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Ethiopia - Person of The Year Birtukan Vs Meles



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Ethiopia - Person of The Year Birtukan Vs Meles

It is not an easy task to choose the Person of The Year for Ethiopia, and this website collected suggestions from its visitors and we have now two finalists to choose as Person of The Year, Meles Zenawi and Birtukan Mideksa. We want to make sure that the selection process is as fair as possible and with the last two finalists now voted by our visitors, it is time to pick the person of the year.

Here are the two finalists

Birtukan Mideksa

First Vice Chair, Coalition for Democracy and Unity Party, Ethiopia and judge.

Meles Zenawi
Prime Minister of Ethiopia

About The Poll and Possible Cheating

I am sure many remember when a POLL was abused by H.R. 2003 opponents, by voting multiple times. But that was a weakness in the POLL system that was using only cookies to prevent multiple voting. Read below to see how we minimize cheating.

Is it possible to vote more than once?
Yes and No. Here is why

This Poll will prevent people from voting more than once, in two ways.
1. We place a small text file (cookie) in your computer and read that to make sure that you have not voted before.

2. Since number 1 can easily be defeated by deleting cookies and voting again, our second line of defense is recording your IP address*, a unique number that identifies your PC in the network. Only one vote per IP address can be recorded. But this can also be manipulated using proxy servers and other IP spoofing techniques, but harder to an average user than step 1.

Here is another scenario, a user at a school computer lab could potentially go to 25 computers and vote for the same person as long as all the PC's don't share the same proxy IP address. So yes there are ways that people can vote more than once, but then again that is one more reason, internet poll is not reliable.

*A blow back scenario of one vote per IP address:
Two unique people could be identified by the same IP address when accessing our site specially when using an ISP's proxy server. This is rare but can happen. If you have not voted before and you tried to vote and you don't see the numbers changing, it is probably that you are sharing an IP address from the same ISP proxy.

Vote Person Of The Year
Second Round Result (Top Two on to Final Round)

* Meles Zenawi: 36% (386)
* Birtukan Mideksa: 22% (235)
* Al Mariam: 16% (166)
* Mohamed Al-Amoudi: 9% (100)
* Haile Gebreselassie: 4% (41)
* Bulcha Demeksa: 3% (37)
* Abebech Gobena: 3% (36)
* Ethio Coffee Farmers: 3% (31)
* Meseret Defar: 3% (28)

Total Votes : 1060

First Round Result (Top Three on to Second Round)
* Meles Zenawi: 26% (248)
* Al Mariam: 19% (177)
* Birtukan Mideksa: 17% (164)
* Ephrem Isaac: 14% (134)
* Berhanu Nega: 13% (123)
* ONLF: 6% (52)
* Hailu Shawel: 5% (45)
Total Votes : 943


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Comment from: hr 2004 [Visitor]
hr 2004


12/20/07 @ 12:53
Comment from: teshome [Visitor]

PM. Meles Zenawi.

12/20/07 @ 12:59
Comment from: woyane hater [Visitor]
woyane hater

I want to investigate since woyane is known cheating a poll.

12/20/07 @ 13:01
Comment from: habesh [Visitor]

i want to choose our queen Birtukan mideksa because she will be the best leader for ethiopia. but she hasn’t done anything yet. under meles ethiopia is one of biggest economies in africa.
with 10% GDP growth, ethiopia is FASTEST NON-OIL economy in africa. this is big achievement by meles.

on democracy, meles didn’t succeed enough. but we had elections and this year the parliament has developed with

- televised parliament discussion between opposition and ruling party

- a special time given for opposition parties only inside ethiopian parliament

- opposition MPs having voice to criticize meles almost in every parliament occassion

so this is historic achievements. we have to give credit where it is due.
this year ethiopia had its first commercial private radio IN HISTORY and the independent media has grown this year.

most of all i am very happy that the EPRDF decided to pardon CUD leaders to give a chance for reconciliation.
after the CUD leaders reconcile among themselves, hopefully they will reconcile with other parties too.

anyway, ethiopia is progressing under meles.
i love birtukan mideksa but she will have a chance to win this award another year when she becomes the prime minister of our country.

for this year i choose Meles Zenawi. :D

12/20/07 @ 13:02
Comment from: No lesson learn [Visitor]
No lesson learn

The person of the year should be given to Ethiopian people for thier wisdom to pass the massaccre of EPRDF.

12/20/07 @ 13:07
Comment from: The Python [Visitor]
The Python

Really funny!!

Your argument for a re-vote is very naive to say the least. This isn’t a world football
Cup where it comprises of group stage and knock out stages.

Nazrets..You fail 2 be fair enough. Hahahaha..I hope out of frustration you will never steal Korojo:)) 2 help your darling W/O Birtukan….

Anyway, Eng. Hailu supporters will make sure that Birtukan wouldn’t get enough vote.

My prediction: 62% PM–38% Birtukan

12/20/07 @ 13:10
Comment from: Me [Visitor]

Why don’t you tell us how the vote and checking mechanisms that you inplement is handled so that heating can be handled and its gonna be fair?
Thank you in advance.

12/20/07 @ 13:11
Comment from: Me with Q [Visitor]
Me with Q

To the Moderator !
How can I vote?

[See the poll in the top right side bar —> ]

12/20/07 @ 13:16
Comment from: Wodi Mekelle [Visitor]
Wodi Mekelle please don’t waste our time…you already got the results twice we know U will keep on repeating until meles loses. U r an embarassment!…loosers!

Long live Meles!

12/20/07 @ 13:17
Comment from: kemal [Visitor]

Meles is 2007 great leader of Ethiopia and Africa.

12/20/07 @ 13:18
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

the Davil vs the Human

12/20/07 @ 13:20
Comment from: Meles for less [Visitor]  
Meles for less

Person of the year for killing innocent children, women, imprisoning thousands of people –trying to cross thousand and reach million, and for not telling truth. Moreover, melese can be person of the year by disintegrating the unity of two huge ethnic groups in Ethiopia-Amara and Oromo.
Birtikuan Midekesa: She could be person of the year for not being sold her profession for Money-when she was judge Melese tried to create deal for the sentence of Seya Abrha. Birtikuan mideksa is an iron lady of Ethiopia
Mohamed Al-Amoudi: Person of the year for monopolizing the natural resources of the country and beautiful women of Addis Ababa.

12/20/07 @ 13:22
Comment from: Albi [Visitor]

Meles again.

12/20/07 @ 13:23
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

Woyane Hater


12/20/07 @ 13:26
Comment from: dawtes [Visitor]

Meles has accomplished a lot things with and without peaceful ways. He deserves the
Trophy. Meles era should end right here.

12/20/07 @ 13:26

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