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Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Hello people, when are we going to stop all this lies BS and stand together for the better of Ethiopia? Come on people… It’s fine we have our views & beliefs but we need to help each other by limiting the lies & uniting ourselves… Think about it, Ethiopians are way better off today than ever before.

Save your hard core tribes in your heart & be true to yourself & your people…

09/21/07 @ 23:11
Comment from: Return Ethiopia\'s Ports [Visitor]
Return Ethiopia\'s Ports

Hey all from Minneapolis!

I Love Ethiopia. :)

09/21/07 @ 23:39
Comment from: mezmerized [Visitor]

What a BS! You can say whatever you want but blatant lie like this is not going to take you anywhere. The country is working hard to establish schools of all types colleges, universities are emerging in every corner of the country and it is shameful to hear you saying discrimination based on ethnicity. People, wake up be realistic! You can hate the current government but you can not blame it with this kind of naked lie and unfounded report. Please be true to yourself and your constituency. You are not helping the Oromo people at all.

09/21/07 @ 23:43
Comment from: Isreal [Visitor]

The situation in our country is getting
bad by the evil design of the TPLF. Every one of us, who recently visited Ethiopia
can attest to what is going on. It is san
very sad to see apartheid system slowly
but surely getting root. We must stop this
, and Oromos are not alone in this struggle.

TPLF is making generational mistakes. I
encourage Tigre Ethiopians open their eyes and stop this maddnes.

09/22/07 @ 00:03
Comment from: Alula Aba Nega [Visitor]
Alula Aba Nega

Dogs and liers,:crazy: don’t try to give false information about our Oromo brothers in Ethiopia. Why you want to devide people? Let me tell you this, you people of diaspora, neither you don’t improve your lives and help your people nor you leave Ethiopians in peace. You all are some lunatics who don’t love peace and cooperation. You all are thieves and liers. First get united in yourselves wherever you are before you start talking about other people. You are no better than the WOYANE government! you criticize the WOYANE for being thief and yet you are thieves. No better than our government! Shame on you! You all are disgrace to your own people and to the ancient proud Ethiopians! >:(

09/22/07 @ 00:31
Comment from: Ethiopiawe [Visitor]

Don’t lie because you are living in
U.S.A Ok/ anyway, you might be one of
those called themselves as Latinos
not as Ethiopian too funy / you better
help your poor family.

09/22/07 @ 00:58
Comment from: Kurtemat [Visitor]

Nobody will believe such low level BS. The Oromos can learn in their own language in today’s Ethiopia and they can go to any University. The Oromos flourished in every sector in the country. They have new Colleges and Universities in their region.

I don’t understand that Ethiopia’s enemies are determined to bring her down everyday. The problem is that anyone can post a comment as a real news. The responsibility falls on Nazert.com - that they should be putting forward news from reliable sources. By the way, I am not advocating sensor-ship. The reporter, Roseanne Pereira, Minnesota Public Radio, has been misinformed. I will personally write to her to visit Ethiopia. Please STOP distorting the truth.

09/22/07 @ 01:08
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]

The problem is latin.How can they can join the univesrsity if they learn in latin.It’s embaressing for the Oromos to prefer Ltin than Amharic Fedel. They should use the amharic fedel in oromegna.It’s just put gas on the burning fire.It contributes a lot for the division.What real amazes me they don’t even ask the people.Few of them made this descion and the poor people has to accept it. I have a frien who was born and raised in Jimma, She went their for her Mom’s funeral and she had to take care of their estate.The application has to be written in oromigna(latin)and then traslate in Amarigna.People shoid be asked what language they want to use.Sad case!

09/22/07 @ 01:16
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

The only way available to fight injustice is by acting and working together. Unity of our people beyond and above narrow ethnic back grounds is the only way forward to achieve democratic rights, freedom and equality for all nations/nationalities/tribes.
Injustice that happens to the Oromo people is the same with the injustice that the rest of our people face. Trying to pointing out, contrary to other ethnic groups Oromos live under an apartheid system, is good for the ear of a foreigner who wants a story to tell, but not for all Ethiopians. Just pointing out exclusively the Oromos, is an indirect way of saying the age old story told by most Oromo elites, that Oromos are not part and parcel of the Ethiopian nation, and should secede from Ethiopia.
Nobody denies that Ethiopia is ruled by tribal dictatorial regime. But the victims are not only the Oromo people. So, why not climb the bandwagon of democratic struggle and face the dictator in unison with all Ethiopians who are suffering under this regime? Why not declare explicitly that the Oromo movement is a movement for democratic rights of Oromos and all Ethiopians, and not a secessionist movement? Why continue to work and demand for secession and carry on armed struggle when armed groups in today’s world have become anathema and a red rug that drives the west in to fury.
Any democratic Ethiopian will support the struggle for the democratic rights of the Oromo people and all the underdogs in Ethiopia. Unfortunately the Oromo elites have alienated most Ethiopians with their unachievable, unpractical and outdated secessionist agenda. They have lost the support of other Ethiopians and have become a stumbling block in the struggle for democracy, freedom and equality.
We are waiting for the day when the Oromo elites understand the mistake of secession and armed struggle and declare that they are ready for peaceful struggle together with all Ethiopians, for the democratic right of the Oromo people and all Ethiopians. On that day all peace loving Ethiopians will stand by their side.
Long live united, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia!
Equality for all nations/nationalities/tribes!

09/22/07 @ 01:37
Comment from: Tsega [Visitor]


In the first place there no something like Amharic fedel,…it is the Ge’ez one. And for your information oromifa can’t be written ,with full meaning, using the Ge’ez fedel. Because there are cases where you have to double the letters to convey the right message by forming the so called ‘jabaa’, ‘laafaa’, ‘dheeraa’ and ‘gabaabaa’ words. Moreover there are many other cases like this one that makes latin an ideal character for oromiffaa. But if you still insist that we have to use the Ge’ez, I think this is against out right,….don’t you think? Your case about your friend in Jima can’t justify your claim,…rather you have to clearly say and force that everyone in ethiopia has to speak and write only in Amharic,…which can’t happen again by any means.

wish you all the best!
The oromo!

09/22/07 @ 01:52
Comment from: Amarech G [Visitor]  
Amarech G

you should be ashamed to put this story on your site. What are you going to do next? Are you going to post what an Eritrean off the streets of DC has to say about Ethiopia??? Please have credible/professional news-story from a known source.
Thats all I got to say…..

09/22/07 @ 02:34
Comment from: Tewodros [Visitor]

Most of the Oromos who live in Minnesota are murderers. Way back in 1991-1993 EC they killed more than 50,000 un armed Innocent Amhara ethnic group farmers and their families in a barbaric and savage manner. 1/ They burn them alive in their mud house. 2/They cut their neck, hands and legs. 3/ They take out their eyes while they are alive and tie them with rops and throw them from cliffs,big gorege. All this is well documented. After they committed this crime, most of them run away to kenya,somalia,Sudan,Yemen and Djiboui for sefty. This is how they end up in USA, Minnesota. There is one thing very clear, many oromo people are abused by the ruling party in Ethiopia, nobody can deny this facts. But, most of the people in USA,Minnesota are criminals who commited the bigest crime that one can imagine. They are a bunch of hate groups hiding with their crimes but to cover their crime they use the name of oromo people and crying for justic. The United States of America Government must have to investigate the oromo criminals track records co-operating with Ethiopian Embassy and other Ethiopian oppositition groups, I say this, because there are many informations out there about Oromo Individuals who are criminals and wanted at large. Justic`s will Prevail ! Criminals can use the word “Justic`s”

09/22/07 @ 02:45
Comment from: Moti [Visitor]


“The problem is latin.How can they can join the univesrsity if they learn in latin.It’s embaressing for the Oromos to prefer Ltin than Amharic Fedel. They should use the amharic fedel in oromegna".

You are very funny! From which world are you? The whole world use Latin and never lagged behind the Amharic-user Ethiopians in every sense. You don’t tell 30 million people to do this to do that… you just can’t coz nobody will notice your existence Have you conducted ’statistical analysis’ that Oromo students who have been educated in their own language ‘latin’ are lazy at their study than other Ethiopians?. Other wise you are just another little-minded nuisance. Shame on you!

09/22/07 @ 03:14
Comment from: Fitsum Ethiopiawi [Visitor]
Fitsum Ethiopiawi

I agree with the Oromos. I think students should be thought in Oromo language since Oromos are two-thirds of the population of Ethiopia. Otherwise, I think that they are being marginalized.

09/22/07 @ 03:20
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

Whatever problem the Oromos are facing id due to undemocratic Government in Ethiopia and all other ethnic groups Ogadenis, Annuaks , Amharas etc are also suffering from the same injustice and the solution is to unite and fight to build a free and democratic Ethiopia.

09/22/07 @ 04:07

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