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Comment from: Woyane's Yugoslavian dream [Visitor]
Woyane's Yugoslavian dream

Woyane will only leave through an uprising. This is the only government in the world that hates its own Country. We know there history of burning the Ethiopian flag. Some people are impressed by a few empty buildings in addis but ethiopia is still one of the poorest countries out there and will remain there till the communists get out. This bill will only further scare of opposition supporters and that more power to Scum of the Earth, Woyanne.:>

12/17/07 @ 12:49
Comment from: Washeraw [Visitor]

Why come with a revised proclamation when the existing one has not been implemented? Gebru Asrat’s party had to wait much too long to be registered, without any regard to the law.

This must be a “trick” to legitimize what EPRDF has been doing to break up opposition parties.

12/18/07 @ 03:55

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