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Ethiopia - Liya Kebede Top 15 Richest Model In the World



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Ethiopia - Liya Kebede Top 15 Richest Model In the World

Ethiopia - Super Model Liya Kebede in Forbes Top 15 Richest Models

July 19 2007

- Super Model Liya Kebde is among the World's Top Earning Models according to a report published by Forbes magazine. In 2006, the Ethiopian knock out earned $2.5 million making her among the top 15 richest Models in the world. She is the second Ethiopian ever to be listed in Forbes's Richest list. The first being Ethiopian born, Mohammed Al Amoudi as the World's 86th Richest person.

Gisele Bundchen tops's list of the world's richest models, earning $33 million in the last 12 months. The Brazilian supermodel strutted past the likes of Kate Moss, who came in at No.2, and Heidi Klum, who placed third on the list.

Source: Forbes and AP

Liya Kebede

$2.5 million

As the first black model in Estée Lauder's history, the 29-year-old Ethiopian beauty is hailed as a ground-breaker. She also models for H&M, the Gap, Anne Taylor and Givenchy.

1. Gisele Bundchen - $33 million
2. Kate Moss - $9 million
3. Heidi Klum - $8 million
4. Adriana Lima - $6 million
5. Alessandra Ambrosio - $6 million
6. Carolyn Murphy - $5 million
7. Natalia Vodianova - $4.5 million
8. Karolina Kurkova - $3.5 million
9. Daria Werbowy - $3.5 million
10. Gemma Ward - $3 million
11. Liya Kebede - $2.5 million
12. Hilary Rhoda - $2 million
13. Shalom Harlow - $2 million
14. Doutzen Kroes - $1.5 million
15. Jessica Stam - $1.5 million

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Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Liya Kebede

* Your success is astonishing
* We are proud of you
* Don’t get carried away by fame
* Be wise & don’t forget where you came from
* Give back to your community & country
* Keep your faith & be a charactor model to
young Ethiopian girls.

07/19/07 @ 11:31
Comment from: kuku [Visitor]

It is not fair why she earns less than all those ladies. For example Carolyn Murphy is also with her in Estee lauder, but earns way more. It has to do with Murphy being #1 spokesperson. But Liya could it it too if given a chance. It is not fair at all.

07/19/07 @ 11:36
Comment from: Gumoraw [Visitor]

We proude of you and we proude also your humanity and real ethiopian .

keep it up and do not stop your organization to help your countries women.

GOD Be with you

07/19/07 @ 11:45
Comment from: Amsterdamer [Visitor]

Way to go Liya,

You Make us & our Country Proud….

Thank You….

07/19/07 @ 11:50
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up


Keep it up girl, Can i borrow couple of dollars?…Just kidding.


Shut the hell up!

07/19/07 @ 11:56
Comment from: DR. Melake [Visitor]
DR. Melake

keep woking hard young lady, we’re so proud of your success. congra !!!

07/19/07 @ 12:04
Comment from: metene [Visitor]

Liya, You are perfect and indescribable indeed!

07/19/07 @ 12:13
Comment from: Tazabiw [Visitor]

Would you please make your fact straight? /? With all due respect to Liya, she is not ythe second richest Ethiopian next to the Sheik. She only makes 2.5 Million a year. Do you know there are dozens of Ethiopians who make way more she does. Like Americans we are fixated with celebrity and hollywood personas.
Here are some Ethiopians who make way more than Liya
-Amsale Design
-Scores of Software Engineers in San Jose
-Hi-Tech Veture Capitalist

Just a thought of 2 cents worth

[Tazabiw, why don’t you take the time to read the post again? We did not say, she is the second richest Ethiopian. She is the second Ethiopian to be in Forbes Richest List (of any kind). Al-Amoudi is a Saudi citizen but hey he is still Ethiopian. Now, if there is any Ethiopian you know of, who is listed in Forbes List (Forbes 400, Richest under 40, Richest Model, World’s Richest etc), by all means correct us.]

07/19/07 @ 12:13
Comment from: cinemaras [Visitor]

E’ntif E’ntif Belulat.

07/19/07 @ 12:13
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

Well done Liya.

A clear message for our Ethiopian Borcham girls to be fit and start earning Serious money $$$$. The message is be fit and Earn.

:>>:>>:>>:>> Don’t be upset girls.

07/19/07 @ 12:43
Comment from: Tezebet [Visitor]

Wish you more success
Wish you more health
Wish you more happiness…

God be with you

Good luck to you

07/19/07 @ 12:50
Comment from: ok [Visitor]

I am very happy to hear that our compatriot is succeeding and representing our country as a beauty model, however the information posted above is not true neither reliable.

What about Naomi Campbell?, What about Claudia Shifeer? I can mention you a number of models who have accumulated a worth of more than 30 or 40 million.

[Ok, the list is based on their recent earnings. You can see the list for yourself at Forbes, including pictures, videos.]

07/19/07 @ 12:55
Comment from: zee [Visitor]

I am proud of liya! Thanks a lot for making ethiopia recognized to international community in a positive image. At least, it is better to be known as the number 11 richest model than being the second world donkey owner.

07/19/07 @ 13:12
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

Liya, we proud by you. your success is our success.
you are a sample hard working ETHn girl.

Do more!

God blesses you!

07/19/07 @ 13:32
Comment from: WOYANE HUNTER [Visitor]

I think your smile worth more than a
billion dollars.i am proud of konjit.

07/19/07 @ 13:41

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