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Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

I think they deserved to be free as long as they learn how to respect the rule of law of the country. Why not the other monkey were free couple of months ago and so do they.

Keep in mind EPRDF knows precisly what should be done to those so called fake activists but a violent maker.Die hard diaspora what is next? are you still going to cry? I guess this is your usual barks no matter what.

Indeed EPRDF for ever. Yeha

12/26/07 @ 09:14
Comment from: Mahlet [Visitor]

any how with out pardon u r free bravo but u should respect the rule.and u r boss is now divided in to infinity
what do u think?

12/26/07 @ 09:28
Comment from: Anon... [Visitor]

It is a beginning of good news before Ethiopian Christmas, and more believable only after they are released.

12/26/07 @ 09:45
Comment from: Afar [Visitor]

i think these guys were innocent. otherwise woyane will hardly release them.

12/26/07 @ 09:49
Comment from: meti [Visitor]

Yeha & Mahlet,
You two do not seem like the smart people at all. what rule are you talking about? Be honest, Who is breaking the law here? you think standing up for freedom, peace, and democracy is a crime? i mean if you want to talk about breaking a law, let’s talk about a brutal government that comited 193 murders and got away. for me that is breaking law, that is what ignoring the rules means. so please do not just comment just for the sake of it, have your facts right. for Two activists, i say congragulations the truth is always the winner. they let you go because they have nothing against you. to sentence you for life in prison or deth will bring out their agly side which is already revealed to the world.

12/26/07 @ 09:50
Comment from: genanaw [Visitor]

These are real heros. They did not accept t the alleged crimes but the government thought they were not innocent. I respect them because they did not beg and crawl on their knees to beg for freedom.
As who was the criminal in this case: The government or these young guys, I don’t know since I don’t live there and judge from afar taking a blind faith to one side.

12/26/07 @ 09:54
Comment from: addis [Visitor]

Yeha U explain it in a good way.I share your comment on these guyes.Every body should unot forget that KINIGIT/CUD was responsible for the killing of the 193 civilian and polices
Who knows after they are free they might establish anther Netsanet/Daniel KINIJIT/CUD, as Brtukan/Birhanu did it
Any way the only truth bath for Ethiopia democracy is the EPRDF way of democracy.
long live EPRDF

12/26/07 @ 09:59
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

If it was a face saving process for the prosecutor, that is the government, I think people should be easy on this enfant democracy. The main focus should be the intent of the government. For me, it looks like they are trying hard to mend things and correct wrongs. It may not be the right way to do it. But they are trying to get there and I think they deserve to be given the chance to do it without muddying their plan. Pardon of such a large scale and after such an accusation (including the pardoned leaders of the opposition), is unheard of in the recent history of Ethiopia.

12/26/07 @ 10:06
Comment from: Independent [Visitor]


They rely on the LAW than asking for pardon like other CUD leaders. For sure this guys are innocent, that is why they haven’t found any defect in them.

12/26/07 @ 10:11
Comment from: Rasselas [Visitor]

Down with Woyanne..Down with Dictators…Down with Meles… Daniel & Netsanet…thanks for your strugle in Social Justice & Poverty !!!!

12/26/07 @ 10:15
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Thanks addis.Merry chritmas. Yeha

12/26/07 @ 10:16
Comment from: Nebil [Visitor]

Justice has been served. i am glad we have a government the 1st in the history of Ethiopia for that matter sentencing wrongdoers to prison terms they deserve and free those who have learned their lesson and promised to be good citizens. We have seen that on Kinjit even though they have crumbled like a deck of cards that is not our worry. I hope this two guyz will behave like a civilized citizens, follow the rule of the land like a normal people and live a happy life afterwards. if not well let’s see them upset kinijit and the dispora joining EPRDF like selemon tekalije and ledetu ayalew after seeing the light. thanks

12/26/07 @ 10:19
Comment from: Bekele [Visitor]

How are they guilty? They never intended to do bad. Eh, good enough for me.

12/26/07 @ 10:34
Comment from: Eshatu Daba [Visitor]
Eshatu Daba

This is a testament to the working of a democratic government and a free and no non sense judiciary. I did say I bet my life there will be just here than in any other cangaroo court. The calibar of the judges is too high and is lifted up in a pedastal of fairness and equal justuce under the rule and has reached almost angelic. It not adultrated by the fasicis justice system of murder in the street nor the feudal unequal and unjust system of class ethnic and religious bais.
Merry christmas to all even the judge is going to celebrate it right after Araffa way to go.

12/26/07 @ 10:59
Comment from: Wankobo [Visitor]

I hope these two Gentlemen have learned their lessons the hard way. I hope from now on they will use their engergy to built Ethiopia’s unity and not destory it.

12/26/07 @ 11:12

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