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Comment from: agam [Visitor]

These guys are true ethiopian diaspora that have ethiopia at heart and the wilingness to help others and themself.I wish you guys the best…..

09/27/07 @ 01:25
Comment from: Teme Teme Teme [Visitor]
Teme Teme Teme

My Good Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters…think about it…For the last,i don’t know how many years,Ethiopians has been Migrating abroad like Our Nile River,Trust me there will be a time Peace will come back to our Mother Land Ethiopia,then all Migrants want no more Volentery Slavery,and will Start going back with a lot of Potential,Money and Education…Then the things that we think are Expensive,will be untouchable then…Remember that you can go back abroad and fetch more money to your mother Land if you want to…So,what are you waiting for…Pack Slowly…You know where your Heart belong to !!!

09/27/07 @ 04:55
Comment from: el [Visitor]

Moving back to Ethiopia, seems now or never, as the number of people returning is increasing and the competition gets harder nad harder…..it can be dificult to even buy a house which is a basic neccesity…..other wise there is no place like home…….with a bit of money of course…….

09/27/07 @ 06:07
Comment from: Addis [Visitor]

I have great respect for Tadios Belete who owns a Boston spa in Addis and I think he also building some kind of excellent resort outside Addis. He deserves my respect because I heard him giving an interview which is full of sense and he is a visionary man with the intention to progress and help people. In his interview, I heard him saying some of the employees who currently work for him are universtiy graduates who used to be just a daily labourors in the construction of Boston spa. If his words are true, which I believe are, he is a noble example to many returnees who opt to show off in the streets and top hotels of Addis.

Finally, my friend Beniam, please get some anti allergic tablets. The way you put it is just you are allergic to your own mother. What an earth did you expect when you planned to travel to Ethiopia? What makes you different from those white masters of yours in the States? I bet you are one of those who grew up eating ‘ye shai bet pasti’. Hey, move your butt and do something good to yourself and to the community otherwise, you better stay in your USA.

09/27/07 @ 06:26
Comment from: ethiopian [Visitor]

If money is available, it is good to go back home and do business, please be smart otherwise you ended up again in diaspora,choose the business and location,do not allow any body to work for you at the begining of the business,use the method of west how to run the business, back home do not trust any body untill you fix the business.

09/27/07 @ 07:13
Comment from: Dabo Bela [Visitor]
Dabo Bela

Here is some advise for the Diaspora

- When you go back to Ethiopia, DO NOT expect a civilized country like the one you may be used to in the West. Ethiopia is a DEVELOPING country.

- Yes , the food you eat may give you a tummy upset, because
your germ tolerance level is LOW. When you live in a place like
Ethiopia, the food sometimes is not the as clean and the locals are
used to it. The more germs you eat , the higher your tolerance level
and therefore, the less chance you have of getting a tummy upset.
This is the case for the locals. HOWEVER, this changes after just a
short period and therefore, if you want to go back to Ethiopia for good, it does not mean you will get food poison every week. Your body will adopt.

- People may ask you for a bribe or you may be forced to give it out. Why? Because they are so poorly paid. Because the gap between the rich and the poor is so wide now. Because , life is too expensive and almost unaffordable for the poor. When they get the opportunity, they will ensure they get some money
out of you.

The whole point is, lower your expectations when you go back. Don’t complain about little things. AFTER ALL, YOU WERE BORN AND RAISER IN THAT COUNTRY. Don’t act like a spoilt white man ina foreign land. It is where you family are. You are disowning YOUR OWN mother.

To be honest, Ethiopia does not need most of the diaspora. Most of you are not educated. Most of you do manual jobs for a living, like the male hairdresser above. If you are educated and can assist in the development of Ethiopia, go back. If you are a “DOMA” doing manual
jobs for the Americans etc, stay where you are , a modern day slave in the west. Ethiopia does not need you. I say this cos , Educated ethiopians know what time it is. They know what Ethiopia can offer them. They don’t moan about every little carp like the moron DOMAs
doing manual jobs do.

Dabo Bela

09/27/07 @ 07:23
Comment from: hi [Visitor]

Bla Bla Bla.. selfshi people… go and build your country. I am not Ethiopian but very much enjoying the business environment in Ethiopia. You Ethiopians are too lazy, just too lazy!!!

09/27/07 @ 08:43
Comment from: ruth_sweet [Visitor]

agrachew gebu alemu.even when you are
polishing your shoos it conceder like

09/27/07 @ 09:19
Comment from: Tingrt [Visitor]

Everone has the right to return home and invest but must contribute to defeat Woyanne. It is like killing two birds in one stone.Yes,It is possible to fight the regime from the inside too.

09/27/07 @ 10:09
Comment from: honest? [Visitor]

dabo bela you disown your own mother, I’ve seen your posts - talk not like you would return home - stay live in london Ethiopa does not need you. You talk too much and do too little. Those who return do, those who dont talk!

09/27/07 @ 11:20
Comment from: wonji [Visitor]

Hi! Dabo Bela you are hearting my feeling. You said my mother does not need me due to the fact that I do phisical labor for my living her in America. How about if I have money forb investment? Any way you are dingay eras I do not expect advice from you. Did you hear about money? It is power and … There are so many people like you “kit bado Kis bado” but they have big mouth. see you later.

09/27/07 @ 11:48
Comment from: Addis [Visitor]

Dabo bela,

Although I agree with most of the things you have mentioned above, I must say that education doesn’t necessarily prove your merit.

To your surprise, contrary to your guess, the person who happens to be a hairdresser sounds very well composed and educated. I don’t personally know this man but let me tell you, I was impressed by his humbleness and idea.

I have witnessed that there are so many educated people in Ethiopia who are as DOMA as those uneducated in diaspora, therefore, let’s be fair and not do blanket accusation.
Or to be precise, let’s treat everyone individually.

09/27/07 @ 11:57
Comment from: NegistA [Visitor]

Lemeno yewota hulu lemeno yegebal. What do you say to this Diasp. I am sure most of you who write here against the present regim are building a house or buying a land here at home for your future retirement and of course to use the money from the parking lots - how else can you spend it otherwise. Pls lets be fair in our thinking no one is perfect but lets correct what is missing and contribute to the development of our country. We are not talking about who is the leader we are talking about development here and be free from our poverty. Com’n children of Ethiopia lets put our difference aside and march forward holding hands to lift up our country.

09/27/07 @ 12:34
Comment from: goraw [Visitor]

It is not fair to re-run a story after a year. I know we had this story a bout a year ago at nazret.com and it was already discussed. It is an insult to the audiance of this blog to just bring some old show on the view.

09/27/07 @ 13:16
Comment from: Bilicho [Visitor]

Response for Dabo Bola,….
“To be honest, Ethiopia does not need most of the diaspora. Most of you are not educated”
There are a lot of educated Ethiopians who live in US who got their education from Ethiopia as well as here in states. Educated Ethiopians are getting successful and being accepted in sophisticated jobs in Medicine, computer technology and many other here in US . Things have changed a lot for Educated Ethiipians.
An Example is there are more than 100 Ethiopians currently working at Microsoft with Degree from Ethiopia and hired starting from 2005. 100 Ethiopians with 2 years is a lot.
Ethiopians are going to be the next Indians and Chinese in US and will bring all the business back in to Ethiopia like what the Chindians did.
“Most of you do manual jobs for a living”
To be frank what’s wrong with doing Manual work. Your daily life is run by people who do manual and intellectual work. You should learn to respect work/jobs no matter what it is. Once our people in Ethiopia starts to respect any jobs, then there will be a lot of people who will take a lot business to our country.

09/27/07 @ 13:40

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