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Ethiopia - ‘Ethiopian Idol’ names winner



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Ethiopia - ‘Ethiopian Idol’ names winner

File Photo Ethiopian Idol

‘Ethiopian Idol’ names winner


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -
The Ethiopian Idol show of 1999 E.C that entertained more than 3000 contestants in vocal and dance contests concluded on Monday, October 8, 2007 with a ceremony held at the National Theatre.

Three winning participants were selected to be the finalists in the vocals category. The finalists were Bekele Arega, Million Wondimu and Amare Tesfaye. After a final performance of three different songs assigned by the judges, Bekele Arega, known for his cover of songs by Bahiru Kegne, Kassa Tessema and Teshome Mitiku was crowned the 1999 E.C. Ethiopian Idol. Million Wondimu, who works at the Ethiopian Airlines and best known for singing Muluken Mellese, Tewodros Taddesse and Tilahun Gessesse songs came second. Amare Tesfaye, who astonished the attendants with various cultural songs, was named the third Ethiopian Idol of the year.

In an exclusive interview the three contestants held with Capital, each of them explained that the event was a great chance to meet the public and demonstrate their potential.

The contest to be the 1999 Ethiopian Idol in the field of dance was held with two dance teams from Addis Ababa and one from Adama reaching the final. The dance team with the name ‘Hope’ from Addis Ababa took first place. In the cultural dance category, the dance team from Addis Ababa bettered the Wolayta Tussa and took first place.
Show executive, Jemal Ahmed, explained that additional six judges have been recruited to make the evaluation fairer and equitable, on top of the existing five. The votes of the extra judges were described as equivalent to that of the existing ones with a percentage of fifty each.

The Mayor of Dessie town, from where the first and third place finishers of the 1999 E.C. Ethiopian Idol come from, promised during the occasion that land to build dwelling houses will be given to the two ‘Idols’. Ato Jemal Ahmed has also said that discussions are underway with the Addis Ababa Caretaker Administration to give a plot of land for house building to the runner-up in the vocals category.


Comment from: Dagne [Visitor]

Great event but confusing conclusion for this year’s competition. Why respective mayors should be approached for prizes. Shouldn’t this be arranged before the competition begun? where is the concept of sponsorship in Ethiopia? not even one private company? this is a shame and annoying for contestants and the public. I do not think they have a clear understanding of a program like this. I have watched Million performing and he is very talented and deserves a reward for the time he took off from his work and the money he paid to compete. They have not given any value to his moral and disappointment in a conclusion like this. If this program to continue with a positive attitude from the public, I think the organizers should compensate the finalists with huge huge rewar

10/17/07 @ 23:09
Comment from: Misir [Visitor]

Very funny - we are looking for the second place finisher a reward but we already have a reward for 1st and 3rd place finishers.

10/17/07 @ 23:14


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