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Comment from: arsema [Visitor]

hahaha this is the begenning of shabias ending.Isayas gena weha and meberat yekoretbhal dedeb!ya yedereke kitahen bemtrebia eye feletk tiblaleh gena men aytey doma ras.

Ethiopia tekdem!
Shabia yewdem!

10/09/07 @ 15:04
Comment from: Fed up [Visitor]
Fed up

Oh Well,

We don’t need a propoganda machine in Ethiopia, nothing we get out of the Eritrean networks except geting annoyed.

Take care!

10/09/07 @ 15:09
Comment from: Demeke [Visitor]

Hey Fed up, I wonder why in Tigray state people more like to watch Tv-Eri than ETV, also some stupid people illegaly copy music from TV-Eri and sell it.

10/09/07 @ 15:34
Comment from: Ethiopiawi [Visitor]

Isias, not even a single Ethiopian wants to hear your propoganda. We, those who oppose the TPLF regime, don’t want to hear anything from you and your people. You have been liers throughout history and you will not meet your goals through your infantile propoganda. We will come to you very soon and the people of Eritrea will decide with whom they will live. By that I mean all the 9 tribes in Eritrea will decide how and with whom they want to live. Those who want to live will live in their own land (eg people of your ethnicity), those who want to unite with other Ethiopians will do so peacefully. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

10/09/07 @ 15:43
Comment from: selamna meregagat [Visitor]
selamna meregagat

if what you say is true. then what. i happen to believe that the entertainment capital of the volatile Horn is Addis Ababa when their lives(any one living in remote Ethiopia) will be enjoying and proud of the never ending art of Addis.

10/09/07 @ 15:55
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

news in the future is Shabia has fallen.

10/09/07 @ 15:56
Comment from: Tazabiw [Visitor]

Are you Jammed?::(
No Problem!The answer is simple and straight forward.:roll:
“Pass your message through the “ethiomedia.com” to the intended stupid audience.”
GOT IT! ha..ha..ha..:lalala::lalala:

10/09/07 @ 16:08
Comment from: fox [Visitor]

these eritrean clowns don’t have anything important to do?

10/09/07 @ 16:31
Comment from: Yohannes [Visitor]

What is funny to me is the so called western media’s rush to report such a trash issue as a big news. As if there is nothing to talk about what is happening in Eritrea and what is coming to Eritrea, they are telling their audience (I don’t who) about jamming Eritrean Media. Why is Eritrea concerned about jamming? Is that a big issue? Does Eritrea think it will remove the Ethiopian Gov’t by its repressive gov’t? Are the Ethiopian people(not the extremists) idiots to expect democracy, Freedom of expression and human right from Erirean sponsored opposition groups? Is it easy for Eritrea to free its people before helping other people? Why does Eritrea feeling scared now more than any other time? I think the time of reckoning is nearing for the dictator in Massawa. All the terrorists, extremists and jihadists who are hiding in Eritrea are hopelessly counting their days.

Sooner or later, Eritrea is going to accuse Ethiopians not being cicvilized to heed its call.

Now or never should be the slogan for Ethiopian Gov’t. Do everything you can not only to block the Eritrean propaganda but also destroy the source of the propaganda.

10/09/07 @ 17:33
Comment from: Yirgacheffeeይርጋጨፍ [Visitor]

Here is the way Bob Marley would put it;

Ooh, yeah; well, alright
We’re jammin’
I wanna jam the media
to shut the mouth of Shaebia
We’re jammin’, jammin’
And I hope you like jammin’ too

10/09/07 @ 19:50
Comment from: olana [Visitor]

Let eritreans be brain washed by their president.Why there so eager about ethiopia?They thought they can make miracle to bt African-singapore.But nothing to eat.They can import pasta and spagetti from else where and enjoy it for the rest of their presidents life.Every one knows the problem.It is not border dispute the issue is raw material from ethiopia.If they agree,we can seal the boarder like Israel did to Palestines with blocked so that eritreans enjoy their haneymoon through the Red sea.If any one needs to eat teff,He/She should speak Amharic and Oromo.Otherwise.Back offffff.

10/09/07 @ 21:21
Comment from: Gorraw [Visitor]

Ethiopia could do that? That is the beginning of the end of the warlord. The coward
is shiting on his pants like all
dictators. Remember Sadam?

10/09/07 @ 21:49
Comment from: ethio [Visitor]

demeke or demeku
please dont pretend u r ethiopian. ur felashia u just missed your flight for jerusalem when mengstu sold you and your familly 3 dollars.u shoud thank ethiopian for their forgiveness b/c u probably will be killed by palistinan roket by now.
if you dont shut up u know next.:

10/09/07 @ 22:01
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

Hey, Shabia, don’t despair, we hear your message loud and clear. Thanks, to Ethiomedia.com, Ethioreview.com, and now the US Congress.

10/09/07 @ 22:14
Comment from: Mohamed Geragne [Visitor]
Mohamed Geragne

Demeke, poor guy.. you are always off topic. you must have understanding to the english language. your comments are always off base… stay focused…

10/09/07 @ 23:00

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