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Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Dear Weizero Asegedech Asefa,
you are one of the few Ethiopian heroes who done tremendous job and name for Ethiopia. I hope the Ethiopia government would give the opportunity for lots of womens to become a Pilot like you to serve for their loved country to the future as well. Thank you and god bless you. Yeha

08/20/07 @ 05:33
Comment from: SK [Visitor]

We were a progressive nation. It is to bad that most of our young people are not aware of how our affluent people used to live. I know her and she is quite a lady. It would have been interesting to find out why she left so early and never retured. She is like a relic of an era gone by. SK

08/20/07 @ 08:16
Comment from: teddy [Visitor]

I can imagine the life style deference between the upper class and 99/% poor Ethiopian..I admire wizero Asegedech incaragment, but also she had good opportunity to be a 1st women pilot. She said “I has never worked ” but, she used to pay for trainer 27 birr per hour and Haileslassie paid her tuition. My father was telling me, he used to get paid 12 birr per month, he was police officer. Any one can have good gusse, where this all many come from. 99% of Ethiopian was struggling to feed them selves, no daute the money was coming for poor farmer…no adequate school, no road, no hospital for my beloved Ethiopian.. Thank you for all revoltinars and EPRDF.

08/20/07 @ 11:03
Comment from: mimi [Visitor]

w/o Asegedeh Asefa
I am really proud of you

God Bless you

08/20/07 @ 11:32
Comment from: NegistA [Visitor]

I wish “yene mebet” we still had people like you! My hat is off to you my ladyship!

08/20/07 @ 11:36
Comment from: metene [Visitor]

Thank you very much for your courage and leadership dear Asgedech. Regardless the interview is not well-done. This is not interview, it is sheer talk. Please find a journalist who can make people talk and come up with good questions.

08/20/07 @ 13:26
Comment from: SK [Visitor]

Teddy gives thanks to the changes that have occured because of the EPRDF and all the rest of them. So tell me friend there are no poor people any more? Everyone is rich and well paid – no one goes to sleep hungry! Not to mention the amount of our people that have parished – fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. For me it just looks like we have replaced self observed megalomanic in the place of the feudal aristocrats who were not perfect but because of their fear of God did take care of the less fortunate. SK

08/20/07 @ 13:56
Comment from: Tsehai [Visitor]

I don’t have enough word to admire w/o Asegedech.What a class!The way you talk and present your self is amazing. I am glad you had the opportunity to enjoy life.You still look a million dollar.My Mom used to tell me you were one of the most beautiful lady during my Mom’s time.She was right. I am glad I saw you in this video.You are such a classy,beautiful lady.Ethiopian Marlyn Manroe!God Bless you!

08/20/07 @ 15:13
Comment from: Gelmokurra [Visitor]

W/Asegedetch Assefa Ethiopian woman Pilot

I remember W/Asegedetch Assefa who was said to have flown a private plane and was looked upon with envy because during those days piloting a plane was considered the pick of courage and ingenuity . I remember she also loved beautiful cars, which were rare at the time.I do not know why the emperor had to pay for flying class because she was supposed to be rich in her own right. She also loved swimming and went almost every week to the only thermal swimming pool in Ambo . In those days it was rumored that she was related to the Emperor. I did no listen the interview and if I am wrong in what I am saying I apologize. Good luck W/Asegedetch.
By the way, somebody asked if there is an Ethiopian woman pilot nowadays. In response I want to confim that there was a young Ethiopian girl who graduated from the Ethiopian Airlines flying school and became a full fledged EAL pilot. Maybe the Airlines could tell us if she is still flying?

08/20/07 @ 18:55
Comment from: ambasel [Visitor]

What a beautiful lady w/o Asegedech Asefa is. Gobez.
But the camera man is in Love with the Host. w/o Asegedech is talking but the camera is not on her. It is on the host……lol

08/20/07 @ 21:28
Comment from: Ethiopia [Visitor]

mengistu hailemariam nefsehe ayemar!

08/21/07 @ 02:02
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

What is wrong with these so called journalist and interviewers; it is insane. I saw one done with the Ethiopian Ambassador to Washington, and he is asked questions but is not censored or jammed by another speaker or by a new question. It makes sense to put these insane in an asylum and give way to real journalists that have the ability and the humility and respect to the other parties views and ideas as they cry for theirs.
It is impossible to assess the authenticity of the journalists to give credit where credit is due or otherwise according to its merits or prejudice.

08/21/07 @ 13:24
Comment from: Gobaw [Visitor]

You are right there are two Ethiopian Women pilots in the Ethiopian Airlines.One is in International flight the second One born from an Ethiopian mother and and a zimbabewen father serves in domesticc flight.There are also two in the Ethiopian Airforce.

08/21/07 @ 21:06
Comment from: Fikre Tolossa [Visitor]
Fikre Tolossa

I watched the interview with a great interest and delight. Weyzero Asegedech is a charming and daring woman. She is a role model even for the young. Having said this, I have to to correct the host, Ms. Nigist Abate, for saying that the great Weyzero was the first Ethiopian woman pilot. Weyzero Asegedech herself didn’t claim that she was the first Ethiopian woman pilot when she was asked by the host whether she was. She simply sa id, “I didn’t do anything to be the
first.” She flew an airplane, by her admission, forty or a little bit more than forty years ago. She came to the US in 1969, which is 35 years ago. Even if she flew airplanes 10 years before she arrived in the US, it was in the late 50s she flew. Weyzero Mulumebet Emeru is the first Ethiopian woman pilot because she flew in the early 30s. She interrupted flying when the Italians envaded Ethiopia in 1936. In other words, she flew 70 years ago as opposed to 40 years ago. I say this, because I had interviewed her for Ethiopian Review 12 years ago, before she passed away in Oakland, California. I hope this will straighten the record.

Fikre Tolossa, Ph.D.

08/22/07 @ 03:18
Comment from: ETHIO-GIRL [Visitor]

Very motivating story. God bless Wzo. Asegedech. We have to redeem every opportunity that comes on our way to fulfil the dream of our life.

08/22/07 @ 08:56

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