the earth area called Solmali. I don’t think those manner less people will govern them selves for ever.
Pls get out of that mess.

11/20/06 @ 07:23
Comment from: seble [Visitor]

The death of Ethiopians troops sadly has become the celebration of OLF, ONLF, shabea but ironically for our own former-respectable Kinijit.
In this era where radical islam and jihadists are trying to change the peaceful Islam religion and destroy our secular value and freedom, it is sad that kinijit, under AFD, became the supporter of the jihadists against Ethiopia. There is no time in our history where a single ethiopian chose a jihadist over his ethiopian brothers and sisters until today. i focus on Kinijit, because unlike ONLF&OLF, kinijit still represents Ethiopia. So nobody would criticize if OLF works with the jihadists, this OLF’s nature. But kinijit for jihadists against Ethiopians?? shocking!
the money issue, the split, the ideaological clash with OLF under AFD, now this?? why is the international leadership destroying our former-respectable Kinijit??
unless Kinijit takes the path of UEDF, MEDHIN, SPDP and others, i am sorry, this can be the end of our beloved Kinijit.

and this is nothing to celebrate about.

11/20/06 @ 08:20
Comment from: somalian_boy [Visitor]

i still don’t understand why melez is creating problems among Somalis and Ethiopians.i am Somalian who live in Denver Colorado. but used to live beautiful land of Ethiopia. i do have great respect for all Ethiopians. so i advise melez and Islamic courts not to divide between Somalis and Ethiopia. thousands of Somali refugees still live in Ethiopia peacefully. we plz meles don’t create hatred between the 2 nations. we need Ethiopians as our close brothers we don’t want loose them. so melez and Islamic court think twice and take my advise . god bless all somalis. and Ethiopians where ever u r.

11/20/06 @ 08:33
Comment from: gebriye [Visitor]

As it is,a considerable portion of the populace of all three countries in question die of malnutrition and simple preventable diseases. Worst of all,we die of hunger too !!!
Are we lot really even fit to call ourselves men? Real men don’t get hungry let alone die of hunger!!!Look at what most of our populace is exerting its energy on. Frustratingly,it is killing each other that we give much weight to and hence use whatever pitiful energy is left in us to do just that!!!When would we ever learn?

11/20/06 @ 08:46

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