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Comment from: Nbraga [Visitor]

What do you expect from gorilla leaders?

06/14/07 @ 10:17
Comment from: SK [Visitor]

It is all about MONEY and the need to make ends meet. If they were able to sustian a descent life they would not have to go to another country and be made vicitm. SK

06/14/07 @ 10:29
Comment from: Maferia [Visitor]

The success story is what TPLF is going to celebrate in their dismantling and destroying Ethiopia and its people.
Does this bother the Tigray shifta?
Huray Woyane!

06/14/07 @ 10:44
Comment from: buju [Visitor]

This is new to ETHIOPIA unlike thailand,the philippines and the rest of south and south east asia.Under woyane our country has sank to a level unseen priviously.Woyane is busy looting and killing and will not do anything to curb this inhumanity as meles is the flag bearer of brutality,theft,last but not least killing people on a large scale.

06/14/07 @ 12:45
Comment from: Misir [Visitor]

I do not think that the state deparment
had shortage of information concerning
those who were involved in human
traficking of Ethiopians housemades to
the middle east ,specially to Beirut,
unless it does not want to disclose
the fact for some reasons.

I was the ex-diplomat at the Beirut
consulate. The consular and top
officials at the MFA were a partner
and share holder of Meskerem Employment
Agency what they call the legal Agency.

What do you mean be legal. This agency
had its own prison (in Beirut) like other
agencies. Ethiopians face the same
problem (forced sex, harassment, un paid
wage, beaten, prisoned and , etc)as
before. When they came to the consulate
for help, they were taken to the agency.

Do you think the government officials
have an interst to protect the right of
its Citizens??? From my experience,They never
never dream it.

God save his people!

06/14/07 @ 13:11
Comment from: girmachew [Visitor]

All of we Ethiopians have to strugle to stop this “asafafari dirgit".

06/14/07 @ 14:05
Comment from: Mazash [Visitor]


Thank you for this precious information.

06/14/07 @ 15:29
Comment from: Sammy [Visitor]

Illegal trafficking is a multi-million dollar business, most of involved such activities are close government officials who benifitted out of child labor, it is not about the law but to enforce it, since it is officials business, there is no one to protect the smuggling, the children fate after migrate to oil rich country for labor and sexual exploitation well documented.

06/14/07 @ 18:09
Comment from: Woytata [Visitor]

Well said Misir-many thanks U enlightened us from ur exprience.
It’s sad and I’m really gutted by what has happened and happening in our sisters and counterpars, easpecially in Middle East. It’s the bad governance and bad policy of EPDRF/TPLF regime that forces people (Ethiopians)to leave their beloved country and risk their precious life with all sort of adversity. I said bad policy of EPDRF/TPLF because if they had a good policy and strategy in order to cut short the high rate unemployment with creation of better job opportunity, no-one would have fled persecution & maltreated by the relentless rich Arabs.

Down with TPLF

06/14/07 @ 20:33
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

Peace, democracy and economic development in Ethiopia are the obvious solutions to human trafficking; and there should be a government that can deliver all these, so that our people can be free of this scourge of the modern world.
The chance for education should be accompanied by job opportunity and self employment, and our young people should be able to live and prosper in their own land.
An ethnic government that monopolizes the economy of a country it rules and opens the chance for economic development and economic prosperity exclusively to its ethnic group is a recipe for more misery and exodus.

06/15/07 @ 06:02

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