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Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

It will be postpond again. Can we talk about something more important issues than this nonsense…

Criminals desrve to stay locked up in JAIL.

12/24/07 @ 02:20
Comment from: [Member]
Samuel Gebru

Z-Mike, you’re wrong.

I actually find it funny, in a cynical way, that these men are still in jail. Let’s be true to ourselves, these two men possess no harm or ever have possessed any harm towards the state. They are activists who are doing their job in accordance with the laws and provisions set in the constitution and general laws.

They are NOT criminals and deserve freedom.

A Merry Christmas to them. :no:

12/24/07 @ 08:40
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

Ok I don’t support what woyane is doing. Let the go. They are innocent. :no:

12/24/07 @ 09:28
Comment from: ehhron [Visitor]

RWANDA STYLE GENOCIDE ADVOCATES GIVEN A PASS BY NAZRET DOT COM .REAPTEDLY ALLERTED BUT THEY DIDNT TAKE THE COMMENT FROM THIER PAGE.ITS UNETHIOPIAN . HERE IS THE ISSUE-( NAME :MOTHERETHIOPIA -TITLE ETHIOPIA REPORTS FLUX OF ERITREAN REFUGEES…"Their time has come, if you have been collaborating with them in any form, quit it while you have the chance to do so, or else you will be included in the Tigre EXTERMINATION program.”

12/24/07 @ 18:37
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Samuel Gebru,

Thanks for correcting me but again there are more issues in Ethiopia we can discuss rather than those people who did not live up to their duties. I don’t find it funny at all but if they did not comment any crimes they could have been simple about it and say look we are not criminals if the Ethiopian general public felt we’re criminals then “sorry” and be done with it. Now, they are facing possibly 5-10 yrs in jail. I don’t think that is good thing but sometimes we should think twice before we do something, otherwise it comes back and haunts us. I would rather see these people out of jail, Ethiopians focusing in better democratic system and building better/stronger economy. It does not do us any good to try to proof each other wrong Samuel. You wishes them merry Christmas… I would like to add, Merry Christmas to everyone although Ethiopian Christmas is 2-weeks

{By the way, I am aware of your site and I don’t think you are old enough to understand the Ethiopian system} you got to live it and breathe it to understand it. Just your family are from Ethiopia does not make you the expert about Ethiopia… you’re starting be you got long way to go. Good luck to you in grading high school and heading off to college. I hope you will one day serve positively in Ethiopia for Ethiopians.
Take care,

12/24/07 @ 20:45

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