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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi Downplays Attack By Rebel Group

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, seen here in June 2007, dismissed claims that rebels from the restive Ogaden region had defeated the military and caused one of his top aides to flee.(AFP/File/Jose Cendon) Ethiopia's Leader Downplays Attack By… more »
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Ethiopia PM in opposition warning

Ethiopia PM in opposition warning Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has accused the official opposition of collaborating with armed insurgents. "The opposition were acting as a Trojan horse for armed insurgent movements." Meles Zenawi Read Complete… more »
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Ethiopia - N.J. lawmaker Chris Smith faced harsh questioning

N.J. lawmaker battles Ethiopia A Central Jersey congressman defended himself from sometimes harsh questioning at the National Press Club on Monday about his bill to hold the government of Ethiopia accountable for a brutal crackdown on people protesting… more »
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Ethiopia - Axum obelisk re-erection work begins

The project to re-erect the Axum obelisk has begun. The obelisk was stolen by Italy's Fascist Leader Mussolini from Ethiopia in 1937. It is to be erected in its original location, state-run news agency ENA stated. The obelisk was returned to Ethiopia in… more »
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Ethiopia - Government, Rebels Issue Conflicting Claims

Ethiopian Government, Rebels Issue Conflicting Claims Over Attack By Peter Heinlein Addis Ababa 21 October 2007 VOA An Ethiopian rebel group has sent a statement to reporters saying its fighters killed 140 government troops in an operation Saturday.… more »


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