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Ethiopia - 4 Ethiopian immigrants put in separate classroom



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Ethiopia - 4 Ethiopian immigrants put in separate classroom

Ethiopia - Israel 4 Ethiopian immigrants put in separate classroom

Ynet News

In a move more reminiscent of apartheid era South Africa than modern day Israel, four Ethiopian students at the Lamerchav Elementary School in Petah Tikva were segregated in a separate classroom because they were 'not observant enough'. Shocked father states: ‘We are being discriminated against for being black and powerless’

After prior report of ‘separate’ kindergartens for Ethiopian youngsters, it now sadly appears that racism can strike at all and any academic institutions. At the Lamerchav Elementary in Petah Tikva, four female Ethiopian students were separated from their peers and placed in their own segregated classroom.

As reported Tuesday by Yediot Ahronoth, the Ethiopian girls and their family had just moved from Haifa to Petah Tikva, where they enrolled in “Lamerchav”. As far as Principal Yishayahu Granwich was concerned, however, these new students could not be fully integrated into the school community. Ostensibly—as noted by municipality officials—this was because the girl were not observant enough, and did not belong to the Religious Zionist Movement as do all of the students at the school.

These Ethiopian immigrants were consequently placed in a separate classroom at the very end of the school corridor. One teacher alone was allotted for teaching them all of the various academic subjects. Moreover, the girls were assigned different recess hours to their peers, and given cab fare home so that they would not “overly socialize” with the rest of the girls.

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The girls' parents immediately noticed that their children were lonely, depressed and less than eager to go to school. “We do not understand what we did wrong, what crime we’re guilty of. Is this only because we are black?” they asked Ethiopian activist Daniel Uriah, who tried to speak to the principal on their behalf and was unceremoniously kicked out of the school building. Uriah then met with the director of the education administration, who told him that “the school in question is elitist and the girls must learn how to behave if they would like to fit in.”

Uriah next turned to Deputy Mayor of Petach Tikva, Paltiel Aisenthal of the National Union-National Religious Party. At a joint meeting with the girls’ parents, Aidenthal glibly stated: “Don’t worry about it. We know what is best for the girls. It is no big deal if they are separated from their peers.”

Education Minister Yuli Tamir said in response to this incident: “I was shocked an appalled at what happened to these girls. None of this was reported to the Ministry of Education. This is blatant racism and those responsible will suffer the appropriate consequences.”

Officials at the Education Ministry expressed shock and disgust at the incident, and strongly condemned these blatantly racist actions.

“Discrimination and racism have no place in the education system,” they noted. Ministry of Education Director General Shlomit Amichai reported that an inspector will be sent to the school Tuesday morning to investigate the matter, and that the school will be penalized accordingly.

Schools officials did not make formal comment, but noted that the school is elitist both in terms of academics and religious observance, and, for religious purposes, reserves the right not to admit students who have a television or internet access in their home.

Furthermore, as a religious institution, the school had full right to refuse admission to the aforementioned students, because they could not live up to its academic standards.

School officials also note that due the school only agreed to admit these Ethiopian students at the municipality’s insistence, and therefore was forced to relegate them to special classrooms where they could catch up academically .Furthermore, the students in question also attended many lessons in regular classrooms along with their peers.

The school staunchly denies the claims that the girls had separate recess hours, labeling them “utterly false”. Furthermore, school officials describe the cab rides home as a “perk” given to the Ethiopian students by the local municipality. “Who wouldn’t want to be chauffeured home in a cab?” they remarked.


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Comment from: Abdu Yimam [Visitor]
Abdu Yimam

How come there are no comments in this topic yet? Even Ato Yeha seems like he run out of his nonsense comments. Kudos to that!

What t is happening in Israel is wrong and at this 21st century we still have racism in many places we could even imagined…. like Israel!

12/05/07 @ 11:25
Comment from: Ethiopia Azenkulesh [Visitor]
Ethiopia Azenkulesh

I feel sorry for the Ethiopian Girls. It should have been an honor for the school to have ethiopian students in their classroom. How unfortunate!!! I dont even understand why Ethiopians migrate to such racist countries!!! Emeye Mariam ere tey tey tey, bekachu beyen!

12/05/07 @ 11:56
Comment from: Hunkuro [Visitor]

I am actually Schocked!

12/05/07 @ 13:03
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

Where are Almariam, Mesfin, and others?, that they shuld ask the American Congress not to give aid to Israel. HR 666

12/05/07 @ 13:14
Comment from: Tiyaa [Visitor]

Ethiopian don’t you know that
ISRAIL are dicicreminater. YOU DNOT
see what they did to their cuisn of
PALASINIAN. They distroed their proparity put the bridge between the city what you expect from them. Go back to home Country even if the country is poor GOD will help you to live. You ETHIOPIAN think going to ISRAEL is having better life it is horble. I sow so many store or read about ethiopian who live in ISRAEL.

12/05/07 @ 14:03
Comment from: Joker(*_*) [Visitor]

I do not see how this news applies to us. These people are not Ethiopians, they are Jews, and I have herd them on a couple of ocassions expressing on how hardcore Jews they are, and how do not want to do anything with Ethiopia;therefore, it is rediculous to bring about news regarding them.>:(

As for the kids being segeregated against I feel sorry for them, and hopefully the pathertic isreali goverment will open its woozy eyes and take the right action ( which I doubt)

Well folks this is your battle and it has nothing to do with us,so fight your own
battles. Just like the time you did not participate in the protest against the 999 (over 1000)students that were murdered in cold my TimbataM Melese. Today, we too just lean back, pop our collars and watch you from the side line protesting.:>>


12/05/07 @ 15:00
Comment from: Yaleb [Visitor]

It is not a bad idea if it’s intended in a positive way as a preparatory measure hence the level of education of the ‘native’ pupils is understandably higher than the girls in question. This ‘positive discrimination’ in the end will help our immigrants to elevate their aspiration to more than average standards. After all, the very decision to enrol them in this school is, let us agree, a sign of goodwill.

It is beyond anyone’s’ comprehension to suggest that the Jewish, no matter at a minority level, behave in a discriminatory way given the historical fact this same race suffered at the hands of xenophobic, chauvinists and fascists all over the world. It is common knowledge that in the not distant past no child with a Jewish surname would have been allowed to enter an elite educational establishment or university in any of East European Countries not to mention the overall anti-Semitism hysteria that flourished in Western Europe since Shakespearean times- remember Shylock……

If the matter is on a purely religious basis, which seems the case, then this is not entirely confined to Jewish fanaticism or to our unfortunate compatriots. Try to send your only child to a Catholic school in a multi racial London- it will be the same unless you are the follower of that faith or have a good connection to the Vatican, preferably to the Pope! In short, for any unfortunate circumstance there is always a fortunate outcome……. Let the girls learn in the way the school see it fit.

12/05/07 @ 15:01
Comment from: skinny but proud ethiopian [Visitor]
skinny but proud ethiopian

well well, I thought Isreal was a holy country and the israelis gods chosen people, but the way they are acting nowa days its more like the devils chossen people, look what they did to lebanon, and I bet you a million bucks the Ethio soldiers are nothing but cannon fodders for the real israeli soldiers, Ethiopians be strong know that you are more jewish than all those white people, who have as much as 1/3rd isreali bload in them, you are the true people of god unlike some other masqaraders with a different Agenda.

Long live the Ethiopians the real Isrealies

12/05/07 @ 15:32
Comment from: Teff [Visitor]

Please read the whole story about the school and the 4 Ethiopian girls before everybody jump on the racism band wagon.

From what i understood the school is a religious school which means all students must follow strict religious code. In this case not using the internet, not watching TV..etc. Anybody who do not follow the rules will be treated differently. The 4 girls were considered not religious observant enough by the school.

So my friends lets try to understand the reasons why the school decided to separate and teach the girls from the general student population. Blaming everything on racism is very easy. Racism can be used to cover the real problems. Under this racism cover the real problems will stay unresolved for a long time. People can not change their ethnic back ground. But they can change their actions.

Play by the rules and see if [race] is still a factor. There is only one race. That is THE HUMAN RACE.

Peace to all

12/05/07 @ 15:47
Comment from: Abyssiniangirl [Visitor]

I would think, considering their history of being at the receiving end of ruthless racist discriminations, the Jews would be a little tolerant, but look what is happening? As for the Ethiopian Jews, they are “Jews", so why are we dedicating so much space and time on an Ethiopian website?

12/05/07 @ 15:58
Comment from: safu [Visitor]

I think the lion of judah should consider withdrawing from their claim as blacks are not welcome as jews or even to relate. It seems they are protecting their race? Be proud, be balck and do not seek to be associated with white. That is a medicine for those desprate persons.

12/05/07 @ 16:07
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

It is written in the resurrection, that Ethiopians will be scattered around the globe and suffer consequential upheaval in a society where they are trying to settle too, but then, in Christ’s second comings, he will send the Angle to save his people(Ethiopians) out off the misery they are inn.

Look at how our young brothers, sisters and mothers are suffering and being treated, in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the Emirates etc. Doesn’t this happenings tell us something, on who we are and where we are headed too. It meant to be what it meant to be and no one can stop for what is happening to us, Ethiopians in and around the world, except GOD our saver.

May GOD bless our country Ethiopia and our people.

12/05/07 @ 17:21
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Ethiopian jews be thnkful for the many great thing the israel government have done for you.They took you in because they belive you are one of them.And stop turning everything to racisim,after all you are uncolonized ethiopians.Just learn how our sisters in arab country are suffering on every day basis.Israels and ethiopians are cousins since moses time.Don’t let minor social problems effect you as it is part of life.

12/05/07 @ 17:23
Comment from: GONDAR [Visitor]

Baseless report!

12/05/07 @ 17:47
Comment from: Hope [Visitor]

Teshome, you are very funny!! “HR 666” Hilarious!

I’m very sorry for what is happening to our people. Does anyone know a way we can express our concerns and influence in any way to help these people?

12/05/07 @ 18:14

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