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Comment from: Woyane's Yugoslviaian dream [Visitor]
Woyane's Yugoslviaian dream

This only helps Ethiopian hating Woyane. We cannot allow small disagreements to get to big and divide ourselves like woyane has divided the nation. After sleeping with eritreans for decades and openly degrading ethiopia he has succeeded in dividing the country and only the unity of the Ethiopian people can get rid of them. Stop the childless games and unite.

12/17/07 @ 12:44
Comment from: woygud [Visitor]

It is very sad but it is also a lesson to the blind supporters. One has to understand who he/she supports rather than who he/she doesn’t support. The mere fact that someone doesn’t like EPRDF does not has to mean that anybody but EPRDF.
Logic must be utilized at all times. Ethiopia can not afford another failed revolution. I think EPRDF is not perfect but better than the alternative. Can we all imagine what te alternative would have been?
God really Loves Ethiopia!!!!
For protecting us from Derg #2.
I mean, did you hear the ‘Awaj’ and the way it was read? the only thing that was missing was a statement about the death venality and the immediate execution.

12/17/07 @ 14:44
Comment from: Honest [Visitor]

“Gangeen Sekalaa bootee ofichun gebabsite.” For those who do not understand it means ” When a “beklo” (offspring of donkey and horse) breaks her roe she makes it short for herself. Well I hoe this will be the last straw that would help the others break away from this man who is a self aggrandizer. He has to know that the struggle of Ethiopians is bigger than just one person and no one has crowned him king. So applying the rule of lead, follow or get out of the way, IMHO, the dude should get out of the way.

12/17/07 @ 16:31
Comment from: Mmagic [Visitor]

yes god must love ethiopia, hailu shawl is dictator than mengestu. he is dum he dont know any thing about politics, he just want to be a leadear and revenge the poor peoples. do you all listen american radio like three days ago there was a debate between him and DR.HAILU ARAYA he was really ediet. if you rememebr two years ago that is what LEDETU AYALEW said.LEDETU is the onley our good futuere leader. DR. BERHANU is good, but he relly wants the power.

12/17/07 @ 16:34
Comment from: Ethiobizman [Visitor]

How old is enginer Hailue Shawel?

12/17/07 @ 17:00
Comment from: Bulbula Hagos [Visitor]
Bulbula Hagos

Germawinatachew kibur!!! Irrrrr Hailu Shewid

12/17/07 @ 17:04
Comment from: Hope [Visitor]

Woyane’s Yugoslviaian dream Says:
We cannot allow small disagreements to get to big and divide ourselves

Small Disagreements? I don’t think so!

Just imagine these people (broken up pieces of CUD) leading a nation. This is not a small disagreement. A small group that can not bring peace and agreement among itself can not bring peace and agreement to a whole nation. God had saved Ethiopia from being messed up by these people.

12/17/07 @ 17:11
Comment from: kidist [Visitor]

I dont think CUD’s illness makes woyane healthy and good to be preffered.

rather it makes people to prefer armed struggle the best solutions to ethiopians who is suffering under tyranny.

Woyane wants to be good in the absence of competition.

12/17/07 @ 17:22
Comment from: mira [Visitor]

down to cud and what ever name you give to them. shame for us to have leader like those onces.
i think if wayane change mind to accept others tribes as ethiopia specially respect oromo people they are better than any leader we had in the past.
shame to old fashion, called hailu or whatever name you give them
love and development to my country first, then other thing will come later
down and down to cud amhara savege from montain

12/17/07 @ 17:50
Comment from: Abyssinia [Visitor]

This reminds me of how Ehapa(eprp) was so full of factions(anjas) and how one clique used to accuse the other of being less communist,pro dergi banda undercover tehahit(tplf and kill each other in the process.

12/17/07 @ 17:59
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Honest, the dude is a village idiot who stepped over dead bodies on his way to work to serve the criminal Mengistu regime. This idiot also represents the old tribal Ethiopia who murdered her own children. You folks are better off without him.

12/17/07 @ 18:00
Comment from: [Member]

Mr.hailu is super dictator better than mengistu if he gets the gun he will prove it to all of us belive me on this one,wwwwwwwwww the presidant of CUD…
C stands for Crud
U stands for Unreliable
D stands for Dumba** Dictator!!
Did I say that???

12/17/07 @ 18:00
Comment from: fithun [Visitor]

i think though eprdf is way from being perfect and sincere it is the better option we have.though EPRDF has done so many mistakes especially in the first few years undeniably they have done their best in the past few years to push the country in the right direction.the big problem with CUD or the the oppostion for that matter is that they brought figures who have prefixes before their names,like Dr. engineer and etc.although i am not in any way not opposed to the fact that educated people should not run for poltical offices ,the thinking that only those kind of people can solve the problem of the poor nation was really preposterous.only the lay people of ethiopia who are passing through the daily hardship of of life can find a solution to the problem.i don;t mean that illitrates can solve the problem.the problem with people who spends most their lives in the educational realm im is they are detached from the reality of life and not practical.see AAU ,it has been there for more than half a century now and what it has done to alleviate the poverty of this country.nothing.it was there before many african nations have their own colleges and university but now we are lagging behind most of those nations in terms of growth and dev.that why actually this people are not able to work together.those are peoples whoo have big egos and thinks things in terms of advantage.they spent most of their life outside ethiopia and came back to reap the benefits when the country is in peace.we need people who have been in the fabrics of ethiopian life and are able to solve the problem of this nation.we don’t want people with big egos who don’t let things to go forward unless it is their way.we need humble people who are willing to listen to others.imagine this people in power .it would have been a big mess .ethiopia has a its oun share of its own problems ,we don’t want another headache.my advice to CUD leaders:go back to where you belong,to the big university and colleges where they have places to handle your big egos.we want people to listen to our problem not to dictate from a notion that they know everything.

12/17/07 @ 18:18
Comment from: free [Visitor]

armed struggle is the only solutions for ethiopia.

this is from someone how love ethiopa very very much.
cuz i don’t see any other way,

12/17/07 @ 18:39
Comment from: Assab Ethiopia [Visitor]
Assab Ethiopia

Capital=Addis Fortune=Reporter=Walta.
All are woyane propaganda outlets.
CUD is the future of Ethiopia.The woyane fascists know that and that is why they started their genocidal terror against this party as soon as TPLF/EPRDF lost the election in the ‘05 election.At least this disagreement(among CUD members) was not solved by mass killing like woyane always has solved the disagreement in its party.CUD members and supporters are not sub human chimpanzees like the woyanes.

12/17/07 @ 18:45

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