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Comment from: What [Visitor]

Hey, this country is not short of bahtawis and debteras, those indian gurus are just people who managed to do it the western way. Broadcast, write and held conferences. They in no way are relevant to us.
We need developers and people who come with their capitals.


12/10/07 @ 12:58
Comment from: John [Visitor]

you fool…you dont realise the importance of a guru…dont think all guru’s are fake…There are some genuine guru’s like Sri Sri Ravishankar who have the vison to improve the lives of people..his work is tremendous…fools like you will not realise the importance of sprituality…My life has undergone a tremendous change after meeting Sri Sri Ravishankar…people in ethiopia are not fools to simply believe everyone..sri sri has around 25 million followers across the globe..do u think all these 25 million people are fools?? Sri Sri is awesome and we need more people like sri sri ravishankar in ethiopia

12/12/07 @ 20:19
Comment from: SShivkumar [Visitor]

His Holiness is beyond words. It is natural for all normal humans to doubt the truth because of our day-to-day experience, but that does not hold for this holyman, You can believe and accept only after you experience a change. Try associating yourself with him in some form, visit any art of living website and find out for yourself and make your life environment healthy & happy.

12/14/07 @ 01:10
Comment from: zimmta [Visitor]

You have chosen to call yourself what.If only you truely asked what? you will be surprised how much you can learn. I suggest you read your own comment first, then try to learn what a debtera or bahitawi can teach you then maybe find out just one thing about Ravi Shankar. The answer is with in your own comment. Here’s to using the capital you already opsses :idea:

12/14/07 @ 06:22

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