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Comment from: solomon [Visitor]

Thank you rev. Butts for the very inspiring speech. You are a great man and we are proud to have you in the midst of us during this great moment in our history. It is a moment of Ethiopia’s renneissance and you are one of the great eyewitnesses.

09/29/07 @ 10:35
Comment from: [Member]
Ra'Oeil ራዕይ



09/29/07 @ 13:41
Comment from: Dinku [Visitor]

Oh!My almighty God Bless Abisniya church.
you are our brothers and sisters.We love you
from bottom of our heart.Abisniya is your
home land.

09/29/07 @ 13:47
Comment from: GETA [Visitor]

Great spiritual father you are Rev.

Tahnk you for so eliquently sharing your experience. You are a dear brother, and a respetful father to all of us.

Thank you.
“We have seen a new heaven and a new earth, and that – is Ethiopia.”

09/29/07 @ 13:48
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Rev.Butts god bless you for your love and devotion for mother ethiopia.Mr butts you are more ethiopia then this diaspora ,who ate her food and drunk her water and still block aid to the poor.Rev. butts ethiopia is your home and we are glad to have somone like you.

09/29/07 @ 13:48
Comment from: Eyerusalem [Visitor]

I was emotional reading Rev. Dr. Butts’ speech. This kind of positive relationship is what our country needs at this time – exchange of ideas, professionals, skilled workers and to build a positive image of the country. Unfortunately, we in the Diasporas have been the real problem for our country. I learnt a great deal of the political situation in our country since 2005. Its obvious now from what we are seeing in DC area that the people of Ethiopia, who are holding nationality other than Ethiopia, feel entitled to dictate the political process in the country. Honestly, if we are going to divide and destruct the country’s transition to economical self dependency –The Ethiopian parliament must consider a law to barring any dual or non-Ethiopian passport holders from participating in the political process. We have to work hard toward unity to bring meaningful change in our land.

09/29/07 @ 14:56
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Dear Reverend,

True, poverty is a challenge for Ethiopia.
But you got it wrong, the greatest enemy Ethiopia has is the hateful Eritrean Meles Zenawi and his band of looters, that are occupying our homes, our family. The greatest enemy Ethiopia has, is the hateful ethnic bantustan that is imposed on the Ethiopian people by this haters and looters. The greatest enemy Ethiopia has is, people like you who hide their heads in the sand like an Ostrich, and deny the cries of millions of Ethiopians against this injustice. There were plenty who used to fly to Afrikaner ruled and tortured South Africa, and give similar speeches like you did. But millions of South Africans were then weeping blood, as millions of Ethiopians are now, under the rule of a hateful minority bantustan ethnic tyrants. Dear friends, those who made history at Adwa, those Ethiopians who sacrificed for countless generations, they were murdered by the former military regime. Thats why this current occupiers were able to move in with their hateful ethnic militia and occupy our nation. They imposed on us the hateful ethnic bantustan of Benito Mussolini.You think a Jew will wear a yellow star of David again. We were told to wear the shame of Mussolini. Why they did that, because they are very few in numbers, they know for them to keep power, and continue to loot, the majority had to be divided. They lie to their teeth, they destroy provinces that existed for a thousand years. The only one that kept its name is Tigray, which promptly swallowed a third of Gondar, and a fifth of Wello. This people are murderers and haters,looters. The world can turn a blind eye to it, I know you all can do so, but in the end the Ethiopian peopel will be free, its a matter of time. Manchus and Mongol hoardes come and go China always stays Chinese.

09/29/07 @ 14:57
Comment from: Eshatu Daba [Visitor]
Eshatu Daba

This is a real miracle, and miracle is something that happens otherwise, we would not expect for one. There is nothing impossible for God, Ethiopia has been a shame to African Americans and as of this Millenium it is going to be a destination of a history lesson of all Africans all over the world. It is not coincidence that our year 2000 A.D and the beginning of the third millenium and next year it is another bicentennial celebration of The Abyssinian Baptist church for Ethiopians to reciprocate the love these people have to the People of Ethiopia and the land.
Reverend Butts is really a very meek and good hearted servant of God who bestows so much love and adulation to Ethiopians. May God bless him exceedingly and abundantly in all endeavor of his life.

09/29/07 @ 16:39
Comment from: destegna [Visitor]

Sounds like the dreams of
Marcus Garvey are finally being realized.

Thank you the Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts and your congregation.


09/29/07 @ 19:00
Comment from: ts [Visitor]

What an inspiring two week visit by Rev. Dr. Butts and company of Abysinian Baptist church from New york. Congratulation on your 200 year anniversary. Thank you for your love, and goodwill toward our beloved homeland Ethiopia.

I’m sure you have witnessed first hand why Ethiopians have a very strong love and devotion to their homeland where ever they might immigrate regardless of age, gender, and economic background. Our love to Ethiopia is spiritual than material. That is why we defended our freedom and independence for many many generations.

I hope you will continue your good work and promote Ethiopia positively to fellow brothers and sisters in the USA.

09/29/07 @ 23:49
Comment from: Abebaw Abebe [Visitor]
Abebaw Abebe

Ethiopians must learn a lot from this how their country is the most admired country and the people are the most respected. This speech is a well written document deserves to be read by all Ethiopians including children at school in order they be able to know how their country is the greatest. Ethiopia is more than what some stupid are thinking about her, including those ills with kilil and separation mentality.
I always love and proud to be an Ethiopian. It is getting better and better by day.

God bless Ethiopia.

09/30/07 @ 08:28
Comment from: meti [Visitor]

As far as i am concerned the only religion that is truly ethiopian is Orthodox. so do try to come our country and sell your idea of christianity to the people who are born with it. as we all know you preach one thing in front and your rape your own sons in the back so stay away from ethiopia!

09/30/07 @ 12:46
Comment from: Yonas Tibebe [Visitor]
Yonas Tibebe

Meti, Ethiopia’s religions are as diverse as its population and its landscape. We all should embrace our brothers and sisters around the world who want to connect with us and our country.

10/01/07 @ 00:29
Comment from: tiqour ambessa [Visitor]
tiqour ambessa


you sound closed minded and ignorant. islam came to ethiopia way before it reached iran, or egypt or yemen. islam is as ethiopian as orthodoxy. please dopnt tell us that 30 millions ethiopians, who have fought in all her wars and shed blood for thgeir land are not real citizens. i wonder if you would tell Alamoudi to go away as well. he has doen more for his country than any orthodox ethiopian.

10/01/07 @ 13:24

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