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Comment from: habesh [Visitor]

there was already competitive election in ethiopia.
by the way, despite the progress in kenya more than 400 kenyans have ALREADY been killed in relation to the election.

12/23/07 @ 15:02
Comment from: metene [Visitor]

Good job Kenyans.
So what Habesha? In Kenya about four hundred people have been killed, whereas in Ethiopia it was only two hundred. Does that make Ethiopia more democratic? Some of us do not know what we write or the implications of what we write. How can we democratic when only less than 3 percent of the population are entitled to be head of the state, foreign minster, defense minster, etc. well-done Kenya again

12/23/07 @ 15:17
Comment from: MESFIN [Visitor]

Well done Kenyans!! keep saying no to dictators.
HABESH- it seems you are disappointed that Kenya is a head of Ethiopia by killing 200 more ppl in election related aggression. Habesh if you and your government work a little harder than the 2005 election, you will be the head of killers, not only in east Africa but also the whole world.

12/23/07 @ 15:37
Comment from: Kiflom [Visitor]

A good question. I think there will be election,but not competitive one.
After all which party is going to compete or be competitive? It seems the country lacks competent parties that stand for the interest of the people rather than their fame and power interest.:P

12/23/07 @ 19:02
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

We have had elections, in Ethiopia too. Falks, the neighbor’s grass is not always greener. Kenya, a corrupt country has had the benefit of PEACE for many years. That got to count for something. Ethiopia is a new comer to the game of Democracy. Given peace and stability, Ethiopia will progress towards democracy. But the “educatd” elites have to understand that opposing is not an end by itself.

12/23/07 @ 20:43
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

If Meles give up his power, I am sure Ethiopia will have a true, and competitive election. Why not!

12/23/07 @ 21:34
Comment from: Nebil [Visitor]

Kenya, the most corrupt nation in Africa. Don’t talk to me about democracy in Kenya. There isn’t a single property owned by Kenyans not a single thing. All by the tiny percent of whites along with indains and other so called “mixed races", so plz just don’t compare Kenya with Ethiopia. We re well ahead of them in many areas already.

12/23/07 @ 22:19
Comment from: General Wuchu [Visitor]
General Wuchu

Be it in Kenya or Ethiopia, this Democracy song is sung to please their “White Masters” first feed your people, educate your people, and let the people lead the move for Democracy. short of that it is simply done to comply with the order of the powers who do not understand the fabric of the local community.
In this case, Eritrea is in a good shape to implement a true Democratic system may be decades from now. For it is in no rush situation before the people are ready for a change.

12/23/07 @ 23:26
Comment from: smart [Visitor]

You said Kenya is most corrupt but they at least have opposition parties that write in the papers. How about our Ethiopia? When they pocket 300Million it is like no body knows about it. Ethiopia needs drastic change and to start with the Prime minister got to give up his post and no Tigrey man should contest in the Elections for the coming two decades. They have already looted the country and sold it out for more than 16 years.
Kenyans own property, They have electricity and schools in every village. They are also more educated than us Ethiopians. We need to call spoon a spoon but not a big spade. We need to learn from them and follow their example or setup a better example. We cannot post of democracy when people like GENET are dying in the ocean cross to Yemen.
The only thing she is running away from is the current regime. She is afraid for her life. If this government cannot forgive a woman whom do you think they will forgive?
I am sure in 2005 more 2000 innocent Ethiopians died in the Addis Massacre
May God give us wisdom.


12/23/07 @ 23:33
Comment from: Eshatu Daba [Visitor]
Eshatu Daba

Yes, the 2005 election that the opposition swept Addis Ababa is not rigged and it does not mean the EPRDF was fasting of rigging in Addis alone. The saying goes “Leba Le-amelu Dabo Yelesal” thoug it does not fill his belly. It could have mastered to take away at least one sit. CUD
I am disappointed how CUD had seduced so many people, in to thinking that it won the election out right. It is a homogenous party that did not invite even the 50% Muslim population. It is an insult to the judgement and understanding of the history they lived in Oromia, Southern Nations, Somalia, Gambela, Afar, Harar, Benshangula and even Amhara State to fall for the demagoguery and ethnocentric hegemony disseminated by CUD. It was a party formed at the eleventh hour, has no political manifesto, has no organization and the name recognition of the EPDRF that were working with the people for a decade. It is a party of senior citizens of feudal leaning than democracy together with the anarchists of EPRP and MESON and remnants of the fascist tertiary level bureaucrats, going against seasoned politicians that have shown great change in the political, social and economic life of the people. The good will that EPRDF gained from the people for the the birth of a Constitutional Democratic Federation of Nation State is not to be lightly registered. I don’t see how any rational person given all these facts truly come to the conclusion that the opposition is favored by the majority of Ethiopians who live not in cities but in rural areas to be affected by the bombardment of hate that the urbanites were exposed, by so called private press which was never staffed with journalists with professional ethics but were the organs of the opposition propaganda.
The message of this is as the Nazi propaganda minister believed that if the lie is repeated several times it will be received as truth by the masses specially when they are told Jews are exploiting them and they are fed a lie that is inticing for the ego to be told that they are the superior race that should rule the world. It resulted in the death of millions of Jews, Russians, Cults and homosexuals and many a nation peoples that came in the path of the madness.

12/24/07 @ 01:22
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

The difference between Kenyan and Ethiopian oppositions parties… Kenyan opposition party will accept the defeat or victor without crying foul or at least without massing the youth to destroy public and private properties unlike the opposition party in Ethiopia we saw in 2005.

Kenya is using the Ethiopian example from 2005 and its people will use common sense to respect your opponents. On the other hand CUD will continue to fail for its supports because it lucks the leadership and the understanding of its people. CUD is self-centered and selfish party that lucks to reach out to all Ethiopians across the nation. You cannot lead Ethiopia because you won 23 sets in Addis.

What we really need in Ethiopia is united forces that will stand for the people and take a listen from PM MELES. I can only wonder what Ethiopia would look like without EPRDF… I am sure some are dying to take over but thanks the EPRDF who has been successful for all Ethiopians. The next elect will be better and the people will be wise who the vote for in 2010.

12/24/07 @ 02:09
Comment from: Mahlet [Visitor]

2005 election in Ethiopia is the best of best democrat election in Africa but the result was not acceptable by radical cud bytheway cud haven’t enough knowledge or experience to run the country even if small city like BADME

12/24/07 @ 06:06
Comment from: Jigjiga [Visitor]

the elections that is every body talking about happened in just Adiss ababa.come on people the country is not only Finefinee. there was no one single opponent to Ruling party in Ogaden but also there was no election at all.all the people suspected to be opponents were already taken to jail.same in Afar region ORomia and others the competion just happened in ADDIS ABABA

12/24/07 @ 08:19
Comment from: [Member]
Samuel Gebru

Do you all not know the Ethiopian Constitution? :crazy:

Ethiopia’s form of democracy is Parliamentary Democracy. A Prime Minister in parliamentary democracy cannot be overthrown. The party which gains the most seats gains control of the government for the next five years until election time.

This is the same form of government the United Kingdom has. In the UK, Prime Ministers can stay forever so as long as two things occur: the party continues being re-elected as majority in the parliament and secondly if the ruling party continues on appointing the same person.

This artlcee “Kenya Showing Democratic Muscle” is irrelevent towardss Ethiopia’s democratic path because both countries have different democratic systems. Secondly, Kenya is one of the most corrupt African nations.

12/24/07 @ 08:35
Comment from: addis [Visitor]

Don’t value a book by its cover!
Kibaki used to be a cabinet (a fat cat) under President Moi; Odinga is son of the 1st vice president and had a secret deal with Moi as well… so you have it!

In Ethiopia,the election process was okay although the outcome was contested : the Opposition has to learn to bide by the rules and regulation of the land not be driven by rhetoric from diaspora (Hailu Shawel) or false promise from ana gomez (Birhanu Nega).

12/24/07 @ 08:38

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