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Ethiopia denies New York Times Report



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Ethiopia denies New York Times Report

File Photo: Jeffrey Gettleman of The New York Times seen here in 2004 on PBS

Ethiopia denies New York Times Report

The following is a press release from Ethiopia's Ministry of Information.

December 20- 2007

Ministry of Information

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Defense force has cracked and captured quite a large number of the members of the terrorist group and left the remaining to be dispersed by the intensified and extensive activities it has exerted together with the Regional Government and the peace loving people of the region to abort the anti-peace activities and the terrorist attacks of the terrorist group that named itself ‘The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). It is also known that this measure has enabled to stop these anti-peace forces from carrying out terrorist attacks against the lives of innocent civilians and development institutions in an organized manner. Following this, it has become possible to persevere with providing the impeded humanitarian assistance in some areas of the region and the ongoing development activity. Recently Mr. John Holmes, head of the United Nations Humanitarian assistance affaires, who has visited the area has stated that no severe humanitarian crisis has occurred owing to the stranded supply of the humanitarian assistance and that the government is working closely with the appropriate aid organizations to facilitate the relief distribution.

With regard to reliably safeguarding the peace and security of the surrounding and ensuring the sustainability of development projects and programs, the task of combating and eliminating the anti-peace elements with the full participation of the regional government and the people is intensified and has become fruitful. In relation to this, members of the local militia that have basically come from the various clans and the residents of the region are courageously fighting and cracking down the anti-peace elements in partnership with the defense force.

Contrary to this objective reality on the ground, The New York Times has disseminated an unsubstantiated report on December 14/2007 stating that the Ethiopian government has forced doctors, teachers, office workers including employees of development projects operated by the sponsorship of the UN and the World bank that do not have any military training to be mobilized to the warfront to fight against the anti-peace ONLF terrorists.

Essentially, though it is the entire peace-loving people of the Ogaden who are struggling against the anti-peace forces standing on the side of the defense force, it is apparently known that particularly the members of the local militia are working hard having the forefront role. What distinguishes the members of the local militia from the regular army is the fact that members of the militia possess their own private and regular work to lead their own livelihood though they have military training and equipment that enables them to protect the peace and security of their surrounding collectively. Local militias that have a similar organization are found being involved in protecting the peace and security of their surrounding in all the regions of the country having been voluntarily enlisted and taken the necessary military training that makes them fit to safeguarding the peace and security of their vicinity. It is crystal clear that this practice has long lived and is a well-developed and important tradition of the country.

Nonetheless, there is absolutely no way that civilian that do not have any military training are made to fight the ONLF in the warfront as the New York Times inaccurately presented. It is to be known that the government is combating the forces of the terrorist group basically by the members of the local militia who are equipped and possess the necessary military training along with the defense force’s forefront backing. There could be no reason for the government to take any action that endangers civilians who are already targets of the terrorists since the goal of the ongoing struggle is to defend the peace and security of the civilians and the surrounding. In fact, the civil community is making its own significant contribution in the fight against the terrorist group in a multifaceted manner by giving tip off and pointing directions for the local militia and the defense force.

Since this active participation of the community is encouraging and acceptable, it should be further strengthened in the future. In this regard, the report presented by ‘The New York Times’ distorting the activity of the community to safeguarding its own peace and security on its own initiative and the coordination of clan leaders should be corrected as it is absolutely wrong, nonsense and inconsiderate of the objective reality of the region.


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Comment from: habesh [Visitor]

they finally responded almost a week after the New York times article. :no:

our “Ministry of Information” is an embarrassment to ethiopia!

12/20/07 @ 11:21
Comment from: Ogadenian [Visitor]

Why can’t the world travel freely in Ogaden? it abvious that the Tigre rag tag militia have something to hide.Something very terible like villages all an inhbated becouse the people are all dead. Is like the wild wild west you can see kids hanged from trees, mass graves,village burn.There are 2500 refugees families in Kenya who are telling world how sick this murderer Meles Zenawi really is. No more talking we need the world to take action and bring this criminal to justice. Or within a year no one will be left in the Ogaden all will perish. Tigre rag tag Militia are very cruel and evil like none human.

12/20/07 @ 11:40
Comment from: aaran [Visitor]

Finally wayane terrorist minister agree new York Times report. He said “we trained clan militia who opposed anti-peace Local militias that have a similar organization are found being involved in protecting the peace and security of their surrounding in all the regions of the country having been voluntarily enlisted and taken the necessary military training that makes them fit to safeguarding the peace and security of their vicinity. It is crystal clear that this practice has long lived and is a well-developed and important tradition of the country”

12/20/07 @ 12:22
Comment from: Chasu [Visitor]

New York Times should change its name to ONLF TIMES.

Schools of Jurnalist need to teach more of journalism ethics before grauating students like Jeffrey Getteman. Mr. Getteman of New York Times is supporing the cause of terrorists and undermining efforts of sovereign nations like Ethiopia in containing terrorism in the Horn of Africa region.

Ethiopia prevails. Who cares about what New york Times says as long as the US gov’t know first hand that what NY Times states is not consistent with the reality. Why we care about NY Times other than learning to teach our journalists more ethics. Ethiopia needs to care about its citizen.



12/20/07 @ 12:58
Comment from: Ermias [Visitor]

I do not care if you are for or against the Ethiopian government, but Rape and aggressive sexual behavior is not Ethiopian culture. And every Ethiopian knows that.

What the NY times doing is use Black American stereotype and applying it to Ethiopian soliders

Shame !!!

12/20/07 @ 13:33
Comment from: unknown [Visitor]

You shit Ogadenian:

The world can not travel in Ogaden freely since your stupid fighters are killers and blood suckers. Because you paid Geffry to write nonsense for you does not mean he likes you. He is just doing business in his selfish and unethical way. Well come to the western countries. No ethical obligation when it comes to Africa. They hear oil, and they are all over it already. I am sure Geffery is promised to be a shareholder in the oil by ONLF to published this and other nonsense articles he wrote. What are you doing to the Ogaden people sitting in the comfort of you home. At least the governemnt is doing its best of his obligation despite you corrupted and bloodsucker ONLF.

To habesh:
Ethiopian government has no obligation to reply to every basiless article posted in the world by anti-ethiopian forces like ONLF and Shiabia. They have no obligation at all. This just nice of them to say the list. It is your job as an Ethiopian to fight the anti-government forces. We all sit in our confortable sofa and judge the government. The government doing its past if the stupid disapora Ethiopian can do their best in building Ethiopian name. Instead we are joining the anti-ethiopian forces to fight Ethiopia. Good example for this is itself.

12/20/07 @ 13:36
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

This lazy and ignorant reporter Jeffrey Gettleman must be made to understand that we are watching him and he will be accountable for his irresponsible acts. Ethiopia is a significant country and its integrity is to be taken seriously. Any reporting against it (Ethiopia) must be verified and cannot be based on assumptions and laziness.

This reply by the Ethiopia’s Ministry of Information should have been stronger than what it is.

12/20/07 @ 13:55
Comment from: Ogadenian [Visitor]

Chasu why are you supporting this worthless murderer.Chasu be a human being for a minute thinki about your family.I’m sure you have mom and dad and bothers and sisters huh look at it from that side you don’t want anybody to rape your mom,sisters and so on. nor do you want anybody killing you or your father and brother.Well image your enire village burn to the ground and everyone is dead. This is what is hapening in Ogaden our own families have gone through what I just describe to you man.No one should blindly support this Tigre cold blooded killers.

12/20/07 @ 14:58
Comment from: Death to Weyane [Visitor]
Death to Weyane

What do you think Z-Mike, New York Times are lier not Weyane right?

12/20/07 @ 15:07
Comment from: Beekkaa [Visitor]

Look, this minstry of lie has issued three different press release in different media.ONe on AIGA forem,one on Naziret and the other in Amharic.They try to confuse and hide their lie.Woyane you can`t hide more and your hidden ajenda has already exposed.

12/20/07 @ 15:10
Comment from: Gudfela [Visitor]
Gudfela are doing more crime that what was reported on the New York Times. Finally the world has come to realize that what we have in Mnilik Palace is a bucher of his own ppl.

Hope we will hear a lot more from all media sources around the glob about this shameful craetures called Woyanes and their abhorent crimes.

12/20/07 @ 15:31
Comment from: suzi [Visitor]

Ewunetina girate alu.
Finally they admitted it.

12/20/07 @ 15:35
Comment from: elron [Visitor]

Most immigrants(with refugee status) who live in the west have knowledge of this kind of info. If you want refugee visa to go to the west , the way you tell your story (specially exagurating it to the max)has 100% impact whether you get visa or not. I have first hand exprience of people who did that and are in the usa now in the 1000’s .It even helps them to bring up to 20(estimation) of their extended family members immediately. SO BE IT NEW YORK TIMES JEFFERY, OPPOSITON SUPPORTERS OR OTHERS WHO JUST LOVE TO HEAR BAD NEWS ABOUT ETHIOPIA, YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

12/20/07 @ 16:09
Comment from: ogaden_boy [Visitor]


i wish we ogadenis and woyanes willhave been let to fight alone without the help of westerners then ppl of ethiopia will have seen how we over run them quickly.

It is reduculous when woyanes blame the same white men who are arming and help them.

These woyanes have no future they will be surrounded the dry mountains of tigray because they are so hated by all ethiopians , somalis as well as eritreans maybe we let them to emigrateti SIBIRIa or Greenland.

I could wait the fall og woyanes .

12/20/07 @ 16:14
Comment from: Samuel Gebru [Member]
Samuel Gebru

habesh I completely AGREE.

12/20/07 @ 16:37

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