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Comment from: tade [Visitor]

I am very much impressed by Abba Paulos and his ability to connect the Orthodox Church with the rest of the world. God be with him.

08/17/07 @ 02:06
Comment from: et [Visitor]

be proud of our history and love eachother. leave all politics out of the church!

08/17/07 @ 08:19
Comment from: Satenaw [Visitor]

Abba Diabilos, >:XX!!!
Stay away from our churches.

08/17/07 @ 09:33
Comment from: agam [Visitor]

The portugess were ask to help provide weapons but they could not do it because of thier own europeans war that strifing portugess to its core. The ethiopians pushed back grane ahmed with his supporters of ottomon (turkey)soliders and gave them the final blow by killing ahmed and his army in north ethiopia(tigray).Mr gamal pls do yor home work regarding this history dont minimize our for fathers struggel during this cruial time of ethiopian history. I also like to commend you for the rest of your article.

08/17/07 @ 09:58
Comment from: WAg [Visitor]

Politcs,The woyane divisive type one
sperheaded by Abba Gebremedhen or self styled Ethiopian orthodox church patriarch ,Abba Paulos, is playing role in dismantling the church by dividing priests into Ethnic line.Abba Gebremedhin ,undoubtdly is a staunch supporter for a power that be.That was why he kept silent when thousands of our innocent citzens killed cold blood by woyane Agazis.Does Abba has moral ground to head Ethiopian orthodox church as patrirch.He is more of secular than
a spritual.I think he should repent for all evil deeds he committed and
collaborated with notorious woyane thugs and C R I M I N A L S of the

08/17/07 @ 09:59
Comment from: MEAZA g [Visitor]

Really, sorry this forgery criminal guy.
I am the victim of him.
He is not holy elder.

Almighty God considers every thing.

08/17/07 @ 10:27
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]

I am proud to be ethiopian. GOD be with us. melkam millineum lehulachn.

08/17/07 @ 10:31
Comment from: nuna [Visitor]

The article states ” he is Hand picked by Meles Zenawi” and we wonder why Aba Paulos is a staunch supporter of Meles Zenawi no matter what.

08/17/07 @ 10:55
Comment from: unanimus [Visitor]

How come there will be onother bishop while the previous bishop is still alive. This one is the woyane cadre hand picked by its headless leader.

08/17/07 @ 11:06
Comment from: Point [Visitor]

God be with you Abba Paulose.
God bless Ethiopia.

08/17/07 @ 11:13
Comment from: TPLF CADRE [Visitor]

:crazy:all you fake Ethiopians you have no Idea to the greatness and prestige our beloved Pope has, remove that blanket of racial hate from your Eyes, Our Pope is not only being respected by his own people but also the World,

He is a great man,
ps All PROTESTANTS you guys are making a BIG BIG MISTAKE,

08/17/07 @ 11:25
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

The ancient Axumites are no where in present day Axum.They moved south and expanded present day Ethioipia.All the Semetic people mixeed with the rest of other Ethiopians and were living in peace for thousands of years until rhe Weyanes disturbed that tranquility.You see the present day Tigrays are the remnants of of the infirmed ,the komatas ,the lazies who did not move south long ago.Their present day offsprings are the ones who are dismantling what the ancient Axumites built.A perfect example of treachery is non other than cadre Abba Paulos.

08/17/07 @ 11:30
Comment from: [Member]
Samuel Gebru

May the Almightly God bless our Holy Patriarch, Abune Paulos I, Patriarch of Addis Ababa and All Ethiopia, Archbishop of Axum, Etchege of the See of Saint Teklehaimanot and President of the World Council of Churches. :)

08/17/07 @ 11:32
Comment from: Liberty [Visitor]

If this guy was a true religious person he should not have been appointed by Meles , but since he is a phony person he is motivated by politics just like the other TPLFs.

He brought shame on Ethiopia.

08/17/07 @ 11:37
Comment from: omar [Visitor]

Here you go again. Is talking lie a virtue in Adwa or something has gone wrong with a whole generation that grew up in that rugged village? The guy should know that the world is much more sophisticated than his hill. Dah.

08/17/07 @ 12:19

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