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Ethiopia says its forces have killed more than 200 insurgents



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Ethiopia says its forces have killed more than 200 insurgents

Somalia - Artillery rocks Mogadishu on third day of fighting
Ethiopia says its forces have killed more than 200 insurgents
Publication Date: 3/31/2007

Shelling rocked Mogadishu for a third day today, overwhelming hospitals with casualties as Ethiopian and Somali troops backed by helicopter gunships resumed attacks on Islamist rebels and clan militia.
Scores of civilians have been killed in what the International Committee of the Red Cross says is the capital's worst fighting for more than 15 years. Ethiopia says its forces have killed more than 200 insurgents since the assault started.

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Terrified residents said volleys of artillery rounds began crashing down onto homes hours before dawn.

"Whoever is doing this is not human. They have clearly never had a grandmother or children to think about," Salado Yebarow, who lives between the main stadium and the presidential palace, told Reuters by telephone.

"The whole city is being shelled indiscriminately."

Yebarow's elderly, disabled neighbour, Awrala Adan, said she was cowering behind furniture in a corner of her small house.

"I've lost faith in this world to help us now," Adan said.

Late on Friday, Ethiopia said its military had killed more than 200 "armed remnants" of a hardline Islamist movement ousted from Mogadishu in a war over the New Year.

Hospitals struggled to cope with injured civilians, even though most victims could not reach any kind of help because of the ongoing battles. Doctors were also trapped by the fighting.

At the city's main Madina Hospital, many patients lay on thin mattresses in the yard. Others wailed inside packed wards.

"I have never seen anything like this," hospital director Sheikhdon Salad Elmi told Reuters. "We are operating with only half our surgeons here, and the doctors who are here have now been working without relief for the last three days."

As the battles intensified on Friday, insurgents shot down an Ethiopian helicopter gunship with a missile. Ugandan peacekeepers pulled two dead crew members from the wreckage.

Somalia's envoy to Ethiopia told reporters the attacks were only targeting insurgent strongholds where local elders had failed to convince the rebels to disarm.

Many analysts say Addis Ababa seems bent on obliterating the insurgents and their clan militia allies, who have been emboldened by recent strikes including the downing of a plane serving an African peacekeeping mission.

But the experts say it could have the opposite effect of turning Mogadishu's people further against their Christian-led neighbour or drawing in foreign Muslim jihadists.

Despite the fighting, Somalia's interim government remains confident a reconciliation meeting of elders, politicians and former warlords planned for April 16 will go ahead in the city.

The mandate for the administration, which is the 14th attempt to restore central rule in Somalia since 1991, runs out in 2009, after which in theory there should be elections.

The African Union (AU) has sent 1,200 Ugandan troops to help the government, but they have been attacked. Other African nations are balking at sending more soldiers to bring the AU force to its planned strength of 8,000.


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Comment from: Somali [Visitor]

They surely killed more 200 women and children and that is what they call insurgents and terrorists. The question is, how many Meles dogs have perished?

03/31/07 @ 14:42
Comment from: somali_nationalist [Visitor]

The only people you have killed are civilians you morons. Your ends is in mogadishu , tigrey army is feling the hit and i hope they all die

03/31/07 @ 14:46
Comment from: hagere [Visitor]

Shame on you, meles
one of stupid unelected prime minster.
if you were an elected PM,you never,never,never,never………….do this.

03/31/07 @ 14:54
Comment from: Fedup [Visitor]

These shameless BASTARDS [Insurgents] only know how to fight by hiding among civilians.

If you think you can fight be a man and come out of the dress.


03/31/07 @ 14:59
Comment from: Tekleab WoldeNegodguwad [Visitor]
Tekleab WoldeNegodguwad

Remember, MELES HALFERITRAWI said at the beginning of this conflict that

1)there were NO Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia

2) when his killers will fight with ICU, they will NEVER be involved in urban warfare

3)They will withdraw soon and that there were only ICU casualities>



03/31/07 @ 15:00
Comment from: getachew [Visitor]

Ethiopia is not a Christian nation!

Somalies don’t blame tigrays blame meles and his eritrean blood that is way he is so evil his eritrean brothers made him is way

The government of both country are stupid. but al-Qaida has no place in the horn of Africa excepit in Eritrea

03/31/07 @ 15:10
Comment from: Fedup [Visitor]

You see folks,

Somali & Somali_nationalist,This retard is the same person,people like him have nothing but a mouth piece.

I have one message for COWARD like them, GO SCREW YOUR SELVES!

03/31/07 @ 15:11
Comment from: Hana [Visitor]

We are not Americans no one can Defeat the brave Tigrian people

03/31/07 @ 15:11
Comment from: tadesa [Visitor]

i feel very sorry the propaganda
by melle zenawi and his coharts
saying they killed 200 islamic fighters inside mogdisho.
we all know they didnt got what it takes to mantain these proxy ameican war.
they will leave somalie with bad humiliation and more gruesome image.

03/31/07 @ 15:14
Comment from: shita shunleh [Visitor]
shita shunleh

these so called brave soldiers are killing and masacring somali people children and women
no worrys the shal be a day he will pay for it no matter how long it takes we will never forget this
never never never
i hope the earth shakes with meles
and all the trouble makers who are hiding behind the inocent somalis
may allah help us all we dont need no war no more death in somalia man we finished and no one gives a monky about us so lets just eccept
what ever meles and abdallah yusuf is got for us for the mean time and then when we are strong enough lets kick them like we did siyad bare

03/31/07 @ 15:27
Comment from: [Visitor]

I want to know how many ethiopians are dead? If TPLF doesn’t tell the number of ethiopians died in Somalia, it is no less than disrespect. A crediable state always tell its citizen who is dead and where they have died. TPLF doesn’t know accountability.

03/31/07 @ 15:30
Comment from: kamel [Visitor]

Al-gaida failure in somalia,to fight gurella war against Ethiopia. Those insurgents never succed by fighting gurellawar . Gruella war in the history emerged in Ethiopia during Itali war.Ethiopian army well equiped trained gurella war for decades. They know every tactics better than any other country in Africa.

03/31/07 @ 15:31
Comment from: Boxoo [Visitor]

Why should we believe Agame’s propaganda.

They did not even comment about the gunning down of the Helicopter.


03/31/07 @ 15:41
Comment from: shita shunleh [Visitor]
shita shunleh

oh ya allah how painfull this is for me as a somalis our men women children are being killed
for what i dont seem to uderstand where this war is going thay tell us ethiopia wants to take somalia
and we are only 8millions and we will be over run by 70 millions of ethiopians so we have to fight gainst them to keep them out of somalia and to make it worst is only one stupid small clan thats doing all these so that small clan can thay really defent somalia from ethopia
i dont think so it will only bring more death to our people i used to support these kinda think but now i see no point of it any somali who think these people so called muhajideen just visit and see what hapent to our poor people lets give up somali waxtirahda far kaligeed fool ma dhaqdo puntland wa is dhiibtay somaliland waa is dhiibtay maxa xamar stop gareena habargidiray
na daa oo mel iska fariso plzz

03/31/07 @ 16:02
Comment from: Debebe [Visitor]

Whatever the weyane propoganda machine says, the world is witnessing the massacre of innocents in Mogadishu. If the weyane army is winning, why did it leave the dead soldiers on the street of Mogadishu? Is that what winners do?

I watched and witnessed a big Oral car burning. how many soldiers were in the Oral car?

03/31/07 @ 16:06

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