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Comment from: wesi [Visitor]

This is rediculous. Ethiopians are suffering from lack of all basic human rights because of the “DOMA” administration in power. This makes the country the worest of worest regimes denying its own people from basic information rights. Shame to Meles and his WOYANE friends. They have been successfully deceiving the international community in the name bringing democracy to Ethiopia, however, it is time to uncover their rediculous jobs. I wana hear what Yirgacheffe and his friends who are assighened to spy the diaspora are saying about this.
God Bless Ethiopia!

12/27/06 @ 14:36
Comment from: AYALEW [Visitor]

WOW, EVEN SOMALIA, HAS A BETTER INTERNET AND PHN SYSTEM. WOYANE NEED TO ALLOW OTHERS TO JOIN AND COMPUTE WITH Tel. Tel by itself can not do it, otherwise it will be slow and expensive. when we compare our internet and phn system to kenay, somalia, it does not look good.

12/27/06 @ 14:45
Comment from: kokeb [Visitor]

Wa! MAMA ethiopia who & how we gonna save you? when the stupid federal police, and the foggy mind WEYANE cherokee chifes still are suffering from communism and derg era KEBELE style BELEW withdrawal symptoms. I pray to the primates and totas to get out of darkness before the un-seen eat them alive.


12/27/06 @ 15:09
Comment from: Free [Visitor]

Here we go! This was the main reason why Meles has been wasting our resource in Somalia, to extend the degree of his dictatorship to the next level and inturn escalate the misery of Ethiopians. What regulation are they talking about, did the issue introduced to the “parliament” and parliament members have given the chance to debate on it, and have voted on it? NO, it is a regulation that has cooked in meles’s kitchen and every citizen has to respect it or face sever consequence. Ethiopia is becoming increasingly a lawless country, a place where governors impose any rules and regulations, have the power to punish those who stands for their right, and have an absolute right to drag the whole nation into their own war. Meles is nothing better than the warlords in Somalia who can make his own rules and requires the people to follow it. Woyanes, for how long are you going to be slaves for Meles and allowe your party being driven by one man? Either you tell him to stop, or you all will be deposed from Ethiopian political system. You better know that there is even a limit for dictatorship and you can not control every aspect of Ethiopians life.

12/27/06 @ 15:17
Comment from: challenger [Visitor]

Where are the likes of Eshetu Daba or is it dedeb here?

12/27/06 @ 15:44
Comment from: T [Visitor]

May be this is about time for ETC to reconsider their priceing, It costes about $birr to make a five minute phone call to the USA from Addis, if you go to ETC.

12/27/06 @ 16:12
Comment from: des_pes [Visitor]

I am sure it is related to security.
If it happened this week, there is not question it is about national security.

12/27/06 @ 16:17
Comment from: DC [Visitor]

Wodi-Adwa bandits are enforcing democracy Cuban style in Ethiopia. Just as Eritreans suffering for betrayal of Ethiopian soon the table will turn on Woyane and its supporters

Keep on oppressing Ethiopians you will pay tenfold.

12/27/06 @ 17:33
Comment from: The Cat [Visitor]
The Cat

Loughable! Your mouth precedes your brain by many yards!

Next we are gonna control what you google and what you email. That is it! That is how you have growen, being oppressed!

Donkeys like you don’t know democracy. You must be ruled by punch and stick.
For the rest of ethiopians:

I believe it was introduced to control illegal phone calls. However, it isn’t a good solution. May be the poor ETC has to reduce its tarif on international calls.

12/27/06 @ 18:21
Comment from: SanDiego [Visitor]

Shame on Meles.Shame on ETC.Ethiopia has more than 68 million people and only 100,000,000 had used it.Meles needs to give break to every comany that would like open IT in ethiopia.Ethiopia can learn from Kenya and Nigera.

12/27/06 @ 21:01
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]

And Meles calls that freedom……..

That is sickening.


12/27/06 @ 22:39
Comment from: abera demeksa [Visitor]
abera demeksa

Rights of any kind are for people who do not abuse them. Ethiopians have a lot of babysitting to go through before they are able to handle the rights and privelages of citizenship. Where people think ‘democracy’ means having the right to burn people’s businesses and shoot at the police, democracy is a dangerous animal indeed. Thir world ‘democracy’ often times seems to have an entirely different colour from the kind of democracy that exists in the more matured democratic countries of the world.

Ethiopia’s task is to educate its people the real meaning of democracy; that it is different from mobocracy,or the anarchy of anything goes!

12/28/06 @ 00:37
Comment from: marcus [Visitor]

Here we go! This was the main reason why Meles has been wasting our resource in Somalia?????WHICH RESOURCE R U TALKING ABOUT,,,EVERYTHING IS PAYED BY bush the donkey,,,and meles the MONKEY is killing poor somalis and dirty woyenes and the other ethopians,,,peace in the horn ,,,

12/28/06 @ 01:37
Comment from: yalfale [Visitor]

I don’t believe that this monster(meles) is tryin’ to hide his identity from ethiopian people. who knows tommoro he will say unless i gave u a permit; nobody is allowed to know what is goning on the country. yebase atanta .

12/28/06 @ 01:51
Comment from: Free [Visitor]


dimet ras, you dont have to tell me that! Hadn’t has been woyanes are just a collection of doma-ras civil service college graduates and gebere-mahiber likemenbers, they could have censored and controlled every single online activity of all Ethiopians across the globe. Thank god your head is as thick as Axum obelisk! What is a stick and punch comparing to a bullet in your head? I suppose even a bullet can’t get through dingay ras, human blood sacker dimet! anchim asibesh motesh, denkoro.

12/28/06 @ 02:02

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