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Ethiopia - President Girma awards medallions to Cuban soldiers



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Ethiopia - President Girma awards medallions to Cuban soldiers

President Girma awards medallions of honor to Cuban soldiers Photo ENA

Ethiopia - President Girma awards medallions of honor to Cuban soldiers

December 18, 2007
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ENA)
- President Girma Woldegiorgis awarded medallions of honor to Cuban soldiers who fought along the Ethiopian soldiers during the Ethio-Somali war in 1977.

While giving the medallions at a ceremony held here at the national palace on Monday, President Girma said that the Cuban soldiers who fought to protect the sovereignty of Ethiopia had opened a new chapter in the Ethio-Cuban relation.

The role the Cuban soldiers played had laid firm foundation that enabled Ethiopia and Cuba beef up their relation during peaceful period, he said.

Cuban development experts are currently making efforts to assist development efforts of Ethiopia, Girma added.

The existing cooperation between Ethiopia and Cuba, particularly in the education and health sectors is an indicator of Cuba’s commitment in supporting Ethiopia's development, he said.

President Girma said the two countries are currently making due efforts to bring their cooperation to a higher level, and added that the celebration of the Ethio-Cuban friendship is unique as it coincided with the Ethiopian millennium celebration.

Ethiopian's have great respect for fellow Cubans who paid priceless sacrifice in protecting the Sovereignty of Ethiopia, President Girma said, and added that the Cuban heroes would be remembered in Ethiopia for generations.

President Girma on the occasion gave special award to Cuban Vice President and Secretary of the Ministers' Council Executive Committee and medallions to 13 members of the Cuban delegation who participated in the war.

Minister of National Defense, Kuma Demeksa also said the Ethio-Cuba friendship should be celebrated by honoring the Cuban soldiers who paid enormous sacrifices while fighting along with the Ethiopian soldiers.

Cuban Vice President, Esteban Lazo Hernandez for his part said that 5,000 Cubans are currently serving in Ethiopia, while 3,500 Ethiopians are attending their education in Cuba.

The Vice President expressed delegation's happiness over coming to Ethiopia during the celebration of the new millennium.

The Ethiopian and Cuban Friendship Monument and park that was inaugurated on Monday would further strengthen the existing Ethio Cuban bilateral relations, he said.

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weyane must hand over bademe to eritrea. so wecan have peace.

12/19/07 @ 02:22


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