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Ethiopia - Begging becomes serious threat: President Girma



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Ethiopia - Begging becomes serious threat: President Girma

Ethiopia - Begging becomes serious threat: President Girma

Ethiopia - Begging becomes serious threat: President Girma

November 9, 2007

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ENA)
- President Girma Woldegiorgis underscored the need to synchronize efforts in curbing the habit of begging across the nation in the new Ethiopian millennium.

President Girma said the ever-flourishing art of begging has brought about a complex social problem in the country.

The president made the statement here on Thursday while speaking at a relevant consultation meeting held at the National Palace.

Though begging has negative repercussions both on human dignity and image of the nation, quite a number of children and youth are engaged in begging at present instead of going to schools, Girma said.

Hence, Girma said, begging has become a threat to the socio-economic development of the nation at present and the future.

Women, farmers, town dwellers have shamelessly become beggars at a broad daylight as if begging is a feasible and acceptable social activity, the president noted.

In fact, begging has become a serious crisis against the working culture of the Ethiopian people besides impeding the poverty reduction program of the nation, Girma warned.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Hassen Abdela said on his part begging has become a serious crisis at present since efforts geared toward curbing the habit of begging could not be integrated in a sustainable manner.

He said the ministry in collaboration with humanitarian organizations operating in the country has been striving to curb the problem.

Especially, he said, ‘Elshadai’ Relief and Development Association, one of the local non-governmental organizations, was able to convince more than 24,000 people to refrain from begging.

The consultation meeting attracted senior government officials, religious leaders, heads of civil society organizations, and other prominent figures.


Comment from: abiye [Visitor]

Hodam, if he did not take so much of others, they would not beg.

11/09/07 @ 12:01
Comment from: Gohome [Visitor]

“T” President Girma,

The idea of avoiding the begging habit is not the new concept and effort. However, no one can avoid begging by the decree or Awaj. Those who beg at the streets are disadvantaged part of the society which the result of socio-econmics phenomena. They do not have any choice to servive and keep their life sustain.
Your are talking about your dignity and those people are about their lives.

Victory for poor people

11/09/07 @ 18:41
Comment from: Mateos [Visitor]

The Ethiopian federal government is treating begging as if it is a preferred method of making a living? Please help me understand what this President Girma is thinking? Is it not a poorly eun economy that forces people to beg? If he and Meles really think that people beg just because they are lazy, Ethiopia is closer to a civil war than I thought. How can a government be so our of touch with its own population? Do they think thar they have no responsibility for poverty in Ethiopia?

Please tell me that I have just misunderstood this article.

11/10/07 @ 16:19
Comment from: Donor-free [Visitor]

I could not agree more. You need to practice what you preach first.

11/11/07 @ 10:07
Comment from: Donor-free [Visitor]

I could not agree more, but you need to practice what you preach first.

11/11/07 @ 10:08


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