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Comment from: Tedemach [Visitor]

Before shabia supporters swarm this section, let me offer my condolonces to the families of the Chinese and Ethiopian civilians massacred by the terrorist ONLF.

ONLF under the direction of the Eritrean government has committed a despicable act that the international community needs to condemn. The terrorists should be hunted down to their refuge where ever it is.

04/25/07 @ 12:32
Comment from: xx [Visitor]

the winer take all if the onlf win the war then the have the right to take their ogadan if Meles win the war then ogadan belong to all Ethiopia… if the onlf start the war then they have to finish it otherwise they better pary.

Most Amhara doesn’t know how war rule work.. it is like this the winner take all since the Eritrea win the war they took their county. Since meles win the war he is ruling Ethiopia…since Ethiopia lose the war they lost the Eritre or red sea.. Eritrea lost forever because we lost the war..

When you start war you must understand one thing if you lose the war you lose all your right and freedom alone the war… hence the onlf better win the war in this front otherwise they will lose the ogadan once and forever for Meles army..

04/25/07 @ 12:42

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