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Comment from: Assefa Seifu [Visitor]
Assefa Seifu

Attacking any problem from its grassroot is, I believe, the best way of getting reasonably worthy results. This initiative of the ordinary man & woman must be enhanced & supported.
A system should be put in place whereby the Iddir Associations, they did exist 30 odd years ago; must have direct cotnact with International Aid Agencies to facilitate the support direcly and cut out unnecessay intermediaries and bureaucrats.
One point to realise is Iddirs are not just ” burrial associations, whatever!”
Their support to the bereaved family are many and varied and I believe have successfully taken the modernn place of “bereavement consultants and Psyhiatrists.” Thanks to this system our people have had less mental cases and heart problems due to bereavements to contend with on top of all their miseries.

Hats Off to The Ordinary Compatriots that have been deprived of solving their many problems themselves.

11/22/06 @ 06:05
Comment from: coolman [Visitor]

Great news! This is something that should have been started long time ago. The Government can not solve all the problems in the country even if it wants to. Being proactive and pragmatic are often the best shortcuts to solutions for many social problems.


11/22/06 @ 11:53
Comment from: addissae [Visitor]

Stop and work on Edirs The edirs have to be our Laws The are
our savers and thinkers . They are the the savers
they are our Brotherhood organizations. For our economy We need EKUBES They are our Aktien Gesselschaft

11/22/06 @ 14:06
Comment from: Amanu [Visitor]

The woyane Government has Millions of dollars at its disposal to spend it on Aid related activities or help. Guess what is doing with ..nothing and waiting for the right time to put it in their pocket. When there are organizations and institutions like Idir ready and capable of using these funds. If Woyane is a truly Ethiopian government that is what the would have done…and no one expected of them.

A resent trip by the U S congressional delegation shocked to find out that the money is not being used and threaten they would take the money if they will not use it. I guess they already know what kind of government Ethiopia has.

11/22/06 @ 18:09
Comment from: DC [Visitor]

Observatin-how come there is not even one woyane cadre on this discussion to comment . what a low life morons they are too busy somewhere misinforming someone

11/23/06 @ 01:46
Comment from: abera demeksa [Visitor]
abera demeksa

Are you claiming that the woyanes started the Edir institution?.

If this is what you are suggesting, I say F-you?

11/23/06 @ 03:54

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