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Comment from: Tefera Atlanta [Visitor]
Tefera Atlanta

The article is well put together and it should be recommended to all concerned Ethiopians. Our spirit toward Democracy should focus on unity, tolerance, and humility. Let us all say no to negative reports because it is not doing any good to the future of Ethiopia. It is easy to divide because the Devil thrives in division and confusion. At the same time, it is hard to unite because the process involves bringing many souls(all Ethiopians) together. Though the path is narrow, please let us all choose to walk toward uniting the spirit of the people.

12/24/07 @ 02:09
Comment from: mira [Visitor]

use less organizations who are these people he is talking about old fishion amhara go to hell.
never and ever dream to come back again, what have you done to ethiopia for the last one hudred years in power? shame on you better others who are trying to live as ethiopia even if suffering becuase one day they will be falourish with development. got hell with your bado proud we do not want you to lead ethiopia even for one day.
love and unite to all people of Africa, down to old boys called kinjit or cud what ever name you call it.

12/24/07 @ 07:39
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

Poor english!

U the Amhara complex! if you don’t know how Ethiopia is complex in terms of culture, language what have u couldn’t speak about the one-ness thing. First u should belive on the identity issue. Don’t tell us about the Amhara balabats u mentioned them above, there are a number of people who pay their own life for their country that u don’t know them at all. CUD…what have Hailu couldn’t be a solution to the complex nature of Ethiopian poletics as they are promoting something evil (Shewa centric) not at all!
First u should also undestand that other people (70 mill) people also love their country as u do. Ethiopia is after all about people not about the land!

please go back to school!

12/24/07 @ 08:18
Comment from: elron [Visitor]

ETHIOPIAN REVIEW (traitors) WEBSITE IS THE WORST ETHIOPIAN MEDIA OUTLET OF OUR TIME. Supurb observation"The other irresponsible parties who are actively pouring salts, with or without knowing, to the wound of the Ethiopian people are the so-called Ethiopian news websites (gossip-sites). In the first place I am not sure the editors of these websites are professional journalists. If they are, then, they are degrading the profession itself and the excellent name of those Ethiopian journalists who have sacrificed their time, energy, and life for the betterment of their country by exposing the evil and undemocratic nature of the government. In addition of not having the moral and ethical standard which is the litmus paper of a good journalist behavior, some of these editors’ minds are blinded by vengeance and taking sides. Conversely, other than providing unaltered news to its audiences, the exemplary and even minded journalist’s main duty is to give a balanced stage to its participants in order to entertain different ideas. This way the people will get the chance to listen to both sides and make their own decisions. “source MULUGATA KASAHUN ,GOSSIP IN THE NAME OF THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE

12/24/07 @ 08:57
Comment from: biructait [Visitor]

hi man i red your article,but i dont think you really dont understaand what our country really need! ethiopia we are not special peoples who traped by bad leaders,very close to god and bright future becase of oposition parties. i hate this stuff. comeon man we are the poorest country on earth, we are the mopst talkative and faultfinder. we are poor not bacase of governments now and in the past but bacase of peoples like you !! see kuba or chaina they dont have good governmet in my opinien but they have more hands to work than than to write some useless things on internet. ethiopia future in not on one party it on me ,on you and all the peoples of ethiopia. may be you think that now i am the suporter of the governmet this is the problem our inherited problem ruther than hearing what some one said we are so busy on classifing each other. i am a student abrode i always dream to do some thing usefyll to my country. but i embaresed by you and your kind always make the country hell, becase of governent,try to be a very close son or what ever of ethiopia. country is people ,the poples that needs food water and hospital each day. dont you see that.the will not be haven in ethiopia as faras we are not doing somethine usefullnot thinking about changing the governmet. god ,you wanna me to tell you some thing if ucd get in to power after one year or even less than that ,you and you kind start another propaganda. oh they are not doing what they promise bla.. bla
please wake up ,we have to do alots of things for ethiopia. dont you see she is waiting for you.she doesnt like alotmore speakersbut workers!!!!!!
this in not only for you but also for your kind. comeon WE ARE in 21 centuary there in no go back, ethiopia needs hand to work.do you think by saying GOD BLEES ETHIOPIA, wecan solve one tiny problem. no, we have a mountain of problem but the pillar of the problem is we are not BLESSED TO WORK ,TO THINK POSITIVE WAY, TO BE REALL LOVER OF ETHIOPIA.
GOOD BLESSES US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

12/24/07 @ 10:31
Comment from: GOITOM [Visitor]

Mulugeta! The end justifies the means.All those guys you mentioned-Eyasu, Mersha,Taye and Hailu are losers.They haven’t accomplished anything in terms of Ethiopian politics.As far as i am concerned,telling it like it is should not be interpreted as gossip.

12/24/07 @ 11:59
Comment from: geb [Visitor]

Mr. Mulugeta Kassahun, you pumpkin head!

You stated “If was not to Weyane’s heinous and undemocratic political actions” If you think Woyane is not democratic, you don’t know Ethiopia at all. Besides you are living in the US and you will not know a gadom thing what is going on in Ethiopia.

CUD is nothing but a collection of useless group who came to participate if they could regain the power they have lost. If you think CUD has the best receipe for Ethiopia in their disarry organization, you are wrong. A person like you who is filled with hate and follows the flod, will have the all mighty hell. Adjust the balace so you can have some mercy in life.

Peace to all Ethiopian people.

12/24/07 @ 17:07
Comment from: baymeno [Visitor]

Ay Mulugeta, you said ” if we put our effort and “MONEY”

“Foll me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Goes the saying. You come out from your hibernation realizing that the ” Fools", the die-hard cud supporters, will still contribute money for the lost cause of cud?

You are too let mulugeta. UCD is dead, and Diaspora are regreating for their lost money let alone to give you additional one.

I guess you better go back to Las Vegas and look for a job and stay out of politics.

God Bless Ethiopia!

12/24/07 @ 17:53
Comment from: Get it right [Visitor]
Get it right

I think your name should be Baboon.
Let me tell you what the Amhara did for the last 1000 years not just for 100 year as you tried to tell us:
They teach you Amharic. Lucky you!!
They save you from been a slave for Italy
They kept your history and culture for you and me.
They save your behind from Mojahidin or fanatic Islam
Now it is you and I to keep our Country together and safe in stead of trying to criticized the last 1000 or 100 years heroes like Ase, Tedrowas, Gebrie, Alula, and soon

What did you do for your Country before you try to criticize 32% of the Amhara people?
Shame on you man!.

12/24/07 @ 20:20
Comment from: ababu (the real one) [Visitor]
ababu (the real one)

the above ababu [Visitor]12/24/07 @ 08:18 is a moron who cannot even come up with his own nick name.

Dear readers, please ognore the fake ababu. He is a BANDA from Eritrea trying to divide us Ethiopains.

12/24/07 @ 20:42
Comment from: abel [Visitor]

Good observation, I am sure those who have competent and right mind will comprehend your frustration, but some simple Simpson likes ababu(person who comments on your article) will continue their name calling and destructive mission. You can not do anything about those cursed individuals, telling them is as the same as pouring water on the stone.
Anyhow, criticism positive or negative should be encourage and for sure, those political leaders who believe in their idea would not be frustrated or discouraged by blackmailing or character assassination, since their action is their witness.
Anyhow, I personally support criticism regardless it’s negative or positive content. False accusation is always inevitable in the political arena, however, anyone is innocent until proven.
Our problem is deep rooted. Apparently, Most of our political leaders agree not to agree, and they are repeating the same mistakes. The current kinijit division is the same as EPRP’S Ha and Le division, without any vital political difference, but based on personally hate, power and privilege.
Surely, no one is happier than TPLF by the division of kinijit; at the same time the hope of million Ethiopians are shattered. It seems the end of Ethiopian struggle.

12/24/07 @ 23:10
Comment from: Tasew [Visitor]

The division of kinijit is clouding the hope of million Ethiopians who are subjugated and terrorized by the ruthless Tigrain tribal warlords. Ethiopians stand behind kinijit, hoping to end the misery and the suffering inflicted by the barbaric Tribal chefs, however, our dream become a nightmare. Our irresponsible and reckless leaders instead of strengthen our unity and crush the head of the serpent(weyane) they choose to fight each other for minor problems and helping to feed it.
Now the Tigrain tribal warlords are laughing at us, they are belittling our people as usual.
Surely, nothing else but power, ego, and privilege kills our struggle.
Do not blame the people who are criticizing those leaders. Those leaders deserve to be held responsible since they traumatized our hope and paralyze our struggle. If they were genuine and honest they would not create such kind of mess because of minor difference.

12/25/07 @ 00:14
Comment from: KOKO [Visitor]

Good observation, however, someone who is blinded by power, privilege and ego does not give ear for such kind of treasured suggestions. Most of Kinijit leaders have ultimate goal that is why they are crumbling before even going one step forward.
Eventually, they throw dust in our eyes; they shattered the hope of million Ethiopians, and paralyzed our struggle.
Virtually those individuals should be held responsible what they have done. They are a bunch of megalomaniac, self-centered, pompous, and all knowing individuals who are unable to practice ABC democracy and solve their minor problems.
What do you expect if those filthy bigheaded individuals were in Minilik palace, do you think they would be better than Melese? I do not think so; they are another despot who wants to rule the people with iron fist like their contour part Tigrain tribal chef, Melese Zenawi.
I think you need to give them crush course about democracy and at least they would improve and start standing with their feet again.

12/25/07 @ 05:29
Comment from: gubna [Visitor]

this is for biructait commenter in your opinion, democracy mean that has to be Cuban or chaina style you have to understand the deferents. you believe only a one man state and mind only. the different leaders will delivered idea to govern the people by expand the multi system for computation rather than that the Marxist system will destroy Ethiopia.

12/25/07 @ 13:18
Comment from: gubna [Visitor]

this is for biructait commenter in your opinion, democracy mean that has to be Cuban or chaina style you have to understand the deferents. you believe only a one man state and mind only. the different leaders will delivered idea to govern the people by expand the multi system for computation rather than that the Marxist system will destroy Ethiopia.

12/25/07 @ 13:19

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