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Eritrea - Small but pugnacious

Eritrea - Small but pugnacious Eritrea might be tiny, but it is currently squaring up to much larger neighbour Ethiopia - and more or less everyone else Little guys typically make up in aggressiveness what they lack in size - and tiny Eritrea, the Horn… more »
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Ethiopia - Ethiopian pullout only end to deadlock in Somalia- Clan Leader

Wounded men are seen flanked by relatives at Medina Hospital Somalia's top clan says Ethiopian pullout only end to deadlock MOGADISHU (AFP) — Ethiopian troops must leave Somalia for the country's ailing transitional institutions to garner any legitimacy… more »
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Ethiopia Eritrea - A bitter old row shows no sign of fading

File Photo: Regional Military Power Ethiopia Ethiopia - Eritrea Bad words over Badme Dec 13th 2007 | NAIROBI From The Economist print edition A bitter old row shows no sign of fading “SHOULD Eritrea launch another war, we will make certain it will never… more »
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Ethiopia - Anger over Ethiopian designs

Matthew Williamson has sparked outrage in the Ethiopia's online community Ethiopia - Anger over African designs By Hewete Haileselassie Independent Matthew Williamson, the clothing designer to the stars, has become embroilled in an unfashionable row… more »
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Somalia - At least 12 dead in Mogadishu Market shelling

A civilian is carried by his relatives to Madina hospital after a mortar shell exploded killing several people in Bakara market Mogadishu, Somalia Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007. Mortars slammed into the biggest market in Mogadishu on Thursday, killing at… more »


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