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Ethiopia slip 5 places in Fifa's world rankings for July



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Ethiopia slip 5 places in Fifa's world rankings for July

Ethiopia slip 5 places in Fifa's world rankings for July

In the latest FIFA world rankings, Ethiopia has slipped 5 places to rank 91st in the World and 22nd in Africa. The lowest FIFA ranking for Ethiopia was in December 2001 when it was 155th place and the highest ranking in December 1992 at number 85.

Ethiopian Football Fans
Ethiopian Football Fans (BBC)

Brazil is the world's number 1 team followed by Argentina and Italy. Cameroon is ranked the best team in Africa followed by Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire. West and North Africans dominate the top 10 places. Ethiopia remains the undisputed king of football in East Africa, with Uganada and Tanzania placed 99th and 105th respectively follow.

Eritrea is 123rd and Kenya 137th. The small nation of Djibouti continues to hold the last place, ranking 199th in the World with Somalia not far off at 192nd.

Recent Fixtures and Results for Ethiopia for 2008 CAF qualifier

  • Libya 3-1 Ethiopia 17/06/2007
  • Ethiopia 1-0 Congo DR 01/06/2007
  • Congo DR 2-0 Ethiopia 29/04/2007
  • Ethiopia 1-0 Libya 03/09/2006
  • Namibia 1-0 Ethiopia 07/10/2006
  • Ethiopia - Namibia 08/09/2007


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Comment from: bisrt [Visitor]

I am happy that we are 91 in the world. I thought we would be very far from it. May be around 150 or something. But the problem in the football association at the moment will decrease our performance for sure. I hope they will sort it out in a short period of time. And may be we can qualify for another FIFA tournaments and then I can see our side playing on TV.

07/18/07 @ 18:15
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

“It takes a miracle from the sky to beat Ethiopian long and short distance runners”
The Guardian

The point is at least we have our own trade mark in worlds sport. If Soccer is dis couraging, we are the commanders in truck and field. Lets not be too hard on ourselves.

07/18/07 @ 22:10
Comment from: zee [Visitor]

I don’t think we have the potential to be 91 st in the world because of the situation our federation is existing. Unless the ranking standard is rigged by meles zenawi,just like may 2005 election.

07/20/07 @ 02:24


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