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Comment from: SAS [Visitor]

OMG… Is anyone out there with the right information who knows how many CUD are out there? To me it seems too many even to count or it doesn’t existed anymore. KIL, KIC, CUDP, CUD Temesgen, CUD Chamiso, CUD Hailu, CUD Birhanu and Birtukan … you can add some more as there could be some more that I don’t even know but known in the TELABETS… Jesus kezih sewren. Pleas if you can those of you who have been advocating for CUD ask forgiveness to the Ethiopian people.

God Bless you all and have a Merry X.Mas…

12/25/07 @ 02:13
Comment from: Affie [Visitor]

SAS as long as that makes you happy be happy, but don’t act as if you are the only person who knows solution for the problems that become obstackles to CUD. we know that how you woyanes are happy about it. you can dream all your life, but woyane will go forever soon. peace for true Ethiopians and death for her enemies like you.

12/25/07 @ 02:37
Comment from: baymeno [Visitor]

SAS let me add some more cuds you have forgotten to mention.

Taye cud, Shaleka cud, Andarge cud, Brhanu mewa cud, Al Mariam cud- al calls his cud ad-hock, those who joined Ethiopian parlaiment cud, those who fefused the parliment cud, those who staied in US cud, those who went back to Ethiopia cud, those who support the ONLF massacre cud, Those who object ONLF cud, those who said everybody has to go his own way cud, and those who advocate impossible unity btween thugs cud.

I , inturn , invite any Ethiopians who remember that has not mentioned above cud, please do not hesitate to remind us. Please do not repeate.

I know a lot of former cud supporters stop supporting cud after cud show its true color.

For those who remain die-hard cud supporters, however, I have one question.


God Bless Ethiopia!

12/25/07 @ 02:38
Comment from: SAS [Visitor]

Baymeno… Be blessed bro and thank you for the forgotten list of CUD power hungry chauvinist idiots.

Affie… I can understand your frustrations but what is it woyane got to do with CUD division? If you believe woyane is to be blamed for their failures and miscalculations, I don’t know how they become sprites to began with. I mean they must have been YEBORENA KEBT all along. Pleas wake up and smell the coffee like the rest that already have done so. Ohhh sorry I think you are still in coma or deep sleep even though CUD is dead and buried for good. As of about woyane No comments.

But over all as a fellow Ethiopian I do understand your pain and I feel sorry for you that you missed the burial ceremony of your beloved MENFES CUD.


12/25/07 @ 03:17
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Ethiopians have more respect to known ethiopians then any opposition SO CALLED coward cud.In ethiopian history beside most erterans that are working hard for the demise of ethiopia atleast the last 150 years,cud party have exceded all of them while calling themself ethiopia.Even those in cud mp have sold ethiopia for the high bidder to satasfied thier hate against tigray ppl.The few groups to mention within the regions are as follow.
6.al ithad
These are few day dreamers to mention that are working hard for thier belly to bring down ethiopia to her knees.

12/25/07 @ 03:32
Comment from: JoJo [Visitor]

CUD multiplying like a rat!!!

12/25/07 @ 03:57
Comment from: birhan [Visitor]

woyane poverty stricken tugs are watching their moral going every day high like mercury. it will soon start plumitting towards the ground, when the divided force gets back to its solid form. Go on dancing, even nazret(YOUR NEW HOME) had the audacity to include your top tug, master lier and the butcher of addis, gambella… in its list of person of the year. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO tplf, led by lord of poverty, king of divide and rule, master lier and cold blooded murderer, WHEN ITS BRAIN AND SOUL: MELES LEAVES OFFICE.

12/25/07 @ 04:05
Comment from: kumsa [Visitor]

SAS,Beymeno…and others ,thank you for
your mentioning the CUD listes.I read your comments
repeatly.It was very intersting comments.
But in our culture , is not normal to
call the name of dead and buried thing.
for all CUD followers ” Igizihabher

12/25/07 @ 05:21
Comment from: Washeraw [Visitor]

SAS, Bayemeno, etc.

Hoddamoch! You seem to have decided to die without telling any trith in your life, much like the Crime Minister.

All this “division” is prescribed by MZ. All of these events tell you the validity of all criticism related to the Election Board: it is only an instrument of MZ. So, by giving/denying access to media (Ayele can hold a press conference; Brtukan and colleagues can’t), recognition (Ayele allowed to call a meeting, Temesgen denied that ‘previlege’), etc. MZ thinks he can “kill CUD". Amare Aregawi is playing the propagandist-in-chief role in this affair.

But Irmachihun awttu: now, the real Qnjjit is emerging from this confused state. The people of Ethiopia know that.

12/25/07 @ 05:43
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

TPLF and the so-called “Election Board” are systematically playing to prolong their reign and the suffering of the Ethiopian people. It is crystal clear that the elected leader of Kinijit is Engineer Hailu who is willing and ready to give his life for the Ethiopian people like Professor Asrat. TPLF may kill Engineer Hailu like Professor Asrat but it is not possible to kill the will of the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people is saying no to tyranny and tribal politics.

12/25/07 @ 06:09
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What the hell are these guys talking about .If there’s crisis in the CUD party is also because of their own act
of treason for the benefits of the tyrant Zenawi .CUD members deserved more qualified leaders ,than simple bandas begging a place in the so called Parliement.

12/25/07 @ 06:21
Comment from: kumsa [Visitor]

here is elementary logic.
Kinjit is evil-sprite.
Dr.Brihanu + Al.G/mariam are Kinjit.
=Dr.Brihanu + Al.G/mariam are

12/25/07 @ 06:51
Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

If a company is not profitable the head of the company should be replaced by shareholders/members.. OR bankruptcy. forget the emotion a leader suppose to lead not follow.

12/25/07 @ 07:49
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Berhanu Nega and Hailu Shawel are the enemy of democracy in Ethiopia in which they have uprooted a young and emerging democracy in the 2005 historical and first time in the history of Ethiopia election. I will never want to hear or see their names any where ever, in the Ethiopian political arena. The people of Ethiopia should hold these two mind boggling morons responsible for sabotaging the democratically organized and inspired 2005 election. Now they are calling them selves the exiled leaders of CUD and bitting each others heads off for power. What an embarrassing group of Ethiopians.

12/25/07 @ 08:04
Comment from: [Member]

The old good boys of the country have to resign from the current politics. I think the tact and technique of today’s politics does hardly fit mind set of the good senior citizens of the country. The young generation have to take over the lead of the politics to establish peace and security in the nation.

Love wins!

12/25/07 @ 08:26

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