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Comment from: myka [Visitor]

well..I dont disagree.

but still the Ethiopian People are the real person of the year for me.

anyway congradulations Meles!!
..the people have chosen you once again.

12/21/07 @ 13:33
Comment from: Kolotemari [Visitor]

ooohhaaa, Yeap! he earned it.;D

12/21/07 @ 13:42
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Although the internet browsing population of Ethiopian origin may not be siginificantly representative of the general population, it is refreshing to see that many people see good value in having his excellency Meles Zenawi as their Prime Minister.

12/21/07 @ 13:42
Comment from: ethiopian man [Visitor]
ethiopian man

Meles will win, i knew it from the start, Now what will kinijits supporters say, this is a small sample, we can imagine how many supporters our prime minister has got. I am sure if it was reall election kinijit would orchestrate demonstration by accusing meles of vote riggings, we saw it in our own eyes meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has a lot of support in the country, non of the kinijit leaders match his talent and skill. Please let us applaud once again for Meles-man of the year-i will nominate him for man of the milenium acually. Meles should read this,,,he is just the greatest. thanks for all rational ethiopians who voted for our Prime Minister.

12/21/07 @ 13:46
Comment from: solomon [Visitor]


Congrats!!! Again, as folks at Nazret.com said…I agree and the voting reflects that Meles has been the person with the most impact on Ethiopia’s political and Economic life deserving “Person of the Year 2007″ designation….it is just that!!

12/21/07 @ 13:47
Comment from: MESFIN [Visitor]

nazret i used to believe that you are neutral, not any more you know the truth. this guy to become person of the year? i followed the poll and some body was making sure meles is the head. any time birtukan get close to pass him meles gets about 10 votes and goes up. any way this is nothing for the ppl of Ethiopia. they showed how they hate EPRDF on the great run by chanting “atichemalek siltanun likek"you did your part as one of weyanes agents. TIZIBT NEW TIRFU

12/21/07 @ 13:51
Comment from: Daniel S. [Visitor]
Daniel S.

it means nothing but Meles has more internet visitors than the other individual and if one pay close attention, the poll shows the unpopularity of the tplf parity as Bittukan, Al Mariam …and the rest who are not by any means supporters of the ruling part constitute much of the 100 % …lets not be deceived by this kind of poll…after all, i can’t deny Meles is doing a terrefic job thou not enough!

12/21/07 @ 13:52
Comment from: GRAVITY [Visitor]

This turn off my appetite for Nazret.com. This site has become a kids playground. The agents of the leadership in Ethiopia have been busy cliking the mouse to help Meles win the vote. I bet they have been voting for Bertukan and others to make the voting process diversified and real. I were Naret, I wouldn’t allow such voting which has no meaning and implication whatsover (whehter Meles or others) got high vote – doesn’t mean anything. It is just another kids game.

12/21/07 @ 13:55
Comment from: et [Visitor]  

:no:You must be joking !!!!!

12/21/07 @ 13:56
Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

Wow, if to massacre the Ethiopian people can make everyone the person of the year,then I will not dare to ask why is Ethiopia still the poorest country in this world. It seems you found a way to live with it!
Happy you, you found your person! congratulations!:)):)):))

12/21/07 @ 13:57
Comment from: milaboy [Visitor]

that was fair congra MELES FUNS. tahnks meles for been the best leader in africa. we love you, we respect you, and we will vote for you again and again!

12/21/07 @ 13:58
Comment from: King-Solomon_2 [Visitor]


The super Prime Minister won against all odds—in a pro-Kinijit website, and a pro-Kinijit political environment (though the political environment is fast changing).

Although this time, I have to hand it to Nazret.com for finally for the bold step and for conceding defeat! This is a step in the right direction.

This proves that the vocal minority is diminishing while the silent majority is starting to roar!

12/21/07 @ 13:58
Comment from: wube [Visitor]

It shows that Nazret is frequently visisted by more Weyanes

12/21/07 @ 13:59
Comment from: The Python [Visitor]
The Python

Dear nazretes:
Seemingly the outcome of the vote is against your wish and expectation. I have never seen a vote done three times. Atleast in the last three years you have never done a re-run of vote when you had such kind of things.

12/21/07 @ 13:59
Comment from: etiob [Visitor]

Mele Bravo, look at your people, they will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in times of war and peace. If you leave office in two years time we will miss you. Please and please stay there one more time, ur experience and skill is some thing our country needs. We cant dream of defeating poverty in the abscence of right leadership. meles you need to remember this, its bad leadership and arrogant cadres that led our country into being one of the backward countries in the world. If Ethiopia gets the right leadership we will be in a better economic situation, and for that we need you to stay just one additional term, then you can retire with grace. Meles Zenawi, Congratulation for being chosen as the person of the year by visitirs of this website and wish you all the best for 2008

12/21/07 @ 14:08

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