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Comment from: moa [Visitor]

There is no question that nothing is more important than education to put the country in a sustainable development path. Accadamic freedom, freedoms of speech, the rule of law and in general human rights are paramount for human development to a nation. I hope God will help us to breath an air of freedom in near future in our beloved country.

03/18/07 @ 00:42
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Remarkable news. Good government alots of universities and more students.As long as EPRDF is around, the country will be an African singapore in a short time.

03/18/07 @ 01:57
Comment from: Lama [Visitor]

You people, you are crazy and you don’t know what you are talking about. The population of Ethiopia is 75 million. Among these 120,000 students attend University means nothing. Before we go too far, our neighboring, country Kenya’s population is less than 40 million and nearly half million students attend Universities. Kenyan Universities are equivalent to European Universities. Professors and doctors lead all Universities. All Universities run researches. Intellectuals are free. They have no problems to watch over their shoulders. The people are free. The country is free.

Woyane cadres give nonsense and cheap propagandas about Ethiopian Universities. Universities with out books, without libraries, with out professors and doctors are not Universities and they less than high schools. Also, how the worlds believe that poorest countries like Ethiopia could afford to build 11 Universities with full man power and materials at once? And, two million Tigreans are militia and depends on Woyane government. Ethiopia makes lecturers those who attended Universities for three years and have insurmountable problems to read and write. Unless they pick people from the streets of Calcutta, India and call them lecturers and this is exactly what woyane does. There are many highly educated Ethiopians in Diaspora. They are ready and happy to do every thing they could to help their country. The biggest obstacle is Ethiopians are not free. If you are Amhara, you have to join Amhara party which is a puppet or toilet cleaners of Woyane. If you are Oromo you have to join a puppet or a toilet and dish washers of Woyane OPDO. Many Ethiopian leave the country because they don’t want to join those shit parties and carry their member ship cards and pay member ship fees. By Woyane hidden law any Oromos graduate from Universities or college should be a member of slave’s party (OPDO) and pay party member ship fees. Educated Oromos don’t want to be a member of toilet cleaner’s party and leave the country. This is a golden opportunity for Woyane and they gave and give the jobs for Tigreans.

Please, Nazret. com don’t bring such useless propagandas for comment. Ethiopian people won’t be duped by Woyane’s empty hope. This site is visited by many foreigners. And if they come across the above mentioned figure of students attend Universities is shame. Ethiopia supposed to send three million students to Universities. The number of people in jails is eight times greater than the number of students attend Universities.

Some blind folded useless Woyane supporters call this economic development. In countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark who their population is less 12 million, from one state more than 125 thousand students attend Universities. My message to Woyane supporters is, shut up and eats a left over you get from Woyane. To Woyane, a time will come when you defecate what you did to Ethiopian. Whether you like or not you will face it.

03/18/07 @ 02:24
Comment from: [Member]

Go Ethiopia go! Good news for all who craves to see Ethiopia on the right track.

03/18/07 @ 02:30
Comment from: Giram nefese kegn [Visitor]
Giram nefese kegn

to lama,
poor comment !how one healthy person can compare one of the poorest country in the world with scandinavian counrties?
this is simply hatred!

03/18/07 @ 06:07
Comment from: Amin [Visitor]

Woyane thinks that a University is made of buildings and students. When Woyane says “we have 21 Universities", it just means they have 21 compounds. Of those 21, only two or three barely deserve the title of a university. A true University is one with teachers, students, and other resources in that particular order. I believe, one can do even without buildings.

03/18/07 @ 07:23
Comment from: yegermal! [Visitor]

Lama keep preaching your hate propaganda from where ever you are. you are one hater that will never go back to ethiopia and hope even your body wont be shipped back whenyou die.

keep hating and do nothing. born in hatred and living to die in hatred. good luck bro.

03/18/07 @ 07:42
Comment from: konrad [Visitor]

How many of these will be killed or imprisoned? It is not possible to have a sustainable development without sustainable peace and that is only possible if there is a peaceful transfer of power.
What happen to the Universities and Educated people of Iraq. The Universities are bombed down and those who survived the bombing fled the country.
TPLF and the surrogate parties have achieved what is achieved due to massive credit from their AngloAmerican supporters and this credit has to be paid back with interest. This is only possible if the educated Ethiopians have a free and democratic environment to use their knowledge to produce something that will be competitive in world markets. Unfortunately due to lack of freedom in Ethiopia most if not all of the graduates are preparing to leave the country for Europe and America. A colleague who returned from Ethiopia even told me that nurses for America are trained in Ethiopia.
Is this a kind of development to boast of? I hope the TPLF learn from the mistakes of Mengistu and Saddam Hussien and accept the will of the people i.e. accept the result of the May 2005 election.

03/18/07 @ 08:10
Comment from: chala [Visitor]

aye lema
is it what u came up after all u been crying and candle lighting in dc street.
wht a funny person u r. u left the cantry and u become a parking looter and now u wana criticise the good job has done.
funny lema

03/18/07 @ 09:17
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

How much burden this country had endured over the last 100 plus years, of the retarded rulers. Today it is liberated, the sun and the stars of the sky are shinning brightly all over Ethiopia. No pictures of the skeletons of starved children besides a dead mother on the nightly news of the world. Today there are 15 million students in primary school is nothing less than miracle.
The curriculum must emphasize science, maths and English. The history of the world is fiction for the most part. The truth is never told. Geography should be taught only in the ninth grade. Here college freshmen picked map of Brazil as that of the United State. The standard of education and the caliber of teachers needs be high other wise it will only be garbage in garbage out. Quality is better than quantity any time. Less graduates from the social sciences that go to the bureaucracy and more technical school. I have seen electrical engineers who could not join electric city to a machine, they don’t even distinguish which color of the under ground line goes to what part of the machine unlike the technical school graduates
Too much good news is not good and should not be heralded, we don’t want Ethiopia’s envious internal enemies to die of gastritis and heart attack or be mental cases.

03/18/07 @ 09:49
Comment from: taddy [Visitor]

please pay attention. the ministor said “15 years ago has been limited to two with 3,000 students enrolling capacity” now 120,000. yes Ethiopian are on the proccess to be like you mention Kenyan and Europian. Please don’t be ignorant.

03/18/07 @ 09:51
Comment from: ET [Visitor]

This is great news for Ethiopia and all ethiopians. Improvements are always welcome. Rome was not built in one day, we will not go from rubbles to greatness, we will not go from 2 universities to 1,000 universities so step by step our country is improving and will be great one day.

to anyone who tries to politicize this article, SHAME ON YOU!! this is the victory of all ethiopians ,all politicians and all groups – everyone.

only weak-minded people will try to politicize this.

thank you for this good news for all ethiopians nazret.

03/18/07 @ 10:30
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]


a great name, shall i whisper?

We need to hear everything about Ethiopia. Her successes and failures or rather difficulties that She is entangled with. And this is a piece of the good story. And i would like to encourage Ethiopian teachers and students and edu. employees. i hope also things will improve quality wise. It is a tough job. i think we are better off than our southern neigbour(s)-although i have no statistics as some of you in this blog do.

i think the edu. campaign is a big success. but we have to work even harder. Also the diaspora tio(p)s should do that. education and refinement, competency and intellect reciprocate like heavenly rays everywhere to everbody. There is no frontier to stop the knowledgeable. I understand it is also another complex challenge to establish your own edu. system. To use some one’s know-how is always easier, but you would become an object of manipulation or you would never grasp the “core” of things out there equally with the natives. So you better sweat hard to create and preserve yours. Learning in Amharic is a greater asset than using the Anglosaxons’ tongues, let’s say or Chinese or other models in the future. We have to serve our own stew on our own (terracota, stitched reeds or calabash) plate. And enjoy the savouriness of our own rich savoir faire. Great kitchen, or Maeed Bet Yilual in Geez. Even if it is low-tech, you can use better your produce.

The other day, in this site a guy put a beautiful image of an inventor and his workshop from Ethiopia. The ex-barrista, now a technician andan entreprise holder transforms mortar shells to coffee machines. I have seen one of these machines at work in a cafeteria in one of the Northern Ethiopian locales. But never did i recognise what it was before this photo was on the internet. I still thought an Italian coffee machine, Faema/?/, that has lost its alluminium cover. But i never gave an attention to, since Ethiopian machines are repaired thousand and five times. At the end to see ‘problem as the mother of Invention’ is striking.

We have gradually to take this task, to create an Ethiopian way of dealing with things and with our problems, to put Education to the masses as their birth rights but not as their chosen priveledges. Be competetive with the world edu. institutions is the right thing to come out of the gorgoyle of human indescency. Ignorance.

postive mood
head up

03/18/07 @ 10:50
Comment from: Yetneberk [Visitor]

1) Generally speaking, schools have been poorly supplied by EPRDF. Effectively, many pupils have been marshaled into schools not properly equipped in terms of material and human resources. (Classrooms with out books or Laboratories)

2) It appears that increased access to schooling has been achieved at the expense of the quality of education offered. Quality is for the next generation. The grave thing is they do not admit such failure

3) Most of the new universities were former Addis Ababa University faculties they acquired the name university with very little upgrade. Or they are the fraction of the former departments

4) Private higher education were the first to respond in quantitative and structural terms to the excess educational demand. However this initiative is blocked by the EPRDF by creating various obstacles for the desire to monopolize the education sector for example by not providing land for construction

5) Hence most of these private higher education institutions were functioning under precarious conditions, with unqualified teaching staff and thus a negative image with respect to quality.

6) The majority of private higher education applicants choose it as a second-best option, after either failing or feeling unqualified to gain admission to the public sector.

7) The government has not introduced internal and external quality monitoring system, for the accreditation process. This accreditation should be an independent body. However now it is only the ministry that controls. There is a double standard for private and EPRDF University.

8) There is no diversification almost the same course the same content is taught in all the —21 universities

9) All the private universities are owned by EPRDF members. Resources from public universities such as teachers are shifted to the private to generate income. The same instructors teach at both locations sometimes up to 30 Credit hours!!

10) The government is relaying on expatriate staff when concerned. Ethiopians argue or comment it is not appreciated. The government is dictatorial. This is for propagation of ethnic based curriculum to outnumber old graduates

11) Increasing number of students does not mean increasing number who will be employed. The primary reason for increasing the government universities was to increase graduates so that the can work at low salary or can be fired from job easily and replaced and weaken the Addis Ababa University.

12) Educators students and parents have never discussed the education policy. It is imposed by the government and the World Bank

13) The ministry itself is organized on ethnicity the three ministers are from three ethnic origins, it is not merit based

14)Civil service college is only for party members like Yekatit 66

15) There is no equity in admission and quality of education through out the Eprdf created regions

A sea horse is not a horse

03/18/07 @ 11:44
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Many student gathering at the newly
opened university ,Ethiopia is becoming the new Singapor etc ..
When all these fairytells are going
to stop ,the majority of the peoples
are not fool ,evryone knows most of
the intelectuals strawn to prison ,
university professors fired by TPLF
famine ,malnitrution ,AIDS and all
other deseases are these situations
the so called achievements !!!!

03/18/07 @ 11:58

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