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Comment from: ethiowoman [Visitor]

my cousin attends that college and it is, in my opinion, the best college in ETHiopia!! i was astonished when i saw the standard.
anyway i think the most beautiful thing about UNITY college is the story of the founder who started out so small and grew up patiently. he is a true ethiopian success!!!!!!!!! i hope ethiopians in america should work hard to do the same thing in ethiopia. what is really the american dream for us ethiopia??? is it just being rich in america?? i think the american dream for us ethiopians should be succeeding in america enough to make a much larger contribution back to our country and our future generation, than what the contribution we would have made if we stayed in ethiopia.

i don’t know about you people, but for me, this is what the american dream is all about.

03/07/07 @ 15:01
Comment from: Selememaster [Visitor]

Encouraging news. Good Job Dr Fiseha.

03/07/07 @ 15:14
Comment from: Che Guevara [Visitor]
Che Guevara

Yet another degree seller just like the fake universities in India. This so called university college does not have a standard sufficient for a decent diploma let alone an MBA. It is a just crap with a beautiful name like the newly “opened” TPLF “universities". Graduating from these craps is as easy as passing through a safe tunnel - every one (including those who do not spell even their names correctly)goes in and comes out,regardless of merit. Given the small number of jobs created every year, the number of graduates is shockingly excessive. At least those private craps have one motive - profit. How about TPLF? TPLF’s only motive is graduating as excessive people as possible so that those lucky who get “job” will not complain for fear of not losing their “jobs", and having as many hopeless and crazy educated Ethiopians in the streets as possible. Because in Ethiopia, it is better not to be educated at all than not getting a job after graduation. And you and me know it why.
CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!(Only for NON-TPLFites)

03/07/07 @ 15:40
Comment from: Shek Mohamed [Visitor]
Shek Mohamed

Cheguvera is one of those sick fellow Ethipians who don’t want to believe the truth unless their leaders said it.
It is time to accept that Ethiopia is moving on the right direction in the way of expanding education, ranging from elementary enrollment to higher eduction.
Soon ethiopia will be able to meet its manpower needs and export to neighbouring countries.
it is not a matter of liking or disliking TPLF/EPDM. truth is truth the country i moving forward when we talk meaningless politics with stagnant and regid politicians of the 6os/70s.
Weak up Cheguvera!! you country fellows are leaving you behind!
Take care

03/07/07 @ 19:17
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]

MMMMM we gonna have so many micro economists.


03/07/07 @ 20:29
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]


I like some of the statements you made in different times. On this one, I think you are way out of your track. The accrediation process in Ethiopia is faulty anyways. Do you think all those so called colleges & Universities owned ( run ) by the goverment ( TPLF ) meets the standard of any higher educational institute? I don’t think so.

Unity college is probably the begining of private higher education in the country & doesn’t have all it takes. But lets just agree it is a good start. And gives a great hope for all those young Ethiopians wanted to have a higher education but ended up being the prisoners of the government quota. So, why are you insulting them?

It is one thing to dissaprove what the outragious TPLF is doing , but critisizing every thing & any thing is not a solution. When you see some encouraging attempts you need to stop being skeptical. Private colleges are a work in progress in our country. If you are expecting Yale or Harvard, well may be you are not as practical as I think of you. With all of its imperfectness, I think unity college is providing some thing for many youngsters. It is called HOPE. In 2002 I had the chance of meeting some of the graduates from this College. Their skill in IT & other fields are very competative & under the circumstances it is not bad at all. Ever since the progress continued & will extend as well. I am lucky enough to receive a better education & I really believe that those back home deserves the best they can get.

03/07/07 @ 20:35
Comment from: gudu gana [Visitor]
gudu gana

thanks eclad

03/07/07 @ 22:30
Comment from: Mahlet [Visitor]

Che Guevara Afewerkee…have u a littel bit Blood of ethiopia?
what is u r problem u don’t like to hear posetive NEWS of ethiopia like u r brz issayas.

03/08/07 @ 02:32
Comment from: d [Visitor]

Hey Che,
I agree with alcad, you are a way out here. Unity University College may have its own problems like any other college which may be of the result of the whole educational system development system. However calling it a crap as an institute is also insulting the whole community that are in University and those who passed through it. It is blind comment on the new private universities and colleges you even blind enough to smack Indian Universities I don’t think you have any idea how many professional work force they have exported to the west. I may have a lot to tell you about it since I went there but that is not my motive.I can put my self as an example, I went to Unity for my first Degree and now I am a well competitive professional in the US IT industry, not only me but lots of others too. Every Educational institute may produce a crap just like Addis Ababa University had the devil mind Meles and the Blind criticizers like you(if you had gone to there anyways). Please try to be reasonable sometimes and You don’t have to comment on every article coz you can’t know about everything.
By the way my comment also goes to those Pro weyanies who always rush to relate any positive news with their Gangsta success.

03/08/07 @ 02:51
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Thanks EPRDF for the equal opportunity.

03/08/07 @ 07:49
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Che Guevara make sure stay the way you are forever. If you do changed your attitude and agitation then things will not look good on you. Also this web site is going to be boring without your every day shouting like crazy dogs.

03/08/07 @ 08:00
Comment from: mahir_dus [Visitor]

wooooooooooow its amazing, hey people now is the time to stand from your ass and do your hard job.

03/08/07 @ 09:08
Comment from: TPLF CADRE [Visitor]

Men che I can’t say anything the people have spoken you are crazy, a traitor, a mennace to the web society and public enemy number one, you need to be banned from
this site, everything you say is out right lies which eminate for your hate based on race, and as a UNITY graduate who is well educated by UNITY, I say to you

Long live Ethiopia the land of the warrior

03/08/07 @ 10:22
Comment from: chumby [Visitor]


well said

an MBA for sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03/08/07 @ 10:50
Comment from: Ewnetu [Visitor]

Since I don’t know this college well enough I don’t want to comment about its quality of education, but what caught my eyes is the phrase which says

” It has graduated over 15 thousand students all over the country, created job opportunities for more than 800 fellow citizens, according to official statistics.”

This means less than 5.275 % of the graduates’ got job opportunities. This is not an encouraging news to the young folks in Ethiopia. I don’t mean this only determines the quality of the education but I don’t help it wondering what is the hope for the youth of this generation. At list in our time some of us knew well enough ,if we work hard and make it through University/ College we can have a some what better future than most who did not make it.

Using that opportunity many who graduated from University or college in Haileselase or Durg time now they are in a better place both at home or abroad. I am not saying this is the fault of this particular college.

This will bring us on the topic of Ethiopian economy developments. We all know that this government received more than 21 Billions of dollars in the form of aid from the western world for the last 17 years and this is just the recorded ones forget about the economy growth they are talking every times ( 8% grow last year, 5.5 % GDP growth in Ethiopia, if you wonder where I have seen this it is just on yesterday news here on the Nazret.com and blah blah blah….. every time.) If we are growing economically this much why are we not self support nation or still begging for daily food. Since many people don’t know well enough it is just to convince people with their empty rhetoric and lies. I can give you an example,here a friend of mine lives in Canada, in a province of Alberta last year the province economy growth so well recorded at 7.2 percent profit and every one in the province small or big person got $400 dollars each as a prosperity benefit.
Don’t make a mistake here, I am not saying every country growth is the same and equal and there should be a benefit every where. What I am trying to show here is that if their is growth in ones country economy you will see a difference in the life of the its people.
What change we notice in Ethiopia! except for few in Tigray and a bit here and their developmentally. Most Ethiopians live still below the poverty level. We all know well during Durg time westerns had total embargo on economy aid but some how at list those who made it though college or university had the chance to get a job to list. Don’t take me wrong I am not saying Durg was better in any ways than Wayane, in fact I am one of those people who left the country because of injustices during Durg time. But I am talking the fact and the truth here.

Some of you in this blog so blinded with the love you have for TPLF, with out analyzing you just write any thing what comes in your mind or probably this might be your paid job who knows. For example like this one:- “Comment from: Yeha [Visitor] Thanks EPRDF for the equal opportunity. ” Tell me which equal opportunity are you talking?. I encourage you to read the economy distributions in Ethiopian regions ones which was written by one “ferengi". If I find it in my files I will send you soon.
We all know who get the best this days. The way I understand about this college is , it is the very few riches or privileged ones college. Who will afford to pay 15-16,000 Birr for it? only those Meles’s fellow like Yeha and TPLF CADREs or the timely opportunists who has no knowledge but money . After all in this time of ours money can buy you any thing.

03/08/07 @ 12:58

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