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Ethiopia - Bemenet plc introduces tubeless tire



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Ethiopia - Bemenet plc introduces tubeless tire

Ethiopia - Bemenet plc introduces tubeless tire

The authorized dealer for Michelin Tyres for Ethiopia, Bemenet plc, has finished preparations to import tubeless truck tyres for the first time. The Company displayed sample tyres at the fourth International Automotive Fair opened last week.

The difference between normal and the tubeless tyre is reduced components like flap, slide ring and end locking ring are reduced. It only has two features: the cover and rim. The tube is made to stick in the cover, which makes the whole system weigh less.

Mr. Kishore Namburi, sales manager of Michelin to Ethiopia has been giving explanations about advantages truck owners can obtain using the tubeless tyre. According to him, the company has been using these products worldwide for thirty years; he also added that Michelin has faced difficulties to break in to the Ethiopian market. “There is a refusal to accept new technology by Ethiopian customers. In Kenya, almost 80% of the trucks use the tubeless tyre.

The internal friction between tube and flap shrinks the longevity of tyres, where as the tubeless tyre generates less heat and for longer life and higher speed. Kishore also adds another advantage. This is that the penetration of small objects won’t affect the life of the tyre since there is no sudden air pressure loss because enough air circulates between the tyre and brake drum.

Cost per kilometer is cheaper than tube tyres and consumes from 6-8 % less fuel, because it has the ability to travel longer. The tubeless tyre has a low profile, which defines the relation between the tyres section width and cross section height and expressed in percentage, the lowest is the preferable profile.

“It is easy to fit and remove,” said Woizero Hirut Alamerew, managing director of Bemenet plc. It takes only two minutes to fit and remove the tyre during travel, and if some thing punctures the tyre, it does not need a professional. The driver can fix it with a glue like product Michelin Tyrshas provided, added Hirut. She also added, “the thing holding us back to import the product is the fear of acceptance, but now is the time or never.”

Michelin Tyres is a French company that introduced tubeless tyres internationally thirty years ago. It has 64 factories in 19 countries. Bemenet plc is the sale authorized dealer of Michelin products in Ethiopia .


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Comment from: aarthi [Visitor]  

who is this mr.kishore??he seems very knowledgable …interesting person…:p

05/23/07 @ 08:26
Comment from: Bobby Adam [Visitor]
Bobby Adam

This sounds like revolution like stuff. Tires without tubes. Sounds exicting. I want to try 16 on my trucks right away.

05/23/07 @ 11:48


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