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Comment from: Warrior [Visitor]

Meles please let them know the truth this double standard advantage taker people sitting in the UN. On one side they support us on the other had they back stab us. They know the thryth with out us no one dared to do the dirty cleaning job.

12/19/07 @ 21:08
Comment from: free ogaden [Visitor]
free ogaden

meles lier ,lier, nobody gonna help you are in quakemire the worst is comming and this time makale nothingless,

help, help. help, no help is comming fire is comming and you requested it 4 yourself.

long live ,ogadenia and somalia and all peace loving people.

12/19/07 @ 21:12
Comment from: yahye [Visitor]

Unlike the desperate Woyanne thug hiding the casualties of poor Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia, the world and the Somalis are aware of the grave humanitarian situation in the country thanks to our Somali as well as international media organizations. The Tigray crime boss will pay a heavy price for the crimes he commited in Mogadishu as well as in ADDIS. Even the Makelle village will not be safe for the criminal.

12/19/07 @ 21:14
Comment from: Zulu [Visitor]

nazer’s.com man of the is deep trouble.The fate of the woayne babbon seems fairly similar to that of his predessor, Menegestu.

12/19/07 @ 21:18
Comment from: geb [Visitor]

Well, well,

It won’t be easy but leaving Somalia without the AU peace keepers would be more damaging to the Somalis poor people than to say we tried to help them. Ethiopia went to Somalia to bring peace and stability not to start the war and leave the country at no where. There should be some sort of settlement. The UN won’t come to Africa to save Somalia. The Somalis who are elected to do their part and the Ethiopian leaders should nogociate on a peaceful power sharing method. Let the opposition group participate and work toward peace.

For sure Isayas can’t stop setting fire but the Somalis themselves should have some elderly people who have some gray cell who think sharing and coming to terms is the only way for them secure a healthy and peaceful country.

If UN could do something about these kind of problems, things would have been different. Inocent people could not have lost their lives. We shouldn’t the Ruwandas, the
Darfur and southern Sudan, and other places.

The African people need to come together and find some solution to the suffering and diing poor people.

PEACE to all Africans

12/19/07 @ 21:18
Comment from: eri- ferari [Visitor]
eri- ferari

The great eritrean army and the uic r attacking the woyane army killing its hundreds of woyane soldiers.. and as we can see over here,we made this evil leader cry out to the international comunity for help….i personaly start seeing the light at the end of tunnel…and it is time to celebrate when somalia is back to the uic..and when the woyane soldeirs are back to addis ababa and start bagging like the derg soldiers..

12/19/07 @ 21:20
Comment from: Assab Ethiopia [Visitor]
Assab Ethiopia

He already has committed a sucide long time ago.He just is waiting to be buried in Adwa.

12/19/07 @ 21:25
Comment from: LIsa [Visitor]

My government, melese zenawi is right,We can not leave Somalia at this time since it is not good for Somalia’s people and also for Ogadan people.

12/19/07 @ 21:34
Comment from: Bulbula Hagos [Visitor]
Bulbula Hagos

Mr Meles ?? pleas be “alpna mel” onse you start messing with Somalian internal isue you “must finish” by yourself ales and other ways theris great catstrof on the northern front. you must preper yourself for that olso


12/19/07 @ 21:42
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

meles stop attacke UN as you know you lost in ethiopian 2005 ellction this is you,r first step to you,r fell and the second is somalia and i think you.r last will be eritra .
stop attack UN.

12/19/07 @ 21:54
Comment from: Jimma [Visitor]

Meles, you are REAL DEVIL.

12/19/07 @ 22:27
Comment from: gold [Visitor]

You are stuped first think and work for your country somali is not our businese. you dont work and do by your self banda shabya.

12/19/07 @ 22:36
Comment from: Ambisssa [Visitor]

Ethiopian troops should be there in Somalia as long as there is a treat to Ethiopia. On the other hand we Ethiopians need to stand together as our economy is improving and that needs our Strength to keep on going.

12/19/07 @ 22:58
Comment from: tesfu agere [Visitor]
tesfu agere

UN IS working hard to diploy 26000
solders where there is oil darfur sudan unfortunatly in somalia becouse there is no oil for the timebing they gave no atteintion at all
icall them ununited nation stuped

12/19/07 @ 23:03
Comment from: Aba Tigist [Visitor]
Aba Tigist

Mr. meles is right. The UN is the most incompetent organization. But Ethiopia cannot afford to withdraw unilaterally because it would worsen the situation for Ethiopia. Ethiopia has security interests. The irony is the un has its priorities upside down. First they should secure the peace by sending peace keepers, and follow that with food aid. How do they expect to deliver food when there is still fighting? Should the UN negotiate with the terrorists just to show departmental job performance?????strange

12/19/07 @ 23:11

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