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Comment from: coolman [Visitor]

May be it is better to withdraw and secure the border as good as possible. Let the Somali’s fight it out themselves. If LFs continue to use Somalia as their base, they can be dealt with as Turkey is doing it with the Kurd rebels in North Iraq. I am no military man, just a thought of a concerned citizen who does not wish to see his brethren killed for nothing.

My worry is, Ato Meles can not order the pool out without uncle Sam’s consent, which he does not get right now.


12/19/07 @ 11:10
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Hey keep this trash report out… Mogadishu is more in peace today thanks to the brave Ethiopian military who is working hard to bring peace in Somalia. Somalians now have a freedom they have never seen before and the few who want the peace to fail are not going to see it happened. Eritrea has failed in all area and UIC will not see Somalia again. Somalians are supporting the ethiopian military and asking them not to live because they have realized Ethiopian military has done great job in bring safety to thier counrty. PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE THR B/S FROM SOME OF THIS LIES… talk to some of the military person who has return from Mogadishu and they will tell you the truth…

Peace out

12/19/07 @ 11:24
Comment from: Giyorgis [Visitor]

You are right!
It is time to let those crazy cousins of ours go their own way. Secure the border. If they get too crazy or become the hotspot for Al Queada, let Meles’ Uncle Bush drop a bomb on them like he did Iraq. The Bush administration likes to fight long drawn out wars against crazy terrorists.

12/19/07 @ 11:35
Comment from: debebe [Visitor]

It was obvious from the get go. Fool Jendai Frazer and Zenawi celebrated “Mission accomplished” last year. But they created another Darfur in Africa. Zenawi managed to decive some clawens at the state department that he can stabilize (destabilize) Somalia within two weeks. It has been a year since Zenawi declared victory but he is cought in a bloody quagmire that he can not escape easily. People at the State department who authorized this foolish game must be held responsible. Zenawi must pull out his troops and the Somalis should be left to sort out thier differenec by themselves. As the UN representative said on Monday to the security council “I am convinced that, when left alone, Somalis are ready to join ranks and efforts to get their country back on its feet in the next few months.”
Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, Special Representative of the Secretary-General.

12/19/07 @ 11:59
Comment from: mesfin wedi adwa [Visitor]
mesfin wedi adwa

death to woyane.
peace to the ppl of africa.
somalia, eritrea and the oppressed ppl of ethiopia will win.
meles stop killing the poor ppl of somalia, abide by the decicion of eebc, ……. and stop being the proxy of jendai frazer
ur days are numberd.
when isaias afeweriki starts the war you will be finised with a matter of days.

12/19/07 @ 12:04
Comment from: debebe [Visitor]

The real story–the great unfolding humanitarian disaster–continued. For the Somali people, Zenawi’s invasion of December of 2006 could not have started at a worse time. Defeating the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and propping up the TFG; this was Zenawi’s immediate rationale for violating Somalia. The larger goal? Forging a partnership between Washington and Zenawi in order to execute “war on terror". A year later, this mission has not been accomplished. Instead, the “war on terror” has become the terror of war being visited on the Somali people.
In Shell-Shocked, Human Rights Watch’s August 2007 reports “our investigation of the March-April hostilities, we documented many of the most serious patterns of abuse by Ethiopian troops, such as indiscriminate attacks on civilians, summary executions and repeated targeting of hospitals,” wrote Tom Malinowski, Washington Advocacy Director for Human Rights Watch, in an open letter to Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

12/19/07 @ 12:08
Comment from: chu [Visitor]

What kind of freedom are you talking about Z-Mike? Think about it just 4 a second. You are saying that because you are Weyane or ” Ethiopian” . What about if you are Somalian. What are you going to say?
This is what i am saying “kesew bate meleakt yebate seytan yesalale”

12/19/07 @ 12:32
Comment from: Entna [Visitor]

mesfin wedi adwa,
to me you sound more like wedi Eri than wedi Adwa.

12/19/07 @ 12:42
Comment from: Eshatu Daba [Visitor]
Eshatu Daba

It is a contradiction Somalis to govern Somali, they did not for the last 17 years and they can’t do it any time soon. It is a clan based society where there are not schools to produce rationality. It is a tyrannical dictator or a barbaric fanatics who will take all his freedom even to shave his beard or watch movie. What did if for the dictator was hanging the Sheiks and Clan leaders in public at the center of the business district. It is better to let them find what ever suit them and Ethiopia could hold any one who assumes any power responsible for any hostile action, with a devastating consequence. It is survival of the fittest like the animal kingdom in a country where one clan eats another. If it is not for the zero sum game of clanism, there is no country in Africa, where the peoples language, religion and nationality is the same to love one another and to live in peace. It should have been the most harmonious and peaceful land in the world, not of lawlessness and degeneration into a state less society of anarchists, where the people don’t see a government they like, unless they are subjected by force and cruelty.

12/19/07 @ 12:51
Comment from: Semu [Visitor]

Z-Mike, I am wondering you are writing comments almost on all articles, do you have any thing to do except this? Have you ever been to Somalia? It looks like from your words you have been, that you are saying it is nice and peace in somalia. I Saw your comment about Ethiopian economy that it is blooming and people are living very good. May be that only for you, what about working people who didn’t got even a single cent raise for the past 17 years? Is that waht you say people are happy? when you say some thing say just about you don’t try to represent Ethiopian people.
Take care

12/19/07 @ 13:01
Comment from: Bele [Visitor]

Meles is boged down on Somalia, there is no moving out of Mogadischo. He does not have the guts to accept failer! He will wind up perishing in Mogadisho. Mogadisho is a night mare for the Americans, and it will be no different for Meles. Jenday Frezer may give him money but she will not save his ass, he should learn to do the LEGAL and CORRECT before it is too late. He knows oppresed people will never kneel down, no matter how strong the oppressor is. There will be time when Meles and his people will have no where to hide!! Take my word for it.

12/19/07 @ 13:10
Comment from: habesh [Visitor]

i support the back up plan. which is give somaliland statehood, then suround mogadishu with semiautonomous and stable ,secular regions like baidoa and puntland.

i am worried about ONLF using somalia, but my question is if mogadishu is surrounded by pro-ethiopia baidoa and puntland, even if ONLF uses mogadishu/central somalia, how can it attack ethiopia??
i don’t think so.

so my advice is a 7 point plan

1- give somaliland statehood

2- strengthen baidoa, puntland and all surounding regions.

3- withdraw from mogadishu

4- destroy separatist ONLF backbone in ogaden and keep borders secure with pro-ethiopia somali regions

5- utilize secular somali diaspora and economically choke mogadishu/central somali

6- meanwhile, go to eritrea and take back asseb, change eritrean government and put pro-ethiopia, pro-TFG democratic eritrean government

7- then an allied eritrea/ethiopia/somaliland help the secular and by then economically stable baidoa and puntland take back mogadishu

good plan??

12/19/07 @ 13:11
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

This is not a true report. It is an opinion of Alisha and Jeffery somewhere in kenya that in coffee room or probably in bed.

12/19/07 @ 13:22
Comment from: Abdu Yimam [Visitor]
Abdu Yimam

Mefin wedi adwa,
Are you Eritreans claiming Adwa as well like badime as part of Eritrea or what? You are a high blown (lost in identity) Eritrean and here you are trying to sound a concerned Ethiopian. You can’t fool us, may be you are good at fooling your self. Look where you, and your beloved Eritrea is at now. you guys are a laughing stock. Dengay ras

12/19/07 @ 13:25
Comment from: eritrean [Visitor]  

maybe its for good to leave the so called somali alone. it dont matter whats the cause should respect one another. let them deal with their problem since more hate

12/19/07 @ 13:42

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