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Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

I can’t wait unitl the guy resign. He insisted its not his intention to run 3rd time in office. I guess as soon as He step dawn the killing, the harrassment, the tourcher and all types of ill treatment will go to hell with Him.

That is my Hope.

05/31/07 @ 10:55
Comment from: ET [Visitor]

it is nice that enrollment in every way is growing in ethiopia, but as the interview says, the quality of education is BADO this has been our country’s problem for many decades. that is the real challenge now.

05/31/07 @ 10:59
Comment from: Weyegude D [Visitor]
Weyegude D

It is so sad to see PM Melese’s term
come to an end. His administration
and leadership is the best thing
that has happened to us. May God
be merciful to us again and give us
a LEADER like him. My good wishes to
you PM Meles. History will remember
you as the best.

05/31/07 @ 11:11
Comment from: Amare [Visitor]

it is a good interview. the journalist is
neither pro or anti eprdf. he is as objective as one gets. and he seems to be impressed about ethiopia realtive where the country were
when he last visited 30 years ago. for some
meles claiming to step down is more important than the growing schools and litracy rate in ethiopia.i agree meles has to leave office to give another person a chance and take some of the bad things with him but it is not the end of ethiopias problem. unless ethiopia defeat the grinding poverty, it realy doesnt matter who is sitting in arat kilo, except to the person and those few people around him/her.

05/31/07 @ 11:14
Comment from: Yirgacheffeeይርጋጨፍ [Visitor]

I am sure that Meles is the most articulate and intelligent Leader and politician Ethiopia has ever had! It is too bad that he wants this to be his last term,…..I hope to see him serve at least one more term.

05/31/07 @ 11:17
Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]

We will no longer patronize or listen to hornless cow mooing @ us! If it wasn’t for NAZRET.COM the child killer senile geezer satan face would not be posted here, or listen to MOLACHA-LEBA stupid remarks. thanks to cheer leaders we have deal morans on daily bases.

05/31/07 @ 11:23
Comment from: Tensae [Visitor]

First of all I would like to thank Nazret.com for chosing this enterview to come here, I believe it would be very important for us (only Ethiopians) to discuss on this issue. I hope everyone here will give a matured and responsible comment on this issue.
Having said that, I got the chance to watch the interview and I believe the PM is really determined to meet the education goal put by the country. I will give a big credit for our PM for just having such an ambitious plan. I believe it is a very realistic plan, which I would say a very important madicine to all of the problems we have. Education! Education! Education! that is the only tool by which we can solve our inherent prblems once and for all. We are already seeing the fruit of it, and with no doubt when this goal is achieved, which I truly belive we will, the people of ethiopia will get the ultimate freedom. The people of Ethiopia will then be invincible. They will not be manipulated by the different ill will groups. The people of Ethiopia will stand for themselves. More over, they will speed up the development process the same way some asian countries did it. I pray for those days to come. I would really congradulate the people of Ethiopia on this. We are really getting the torch! At last but not least I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, out PM, the great Meles Zinawi, for starting up this revolution. Whether you get a chance to see the result, while you are in the power or not, the success we are going to see will reamain to be your legacy. Ethiopia will surly have sears to lead this journey to the end. Once agin I would like to thank our PM for starting this historical and very vital revolution.


05/31/07 @ 11:35
Comment from: wesi [Visitor]

I don’t belive that finally he said SORRY for all the lives he took in such terrifying manner. However, I’m happy that he said he do not want to run again as a prime minister and he also said this is his last term. One point he didn’t mention was where he gona go after the end of his term. Is he gona stay in other form of supremacy in Addis/ Mekele or he gona start his luxury life in his Potomac world class palace like villa ? We need more details Mr criminal !!

05/31/07 @ 11:49
Comment from: Gehon [Visitor]  

:D One thing is for sure, Meles will not seek another term, he wants to make sure, the Ethiopian democratic change and process is not hinderd, by him running for the 3rd term. Defying his critics, and ment when he says that he will move the country forward in to a viable democracy. As expected if Meles was to go on with his plan for democratization of Ethiopia and ecconomical development, self reliance and self seffisency, he will deffinetly have more than a page or two in Ethiopias history book, as the most greatrst leadr of Ethiopia for transforming his country to a full and vianble democracy in the history of our country and an heard of development in every asspects of life to which that will be credited to him. However another matters are clearly insight, that is he will make sure that Isay-ASS is no longer a treat to Ethiopia’s national security and will revers the mistake he made by land locking his country and therefore, he will open a sea access before he leaves office. May GOD bless our country.

05/31/07 @ 11:56
Comment from: mmi1 [Visitor]

My hero meles pls before you leave make sure you have to dismantle cud ideas from this nation

You are smart you do a lot of things for these country history will tell us you are the first leder bring modernization idea to this country interims of education, agriculture and democracy

I hope your goal will be finish your vision will be success we will pray to you
You will accomplished your work it will help us for Farmer and a poor people in Ethiopia

I see know a lot of people change since the election Even die hard cuds and priests change there ideas that is very good if they know there problem and change that what we need and fight your vision with peace

05/31/07 @ 11:57
Comment from: Bono [Visitor]

I do not believe him that he will resign.
Because he said “on my part". I guess he will be in power again and say ” I am chosen by
TPLF or …”

05/31/07 @ 11:58
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Yesterday statistics ,today another statistics .How come unfounded percentages
can reflect the realities ?This guye is
more and more sinking into the sea of his
own lies .How come the Bush Administration
trusts such kind of man ?"..Bikeftut Telba;;;”

05/31/07 @ 12:00
Comment from: Lemma [Visitor]

Meles’ face can be a good
avatar to say scary things whilee exchanging messages online.

05/31/07 @ 12:04
Comment from: Maferia [Visitor]

Had it been in England Mr. Meles should have resigned and put for justice not asked to appologise as David tried to do. Mr. Meles had ordered his body guards to kill innocent civilians for standing against his dictatorial rule. He was asked to take every possible action including closing down the free media, put in jail the opposition leaders, journalists, union leaders and others at the request of few military and TPLF leaders to save themselves from what may happen if democratialy elected government is established. History will judge enemies of the Ethiopian people as there is no permanent hiding place any more.

05/31/07 @ 12:06
Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

lol mr talk talk spinner! clone of Tony Blair, MelASS will be in the back ground controlling the party while ex SHABIA brother in law Bereket Simon PM.

Guys, this interview itself is a spin organized by TPLF inner circle, what a bollocks!

05/31/07 @ 12:13

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